The Taylor Family

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Abraham A. Haring House


Taylor Index

Cornelia Emma, ?-1867)

Emma Winner-Rogers, c.1860-?

Margaret Elizabeth Taylor, ?-?

Mary Taylor, ?-?

Mary E. Taylor, c.1841-?

Moses Taylor, ?-?

Moses Taylor Jr, 1771-1868

Moses J. Taylor, 1815-?

Sarah Jane Taylor, 1825-?



2.        Moses Taylor (1739-?), whose parents, Moses (b. England - d. Maiden Lane, NYC) and unknown wife [sons: John (1737-?) and Moses (1739-?)], came from England in 1736 and his father was admitted as freeman on 12 Sep 1738.  Moses, a grocer in NYC at the corner of Morris Street and Broadway, married in NYC on 27 Apr 1760 Elizabeth Van Alstyne (25 Apr 1742, NYC -?) dau. of Abraham Van Alstyne & Elizabeth Blom of New York. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, Moses moved his family from New York City to "Rockland" and made it a temporary home. They resided in a log cabin located off Rockland Road in what is now Tallman Sate Park, Sparkill, NY. Upon cessation of hostilities, the Taylor family returned to New York City. 

Moses Taylor and Elizabeth had children: i. Elizabeth (25 Jan 1761- bef. 1770), ii. John (16 Feb 1763-?), iii. Sarah (27 Apr 1768-?), iv. Elizabeth 17 May 1770, v. Moses, Jr. (15 Sep 1771-1868), vi. James (25 Jun 1775-?), and vii. Jacob B. (13 Mar 1778-?).  

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2v.        Moses Taylor, Jr. (21 Aug 1771, NYC - 1869, Rockland, NJ*), Gentleman, began a successful career as merchant is New York City. In 1797 he married (1) on 13 Apr 1797 Margaret Towt (1781- 27 April 1813), daughter of Robert Towt & Sara Van Vurst. Moses Taylor, Jr. "of the City of New York, merchant," after making a moderate fortune retired to the hamlet of his childhood memories. 

"He had lived the city life of his day, and had been drawn to make a summer home in this quiet valley by his childhood memories of it when his parents fled there from New York during the Revolutionary War and made it a temporary home."*

* Emma Winner Rogers: Journal of a Country Woman. (New York, 1912)

Capt. Abraham Ab. Haring HomesteadOn 11 November 1805, he purchased for $1625 from Abraham. D. Haring the Abraham A. Haring House* * Deed of 11 Nov 1805

His young wife, Margaret, died in childbirth and is buried with her child in the Palisades (NY) Cemetery. 

Moses Taylor, Jr. m, 2nd on 1 October 1813 in Schraalenburgh RDC to Mary Martin (1790-?), daughter of Joshua Martin & Margaret Storm of Snedens Landing. Children included: i. Moses J. (c.1815-?), ii. William H. (15 Jun 1816, Rockland, NJ - 15 Jul 1901, Atlantic City, NJ), iii. John Martin (1819 - 28 Oct 1836), iv. Margaret Elizabeth (?-?), v. Mary (1820*-?), vi. Sarah Jane (1825-?), and vii. Cornelia Emma (1827-1867). 

Moses Taylor, Jr. was a Methodist and the first Methodist services in the area were held in his home in 1820. About 1820 there was formed here a class consisting of Moses and Mary Taylor, Zebulon Woolsey, Sarah Woolsey, Samuel Sneden, and Elizabeth Sneden. The leader of this class was Garret D. Onderdonk. Soon afterward Hannah Onderdonck, Robert and Jane Sneden, Catherine Mann, Joshua Marten, Jacob and Cornelia Sneden were added to this class. Moses Taylor, Jr. was instrumental in building the "Old Side" Methodist Episcopal Church (9 Nov 1832). In 1859 Moses Taylor again financed a new M. E. church to the west at the beginning of Closter Road in Palisades, NY. The church served Methodist congregants of Palisades, NY, and the Rockland Area of Harrington Township, NJ, until the 1920's.

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

Cole's History of Rockland County (p. 29).

In 1858 the Taylors were among the dozen local inhabitants requesting an easier wagon route to the steamboat landings at Piermont.

The 1860 census lists Moses Taylor (Gentleman, 88), John Ferdon (Farmer, son-in-law, 31), Emma Taylor-Ferdon (Mistress, 33), Edwin (9), Ogden (6), Mary (1), Benjamin Day (Methodist Preacher, son-in-law, 50), Mary Taylor-Day (Mistress, 40), Peter Whitehead (B, gardener, 15), Mary Townsend (domestic, 16).*

* Township of Harrington, Bergen Co., NJ. (Schraalenburgh P.O.) p 126]

His will, written in a 1851, was not probated until 1870, the year after he died at age 98. He devised to his daughter Margaret Elizabeth, wife of Pierson Shay, the homestead, valued at $2200. In a 1862 codicil, he stipulated that "since the making of the will, her husband had left her" and was not entitled to any say in the estate. He further mentioned that as she was incompetent, she was to be in the care of his three executors, his other married daughters. His son, Moses J. Taylor, was unsuccessful in breaking the will.

"Diary of a Country Woman", Emma Winner Rogers (New York 1912)

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Will Book K, p.23, Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

"Historic Houses of Palisades New York", Michael Rebic and Alice Gerard, 
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3i       Moses J. Taylor (1812*-?), son of Moses Taylor, Jr. and Mary Martin, left for a sojourn in New York City, leaving his sister Mary in the house. He married Elizabeth -?- (c. 1817-?), probably in New York City. He returned to the area in 1839, buying the Ferdon farmstead on the east side of Piermont Road in Norwood near the present Closter line. The c.1830 District 17 schoolhouse was built on the Ferdon property and a new building built in 1858 with a lease for as long as used for school purposes. In the 1850 census he was listed as farmer with holdings of $10,000. In the 1860 census his holdings were stated as $15,000. He operated a mill on the Dwarskill (Mill Brook) on the farm property. However, he was particularly astute about legal matters and later became Justice of the Peace and a Bergen County judge. 

Children with Elizabeth include: i. Moses (1838*-?) carpenter m. Anna A. (1839*-?) of NY; ii. Mary E. (c.1841-?), iii. Edward (c.1843*-1886); iv. Benjamin (c.1845*-?), v. Emma (1847*- 27 Nov 1868**), vi. John (1850*-?), vii. Melinda (1851.?); viii. Theodore (1853*-?),  m. 24 Nov 1886  to Miss Lizzie Jones**; ix. Evelena (1855*-?) m. in May 1871 Henry Taylor**.

* 1860 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NY, p 128
** Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

4i       Moses Taylor (Oct 1838*-post 1900*) carpenter, son of Moses J. Taylor & Elizabeth,  m. Ann Amelia -?- (Jul 1842**-?), appears to have continued residence in father's home.**

* 1870 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p 41.
** 1900 Census, Harrington Twp., Bergen Co., NJ., Dist. 19, Sheet 10.

4ii      Mary E. Taylor (c. 1841-?), daughter of Moses J. Taylor & Elizabeth, married c.1859 John Vervalen. In May of 1886, the executors of the estate sold the Abraham A. Haring House to Mary E, daughter of Moses J., presumably upon the death of Margaret Elizabeth. Mary and John sold the house out of the Taylor family in 1902 to a Haring descendent.

4iii    Edward Taylor (c.1843 - 29 Dec 1886*), son of Moses J. Taylor & Elizabeth, married on 12 May 1867* Mary Jane Short.

* Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

4iv    Benjamin Taylor (c.1845-?), son of Moses J. Taylor & Elizabeth,  m. in 1869 married Gertrude Haring.

3ii.        William H. Taylor  (15 Jun 1816, Rockland, NJ - 15 Jul 1901, Atlantic City, NJ), son of Moses Jr. & Mary Martin, married in Rockland Lake, NY, on 5 Apr 1840 Effie Onderdonk (13 Apr 1821, Rockland Lake, NY - 23 Feb 1899, Rockland Lake, NY) daughter of Garret Onderdonk of Rockland Lake & Elizabeth Smith of Upper Nyack. They settled in Rockland Lake, NY. 

Children included: i. Wesley H. Taylor (27 Apr 1841-30 Dec 1899), ii. John F. Taylor (26 Dec 1842-24 Sep 1879), iii. Garretta Taylor (21 Apr 1845-16 Aug 1901), iv. Moses W. Taylor (27 Feb 1848-?), v. William H. O. Taylor (2 Apr 1851-18 Aug 1869, Atlantic City).

3iii.    Margaret Elizabeth Taylor (c.1818-c.1886), daughter of Moses Jr. & Mary Martin, married Pierson Shay who left the family sometime after 1862. They had children: i. Sarah Emma Shay (Taylor) and ii. William Shay (Taylor) (c.1867 - ? 11 Jan 1888 at 20).

3iv.    Mary Taylor (1820-?), daughter of Moses Jr. & Mary Martin, married Rev. Benjamin Day (1810-1874*), son of Capt. Rev. Steven Day (1778-1864)& Elizabeth Wood (1786-1884). Rev. Day was a Methodist-Episcopalian minister and served at the Palisades Methodist Church built by Moses Taylor. They had no children. However, the 1860 census indicates that was they were guardian to Peter  Whitehead (1845-?).

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

3v.    Sarah Jane Taylor (c.1825-?), daughter of Moses Jr. & Mary Martin, on 29 May 1850 at the Palisades M.E. Church* married to Rev. John D. Winner (c.1825-?), a Methodist Preacher and Math Teacher, by Rev. Benj. Day at the Palisades M. E. Church*. They had daughters,

 i. Emma Winner (c.1860-?)
ii. Mary Day Winner (20 May 1861** -?)

*by Rev. Benj. Day. Records of the Palisades M. E. Church.
ms in Collection of the Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY

** Baptized 30 Jun 1863, age 2 yr & 40 dys, by Rev Benj. Day at the Palisades M.E. Church,
Records of the Palisades M. E. Church. ms in Collection 
of the Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY

4i        Emma Winner (c.1860-?), daughter of Sarah Jane Taylor & Rev. John D. Winner, married Henry Wade Rogers and is the author of "The Journal of a Country Woman,"* about life in early 20th century Rockland. Emma W. Rogers, grand daughter of  Moses Taylor, Jr., rented the Abraham A. Haring house in the first decade of the 20th century from "Minnie Bixler of East Northvale."

Deeds, 597, p. 111 and 995, p. 423.
* Diary of a Country Woman, Emma Winner Rogers (New York 1912) 

3v.     Cornelia Emma Taylor (1827-1867), daughter of Moses Jr. & Mary Martin, on 1 Nov 1848 at the Palisdes M.E. Church* married  John Ferdon (1825-?). They had children: i. Edwin Ferdon (1851-?), ii. Ogdon Ferdon (1854-?), and iii. Mary Ferdon (1859-?).

* By Rev. Benj. Day. Records of the Palisades M. E. Church.
ms in Collection of the Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY


Unresolved Taylors

30 Oct 1880 Mr Taylor to Miss Sophia Walker

Mrs Isaac Taylor died 3 May 1884

Jun 1890  Mr Redfield to Mamie Taylor

Miss May Taylor d. 8 Apr 1891 at 16 (b. 1874)

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 2, Bergen County Historical Society.



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