The Van Wickel  Family
(Van Winkle, Van Winklen )

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Van Wickel-Moore House

Old Gesner Burying Ground



Van Wicklen Family History

Frederick Van Wickle/Van Wicklen (c.1760 Jamaca, Queens, NY - 1819, Greenburg, Westchester, NY) is a direct descendent of Jentie Jeppes Van Jacobzen DeVries (1630-?) who emegrated from Wijckel, Friesland, Netherlands (hence the surname Van Wickel). Under the date 17 April 1664, an account book of the Dutch West India Company shows that Jentie Jeppes owed the company 126 florins for passage across the Atlantic on the ship D’Eendracht under Capt. Jan Bergen, for himself, his wife [Tietske Gerrits], and his three children ages 5 [Garrit Janze,], 4 [Evert Janze], and 2[Meenske Janze].*

A little over a year later the name Jentie Jeppes appears once in the town records of Flatbush, Long Island (29 August 1665). By 1666, Jentie Jeppes had settled in Bergen (now part of Jersey City), NJ. Soon after the birth of Grietje in 1666, his wife Tijedtske dies and is buried in the Bergen Dutch Church cemetery. Jentie, widower, married Britten Oloff (herself the widow of Pieter Corneliszen) on 4 December 1666. Jentie Jeppes died before 1673 probably on Manhattan Island. The children were brought up by someone in the Flatlands, but who remains a mystery. In the 1680’s all four children become members of the Flatlands church. (Gerrit Jansz in June, 1681; Evert Jansz 6 October 1682; Meinsje Jans 23 June 1682; and Grietje Jans 30 March 1683.)*

* Harry Macy, Jr. The Van Wicklen/Van Wickle Family: Including its Frisian Origin and Connections to Minnerly and Kranchheyt; The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 128, No. 2 (April 1997); pp. 81-90.

(Frederick^4, Evert^3, Gerrit^2, Jentie^1 Jeppes)


        Richard Van Wickel (Van Winkle, Van Winklen) (c.1798 likely in Greenburg, NY - 12 Oct 1874 at 76 in Brooklyn, NY) of Yonkers, NY, the likely third son of Frederick Van Wicklen ( ) & Rebecca Waring ( ) of New Rochell and Greenburg, NY. [see Renunciation of Rebecca Van Winckle] Richard married on 2 Apr 1823 at Tappan, NY, RDC  Phebe Conklin (1805, Rockland, NJ - 28 Feb 1890 at 84 in Brooklyn, NY), daughter of 3rd Jacob Conklin & Mary Quidor. Nicholas Gesner in his Genealogy of NicholasVan Wickel - Moore House Gesner refers to her as "...Phebe Van Wickel, grand daughter of Jacob Concklin and Elizabeth Gesner." Circa 1828 they built (perhaps remodeling an existing structure dating to 1810-1823) the federal-style farmhouse on  5¾ acres she inherited in 1826 from her father, 3rd Jacob Concklin. This house is nearly identical to that built by Phebe's grandfather, Peter Quidor, on Oak Tree Road in nearby Palisades, NY.

*Record of Marriages, DRC, Tappan, NY.

Richard and Phebe had three sons: i. Jesse Van Wickel (Sep 1823, NY -?)ii. George Van Wickel (1828, NY - ?), iii. John Lewis Van Wickle (c.1837-25 Nov 1884).

The 1830 NJ census* lists Richard Van Wickel as head of a household in Rockland, NJ, among the households of John Powles Conkling [neighboring south], Albert Cooper [across the road], and David Conkling [just down the hill]. The household includes one male under 5 (George), one male 10-15 (Jesse), one male 30-40 (Richard) as well as one female 20-30 (Phebe Conklin-Van Wickel). 

* 1830 Census: New Jersey, Bergan Co, Harrington.

The cousin of Phebe Van Wickel, Phebe Ann Sneden-Moore (daughter of 2nd Samuel Sneden, wife of John L. K. Moore), supposedly bought the property in 1832. 

Upon the sale of the house to the Moore's, the Van Wickels moved to "Palisades Lane" (next to Capt John Hill's house) above Snedens Landing. In February 1832, Mary Quidor-Conklin moved from the old John Henry Gesner House, where she had lived alone, to the house of her daughter Phebe Conklin-Van Winkel above Snedens Landing where her failing father, Peter Quidor, had been taken. Ostensibly, Mary moved to take care of her father, but there may have been another reason, related to Nicholas Gesner.

On March 1832, Peter Quidor is reported to have died in the house of his grand daughter, Phebe Van Wickel, on "Palisades Lane", Palisades.* That house burned down c.1880.*

*Winthrop S. Gilman: "Local History", ms #63, 3 February 1900. Palisades Free Library

However, the 1840 NJ census* still lists Richard Van Wickel as head of a household in Rockland, NJ, among the households of John Powles Conkling [neighboring south], Albert Cooper [across the road], and David Conkling [just down the hill]. The household includes one male under 5 (John L.), one male 10-15 (George), one 15-20 (Jesse), one 40-50 (Richard) as well as one female 30-40 (Phebe Conklin-Van Wickel). 

* 1840 Census: New Jersey, Bergan Co, Harrington.

The 1860 NY census lists Richard Van Wickle [sic] (62, Carpet man) as head of household in the Palisades section of Rockland County with Phebe Ann (54, wife).*

*1860 Census: Nyack, Rockland Co, NY. p 131.

  i. Jesse Van Wickel (Sep 1823, NY -?) m. bef 1848 Amelia ? (Mar 1824, England-?). Children of Jesse and Amelia include:

i.      Josephine (c.1848, NY - ?)
ii.     Jesse, Jr.  ( Dec 1851, NY -?) m. Margaret. [Children: i Jessie,  ii. William]
iii.   Walter (c.1853, NY - ?)
iv.    Francis (c. 1856, NY -?)
v.     Harriet (c. 1857, NY -?)
vi.    Clara (c. 1860, NY -?)
vii.   Laura (c.1864, NY -?)

 ii. George Van Wickel (1828, NY - ?) m. c.1850 Jane ? (c.1831-?)

 i.      George (c.1851, NY -?) m. Eliza
ii.      Jane (c.1854, NY -?)
iii.     Joseph (c. 1855, NY -?)
iv.     James (c.1856, NY -?)
v.      Catherine (c.1857, NY -?)
vi      Jesse (c. 1858, NY -?) m. 4 Mar 1879 in NYC, NY, Rosine Versfell
vii.    Richard (c.1860, NY -?)
viii.   William (c.1866, NY -?)
ix.      Ella (c.1868, NY -?)
x.       Arthur (c,1870, NY = ?)

iii. John Lewis Van Wickle (c.1837-25 Nov 1884) who is buried with his parents at Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY, m. bef 1864 Ellen C. ? (c.1849- 02 Jun 1928).

i.       John (1864 - 12 Oct 1943)
ii.      Emma (c.1867 - 26 Mar 1872)
iii.     Charles (1869 - after 1928 )
iv.     Henry (c. 1873 -  15 Jan 1912)
v.      Violeta (c. 1875 - 27 Jun 1952)
vi.     Florence (c.1877 - 27 May 1932)
vii.    Eugene (c.1879 - ?)
viii.   Lewis (c.1882 - 6 Apr 1956)



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