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Van Wickel - Moore House
c. 1810-1823, 1828

 These lands, part of the 1685 Historic Lockhart Patent, were bitterly claimed by New Jersey and New York until the 1769 Boundary Settlement. Here Richard Van Wickel and wife Phebe, daughter of Jacob Conklin, Jr., built this federal-style farmhouse c. 1828 on  5 acres she inherited. Her cousin, Phebe Ann Sneden-Moore, wife of John V. K. Moore bought the property in 1832. In 1848 she added 25 acres. Borough Hall now  stands on part of the last tract. House held by Moore's to 1938.

BCHS Marker

 Site No. 16 

36 Rockleigh Road


Moore Family

Concklin Family

Van Wickel Family

      The c. 1810-1823 section of the dwelling is a steeply gabled 1 story clapboard frame structure on the east side of upper Rockleigh Road (No. 36). It is representative of the English vernacular small side-hall dwelling constructed in Rockland, NJ, and Palisades, NY, early in the nineteenth century. Usually these gable-roofed clapboard structures had modest Federal-style trim and embellishment. 

Van Wickel-Moore House 
East side, rear, with the privy to the left. Photo circa 1973


      The interior floor plan shows evidence of the original narrow side hall construction. There is a living room with a large cooking fireplace on the main floor. The loft above is accessed by a steep and narrow hall stairway. The loft has been finished into two small bedrooms. The interior walls are plastered.. The mantle, Parsons cupboard, and some interior framing are of the Federal style. Some of the he original floorboards have been covered with modern-day flooring. The original front entrance has been restored. The north side of the house has two small windows just below the roofline which is characteristic of a possibly earlier date. 

      A mall wing had been added to the south side of the house to include a present-day small kitchen, additional bedroom, and bath with an additional bath on the second floor.  The exterior walls of this later wing are clapboard.

      In a 2003 renovation, the original front entranceway was restored was restored.

      To the rear of the dwelling is a fine extent example of a "necessary outbuilding" (see c. 1973 photograph above), currently used as a shed. Burl Ives, balladeer and folk music historian, lived in a small outbuilding near the barn site before the property was subdivided in the early 1970's. 


Van Wickel-Moore House 
Original side-hall entranceway restored
Photo 2004

 People who lived there 


c.1820 - c.1828

Richard Van Wickel Phebe Conklin (1805- ? )
c. 1828 - 1850 John L. K. Moore (c.1805-?) &  Phebe Ann Sneden-Moore (1804-1863),

1850 - 1863

Samuel Sneden, Jr (1775-1863)
John L. K. Moore (c.1805-?) &  Phebe Ann Sneden-Moore (1804-1863)

1863 - c.1884

John L. K. Moore (c.1805-?) 
Jacob Moore (1829 -  ) & Mary Caroline Cooper (1837-1870)

c.1884 - 1938

George Moore (1864-1938) & Mary Lozier

1838 - ?


? -  c.1984

Almeda Flemming Houstoun

c.1984 - c.1998

William Temple & Betsy Temple


Susan Wells

 Map References 

Harrington Township (1876)

J. Moore

Beers (1891)

J. Moore 6 a.


Bergen County Historic Sites Survey, Borough of Rockleigh. 1981-1982.
Bergen County Office of Cultural and Historic Affairs, Hackensack, NJ

Compiled by E. W. April, 2002