The Trenchard Family

[This section is a work in progress. There may be genealogical errors. It is not meant to be a complete Trenchard Family Tree, rather portions relevant to the History of Rockleigh Borough. Corrections or clarifications are welcome:]


1.     Jesse Trenchard (1796 - 18 Feb 1883) of Yonkers, NY, married firstly on 26  July 1823* at Tappan, NY, Phebe Concklin (1801-1827) daughter of Phebe (Femiche) Conklin of Rockland, NJ, and David Concklin of Tappan. They had three children,

i. Elizabeth "Libby" Ann (c. 1822- ?),
ii. Phoebe,
iii. Peter (c. 1827 -?),
iv. Catherine M. (1829-?).

Phebe Concklin-Trenchard died at age 25 and is buried in the Old Gesner Burying Ground.

2i       Elizabeth Ann "Libby" Trenchard (c.1822-?), remained unmarried and is buried in Palisades Cemetery, Palisades, NY.

2ii      Phoebe Maria Trenchard (c.1826-?), remained unmarried, took care of her father and stepmother, and is buried in Palisades Cemetery, Palisades, NY.

3iii.     Peter H. Trenchard   (c. 1827- ?) apparently never married and resided with relatives in Mt. Vernon, NY.**

3iv.     Catherine M. Trenchard  (1829-?) m. 26 Dec 1847, at Palisades M.E. Church by Rev. Benj. Day, Daniel Smith (1819-?), boatman.

*Record of Marriages, DRC, Tappan, NY.

** Handwritten notes of Newt Sneden in 1974
Courtesy of John A. Sneden, Jr.

      Jessie Trenchard is listed as purchasing in 1830 the western half Ludlow Mountain Lot #18 on Closter Mountain and in selling that half lot in 1842 to freed  slave James Oliver. 

      In 1832, five years after the death of Phebe, Jesse purchased property with an existing house (c. 1800, known as the Trenchard House) from David Mann at the corner of Oak Tree Road and Closter Road in Palisades, NY. In 1833 he moved the house back from the roadside. Jesse ran a blacksmith shop behind the house, next to the general store.** 

* Alice Gerard: In a Simpler Time , p 75.
Palisades Historical Committee, 1998, 
Palisades, NY
** Historic Houses of Palisades New York", Michael Rebic and Alice Gerard, 2nd edition, 
(Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY 2002)

     Jesse married second c.1832 Elizabeth "Eliza" Mann (c.1794- 1838), daughter of David Mann (1758-1852) & Catherine Lawrence (1761-?). Jesse and Eliza subsequently had a son, David (1832 - 17 Jan 1869).

3iv.      David M. Trenchard (1832 - 17 Jan 1869), machinist,  married on 20 Jan 1855* Sarah F. -?- (1839, Ohio-?) of Newark. Children included:

  i. Eliza M. (1856-?),
 ii. Jesse (1858-?),
iii. Harriet G. (1859-?),
iv. George Mann Trenchard (Aug 1868**-?).

* Married 20 Jan 1855 by Rev. Wm Chamberlin. Records Palisades ME Church.
m/s Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY
** Baptized 14 Jan 1869, age 5 mo,  by Rev Benj. Day at the Palisades M.E. Church,
Records of the Palisades M. E. Church. m/s in Collection 
of the Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY

Jesse married third about 1839 Catherine Mann (1797, NYC- 11 Apr 1883) of New York City, Eliza's sister.  On

      Also living in the Trenchard House during this period is Lida Leonard

Lida Leonard married Mr Storey, a railroad engineer, and moved with him to Albany, NY. Mr Storey lost his life in a railroad accident, leaving Lizzie a widow with a child, Charles Storey who later lived in the Trenchard House in Palisades.* [see Conklin family]

The  1850 Rockland County census lists Jesse Trenchard (54, Blacksmith), Catherine (50, wife), Daniel Smith (31, boatman), Catherine M. Smith (21),  Phebe M. Trenchard (33) David M (28, blacksmith).*

The 1860 Rockland County census lists Jesse Trenchard (64, Blacksmith), Catherine (60, wife), Phoebe (23), David M (18, machinist), Sarah F (21, dau-in-law), Eliza M (4), Jesse (2), Harriet G (1) and Catherine Depew (15, servant).*

The 1870 census lists Jesse (74, Blacksmith), Catherine (74, keeping house), Phoebe M. (42), Jesse (11), and Harriet (9).**

The 1880 Rockland County census lists Jesse Tenchard (84,  retired blacksmith, invalid), Catherine (83, wife, invalid, keeping house), Phebe (44, daughter).***

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Written and compiled by E. W. April, 2002