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Site of Washington's Troop Encampment

  Site No. 29 

 2 Willow Road

           At the time of the Revolutionary War, from 1870 to the conclusion of hostilities in 1783, Washington's Blockhouse at Snedens Landing was garrisoned by a company of Continental Soldiers. Both historic Snedens Landing Road (Rockleigh Road) and Closter Publick Road (Piermont Road south) were used by troops going to and from the landing. Washington's troops camped in the area is known as the "Site of Washington Troop Encampment, 1781."  It was later referred to as "the battery at Sneden's Fields."

"Washington camped after leaving Tappan Town in the orchard just back of the old Gesner home and adjoining south of the Gesner Burying Ground. This was called the 'Washington Orchard' and I have heard that Washington himself visited or stopped at the old home." -William M. Gesner.

Winthrop A. Gilman: "Local History", ms #129A. Palisades Free Library


"On May 14, 1781, fifteen enemy vessels and a number of flat boats appeared on the Hudson River. Concerned that an attack was about to be made on the landing, Washington  dispatched 200 men to support he post that was erected there as well as to cover the countryside in the area. A portion of the troops encamped on the Henry Gesner property in the vicinity of present-day Willow Road."*

*  From the handwritten notes of Newt Sneden, 1973.
Courtesy of John A. Sneden, Jr.

Compiled by E. W. April, 2002