The Tallman/Taulman/Talma Family

This section is a work in progress. There may be genealogical errors. It is not meant to be a complete Tallman Family Tree, rather portions relevant to the History of Rockleigh Borough. Much of the information provided here is courtesy of Richard Tallman: Tallman Genealogy
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Effingham Tallman (c.1864 - aft.1930) had moved from Orangetown, NY, to Rockleigh by 1920 where he established Tallman's garage on Carteret (Piermont) Road near Willow. This likely served as a harness shop and evolved into a service station. A service station has been a fixture this corner ever since.

Tallman's Garage, East Northvale (Rockleigh) , NJ  c.1920

Effingham was the second son of Alfred W. Tallman (1830, NY - bef.1900, Orangetown, NY) & Hannah Girling (c.1835, Sing Sing, NY - aft.1910, Orangetown, NY).

Effingham is listed in the US census Orangetown, NY, enumerations 1870-1910, listed with his mother with occupation in 1900 of harness maker, in 1910 as "farmer, own farm". The 1920 Northvale, NJ, census lists Effingham D. Tallman (55, carpenter) and his sister, Elizabeth (57) living on Snedens Landing Road [East Northvale, soon to be Rockleigh], apparently in what was the by then dilapidated Geradus Riker-Jacob Sneden house. About 1929, the Ryker-Sneden house burned and Effingham became a lodger at the next door Happel house.

The 1930 census lists Effingham D. Tallman (lodger, 67, single, retired carpenter) lodging in the residence of Herman and Bessie Happel at 24 Snedens Landing (Rockleigh) Road. During the 1930's Bessie Happel was the Borough Clerk and Effingham apparently assisted her and is listed as "Borough Clerk" in the 1930 census. However, Borough records list Mariette Sneden and Bessie Happel, the first and second clerks of Rockleigh Borough. Bessie held the clerkship from 1930-1939.

In 1932 the Rockleigh Volunteer Fire Department was organized purchased a used Mack truck from Ridgefield Park Fire Company for $200.00. There was no Fire House. Tallman's garage was "rededicated" as the official "Fire House" until 1973 when a firehouse was added to Borough Hall. At this point, Effingham Tallman drops from the recorded history. Effingham played an important role in newly incorporated Rockleigh Borough. His family was the first to settle in Rockland County and those early pioneers left a lasting legacy in Rockland County, NY, and Bergen County, NJ.



The Talma/Tallman Heritage
of New Amsterdam and Rockland Co, NY

1 i.     Douwe Harmensen Talma (1624/5 in Harlingen, Friesland, Holland - 19 Jun 1687, Bergen, NJ) m. bef.1655 Dirckje Theunisse (1624-1703, Nyack, NY) of Friesland. In Jun 1658, Douwe and Dirckje with son Harma emigrated from Friesland, Holland for New Amsterdam. By 1664 Douwe had moved his family across the Hudson to Bergen (Jersey City), NJ, where he joined the Reformed Dutch Church. Bergen was the first Dutch community in the Province of New Jersey. Before Douwe died, he and Dirckji had two surviving sons:

  i. Harman Dowsen (c.1655-aft.1702)
 ii. Janetje (5 Feb 1661 - 26 Oct 1666)
iii. Theunis Dowsen (8 Feb 1664 - 17 Jul 1734)
iv. Dowen (c.1669-?)

2 i.      Harman Dowsen Talman (c.1655 in Friesland, Holland, -aft.1702), son of Douwe Harmensen Talma & Dirckje Theunisse, an Indian trader, is the acknowledged first settler on Nyack Tribal lands in the Rockland area in 1675, preceding the Tappan settlers. He established his trading post in what is now Nyack. He purchased in 1684 a good portion, if not all, of the Nyack lands from Claes Jansen (Van Purmarent) Cuyper.

Harman married on 24 Jun 1707 at Tappan RDC Gsietje Minneus/ Minnelay (c.17 Jan 1663 in New Amersfoort  - 1715), daughter of Minne Johanes & Reneje Feddans of New Amersfoot (Canarsie). In 1681, Johannes Minne mortgaged lands on the DeHart patent in Haverstraw and became the first settler there with his wife and children (Johannes, Albertt, and Gsietje). Johannes and Albertt are listed in the 1702 Provincial census of Orange County.

Harman & Grietje's daughter Dirckje was the first non-native child born in Rockland County, NY.  The 1702 Provincial census of Orange County lists Harme Dowsen (Tallman) and his brother, Theunis Dowsen (Tallman). Children of Harman Dowensen Talman & Gsietje Misseus include:

    i. Dirckje Taelman (1687-1768)
   ii. Douwe Harmanse Tallman (1689-1779)

Harme Taelman died in 1689 after his son Douwe Harmanson was born. Dirckje m2 on 8 Apr 1691 Abraham Gerritsen Blauvelt with whom she raised four more children.

 3 i.      Dirckje Taelman (5 Aug 1687 at Nyack; bap 28 Aug 1687 at NY RDC - 4 Oct 1768, buried RDC Cem., Tappan, NY), dau. of Harman Dowensen Taelman & Gsietje Misseus,  m on 25 Jun 1707 at RDC Tappan, NY, Abraham Haring (24 Feb 1681 in Tappan, NY) RDC - 18 Mar 1772, Tappan, NY)*. The family settled on a portion of the Haring tract in the Tappan Patent to the west of Tappan Road in what would become Northvale and Norwood, NJ. Dirckje and Abraham are buried in the Tappan RDC churchyard. [See Haring Family for descendents.]

3 ii.      Douwe Harmanse Tallman (1689, Tappan, NY- 11 May 1779), son of Harman Dowensen Taelman & Gsietje Misseus,  m. 12 October 1715 at Tappan RDC Maria Haring (1692-?), dau. of Cornelius Janse Haring & Cattryn Vlierboom of Tappan. Children included:*

  i. Margrietje Tunisen (2 Sep 1716-?) m. Matthew Bogert (1702-1784)
 ii. Cornelius (2 Oct 1718-1789) m. Maratie Petrus Brower (c.1724 - bef..1760)
iii. Catlyntji (24 Jul 1724 - 16 Jun 1803) m. Petrus Westervelt (1722-1803)
iv. Dirckje (8 Nov 1726 - 15 Jun 1805) m. Roelof Westervelt (1723-1800)
 v. Harmanus ( 16 Apr 1731 - 22 Jan 1773) m Beletie Brower (1727-1773)
 vi. Fytie (7Apr 1737-bef.1768) m Jacob Westervelt (c. 1730-?)

Douwe Harmense Taelman served in the Revolutionary War. He was murdered in Closter, NJ, on 11` May 1779. He is buried at the Sauches Taves Begraven Gound in Demarest, NJ.

Here lies
 the remains of
Dowe Talema
Who died on the
11th day of May 1779
in his Ninetieth year

This aged man at his residence near this place was willfully and barbarously murdered by a party of Tories, Traitors to
their country who had taken refuge with
the troops of Britain then in New York
And Come thence to Murder burn
and plunder

To pay a tribute of Respect to his memory
and also to commemorate the Manner
of his Death several of his relations
have erected this stone

2 ii.      Theunis/Theunes Dowersen Taelman (8 Feb 1664, Bergen, NJ - 17 Jun 1739, buried Oak Hill Cem., Nyack, NY), son of Douwe Harmensen Talman & Dirckje Theunisse. Between 1683 and 1702, Theunis served as Royal High Sheriff of Range (Orange) County, NY.

Theunis m 1st abt. 1694 Brechtje Haring (4 Jul 1675 at NYC, NY - abt. 12 Jan 1709 at Nyack, Orange [Rockland] New York), dau. of Jans Pietersen Haring & Margarietie "Grietje" Cosyn, of New York City.

Theunis Taelman & Brechtje Haring had nine children. Bretchtje died as a result of complications of giving birth to triplets.*

    i. Dirck (c.1695 -?)
   ii. Grietje (c.1697 in Nyack, NY - 1779) m. 25 Jun 1717 at RDC Tappan Cornelius Blauvelt with nine children.
  iii. Antje (1699-?) m. 15 Oct 1720 at RDC Tappan Johannes Hennion with seven children.
  iv. Dirckje (c.1700-?) m at RDC Tappan 17 Sep 1721 Johannes Van Dalesen with four children.
   v. Douwe (C.1703 in Orangetown, NY- 18 Sep 1783)
  vi. Marytie (c.1706-?) m 17 May 1726 Abraham Smith with eleven children.
 vii. Jan (Dec 1708 - aft. 1797) triplet, m. 19 Sep 1735 RDC Hackensack  Helena Blauvelt with four children.
viii. Harmanus (Dec 1708 - ?) triplet m. Catrina Ecker
  ix. Brechie (Dec 1708 - dy) triplet

Theunis m 2nd on 11 Jan 1710 at Tappan RDC  Margrietje Hogencamp (9 Oct 1687 -. ?) dau of Myndert Hogencamp of Nyack. Theunis & Margrietje had five children.*

    ix. Brechie (6 Jul 1710 -?) m. William Wood with four children.
     x. Janettje (30 Aug 1712 -?) m Johannes Blauvelt with two children.
    xi. Theunis II (16 Sep 1714 - 23 Oct 1799)
   xii. Harmen T. (25 Nov 1716 - 1798) m. Rebecca Snadeggs [Snediker]  (1717-?) with four children.
  xiii. Autje (aft.1716 -?)*

*Richard Tallman: Tallman Genealogy

The 1702 Provincial census of Orange County lists Theunis Dowsen (Taelman) and his brother Harme Dowsen (Tallman).  In 1702, the newly appointed Governor, Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury, ordered his sheriffs to conduct a census of New York Province. The High Sheriff of Orange County, Theunis Taelman, being unable to write, was less than enthusiastic and summarily replaced by Capt. William Merritt of Snedens Landing.

3 xi.     Theunis II Tallman (16 Sep 1714 - 23 Oct 1799 at RDC Cemetery, Clarkstown, NY ), son of Theunis Tallman &  m. 30 Nov 1747 at RDC NY Margrietje Debaan (1717 -1771 at RDC Clarkstown cemetery) with six children:

     i. Tunis/Theunis III (26 Sep 1748 - 2 Aug 1841) m. 25 Nov 1768  Margrite Blauvelt (20 Aug 1754 - ?), daughter of Johannes Blauvelt & Margrietje Smith.
    ii. Maria (21 Dec 1750 Tappan, NY - 8 Nov 1830 Onondaga, NY) m. bef.1773 Gerresolvert Van Houten of Tappan, NY, and had five children.
   iii. Harmanus (1 Apr 1753 - 7 Aug 1776)
   iv. Abraham (9 Aug 1756 - 1 Dec 1820)
    v. Petrus (22 Oct 1759, Tappan, NY - 17 Nov 1826, Skeaneteles, Onondaga, NY) m. bef. 1780 Margrietje Cobhem (17 Jun 1757 - 20 Nov 1822, Skeaneteles, Onondaga, NY) with eight children.

4 iv.  Abraham Tallman (9 Aug 1756 - 1 Dec 1820 Clarkstown, NY, buried Clarkstown RDC Cem.), son of Theunis II Tallman & Margrietje "Gritje" Debaan, m. abt.1781 Rachel Cornelison (3 Apr 1762 - 26 Apr 1843 Clarkstown, NY, buried Clarkstown RDC Cem.). Abraham & Rachel had six children:

   i. Tunis (bef. 1782 - ?)
  ii. Harman A. (19 Mar 1782, Clarkstown, NY -  28 Jan 1853, buried at Oak Hill Cem., Nyack, NY) m. at Clarkstown RDC, Clarkstown, NY,  30 Nov 1802 Emma Felter ( ? - 11 Jan 1885, buried at Oak Hill Cem., Nyack, NY)
 iii. Catrina (4 Nov 1786, Clarkstown, NY - 1867, Clarkstown, NY) m. at RDC Tappan , NY, 2 Dec 1802  Theunis J. Tallman (2 Sep 1781 - 21Aug 1828) son of Jan Tallman & Maria Durye.
 iv. Abraham A. (4 Nov 1786 - bef.1850)
  v. John (27 Jan 1792 - ?)
 vi. Jacob (30 Oct 1803 - 21 Dec 1830)

5 iv. Abram A. Tallman (4 Nov 1786, Clarkstown, NY - 26 Aug 1859, Orangetown, Rockland Co, NY, buried Oak Hill Cem, Nyack, NY), son of Abraham TallmanRachel Cornelison, m. RDC, Tappan, NY, 1 Feb 1807 Catrina / Catherine Cornelison (abt 1786 - 31 Jan 1867, Orangetown, Rockland Co, NY, buried Oak Hill Cem., Nyack, NY). Abraham A. & Catherine had seven children:

   i. Edgar (19 Jul 1808, Clarkstown, NY - ?) m . at RDC, Clarkstown, NY, 2 Dec 1841 Elizabeth Smith Tallman (27 Mar 1819, Clarkstown, NY - ?), daughter of Abraham Tallman & Margaret Felter, and had at least three children.
  ii. Ann Matilda (28 Aug 1810 - ?)
 iii. Mycel Cornelison (22 May 1813 - ?) m. at RDC Clarkstown, NY, 28 Dec 1837 Jane Snediker.
 iv. Margaret Debaan (11 Jan 1816, Clarkstown, NY - 3 Feb 1853, Nyack, NY) m. 24 Dec 1836 at RDC, Clarkstown, NY, Abraham T. Bell.
  v. Joseph Warren (7 May 1819, Clarkstown, NY - ?) m. bef. 1842 Ann Eliza Onderdonk (31 Mar 1821 - 1854, Nyack, Rockland Co, NY).
 vi. Elizabeth (30 Dec 1821 Clarkstown, NY, - 18 Apr 1849, Nyack, NY) m. 20 Nov 1844 at Nyack, NY, William E. Collins (abt.1821 - ?).
vii. Alfred W. Tallman (1830 prob. Clarkstown, NY- bef.1910, ).

1840 US Census: NY > Rockland > Orange Town > [Image 27]
Abram A. Tallman:
M 10 under 15: 1 [poss. Alfred W. Tallman, <age 10, b.1830, unmarried>]
M 20 under 30: 1 [poss. Joseph Warren <age 21, b.1819, unmarried>]
M 30 under 40: 1 [poss. Edgar, <age 32, b.1808>]
M 50 under 60: 1 [Abraham A. Tallman, <age 53, b.1787>]
F 15 under 20:  1 [poss. Elizabeth, <age 19, b.1821, unmarried>]
F 50 under 60:  1 [Catherine/Catharina [Cornelison]-Tallman, <age 53, b.1787>]

1850 US Census: NY > Rockland > Orange Town > p. 196
Abraham A. Tallman, 63, Farmer, b. NY <c.1787>
Catherine           "       , 63, b. NY <c.1787>
Alfred                "       , 20, Carpenter, b. NY <c.1830>   Alfred W. Tallman (1830, Orangetown, NY - bef.1900), probable son of Abraham A. Tallman & Catherine Cornelison m. c.1854 Hannah Girling (1834, Sing Sing, NY - aft.1910, Orangetown, NY), dau. of Robert Girling (c.1800 -bef.1860) & Jemima --?-- of Sing Sing, NY. The first record of Alfred W. occurs in the 1850 Census. Children of Alfred W. Tallman and Hannah Girling include:

  i  Horace P. Tallman (1855- ?)
ii. Elizabeth (1857, Orangetown, NY - bef. 1930, Rockleigh, NJ) never married
iii. Effingham D. (1864 , Orangetown, NY - Aft. 1930, Rockleigh, NJ), never married.

In the absence of a birth record for Alfred W. Tallman, there is rather good circumstantial evidence linking Alfred W. Tallman to presumed parents Abraham A. Tallman & Catherine Cornelison. The facts include the Orangetown, Rockland Co, NY, location where Catherine and Alfred appear as likely and only age-appropriate matches in the transition between the 1840, 1850, and 1860 census enumerations. While there is a 9-year separation between Alfred W. and his next younger sister, his presumed father was a reasonable 44 when Alfred was born.

1860 US Census: NY > Rockland > Orangetown > p 47
Tallman, Catharine, 73, b. NY <c.1787>
      "       Alfred W., 29, Farmer, b. NY <c.1831>;
      "       Hannah, 26; b. NY <c.1834>;
      "       Horace, 5; b. NY <c.1855>
      "       Elizabeth, 2, b. NY <c.1858>; and
 Girling, Allice 17, b. NY <c.1843> [Hannah's sister]

1870 Census: NY > Rockland > Nyack > p 60-61:
Tallman, Alfred W.,  40, Farmer, b. NY <c.1730>
Hannah, 35, Keeping House, b. NY <c.1835>;
Horace P., 15, Eliza, 13,
Effingham, 5.

1875 New York Supreme Court: Mutual Life Ins. Co of N.Y., vs Alfred W. Tallman. Foreclosure, 14 Dec 1875.

1880 Census: NY > Rockland > Nyack > Dist 55:
Tallman, Alfred W., 49, ladder maker, b: NY <c.1831>, Fb: NY, Mb: NY;
Hannah, 45, Wife, Keeping house, b: NY <c.1835>, Fb: Eng, Mb. NY;
Horace, 24, Son, Box Maker, b: NY <c.1856>;
Elizabeth, 22, Daughter, Helps, b: NY <c.1858.;
Effingham, 15, Son, at school, b: NY <c.1865>.

1900 Census: NY > Rockland > Orangetown > Dist 72:
Tallman, Horace P., Head, b: 1855 (45), b: NY, House Mover
Georgiana, Wife, b: 1855 (45) b: NY, m: 1878:
Ruby, Daughter, b: 1880 (19) b: NY;
Alfred W., Father, b: 1830 (69), b: NY, House Mover;
Hannah, Mother, b: 1834 (66), b: NY, m: 1853;
Elizabeth, Daughter, b: 1857 (42), b: NY;
Effingham, Son, b: 1864 (35), b: NY, Harnesser

8i.    Horace P. Tallman (1855, Orangetown, NY - ?), m. in 1880 Georgiana C. --?-- and remained in the Tallman homestead at Orangetown. They had one daughter, Ruby Tallman (c.1880-?) who is lost in the 1910 census.

1910 census: NY > Rockland Co > So. Nyack
Horace P. Tallman (55, Building mover)
Georgiana (55, Keeping boarding house)

8iii.   Effingham Tallman (1864 , Orangetown, NY - Aft. 1930, Rockleigh, NJ), never married. Effingham is listed in the US census Orangetown, NY, enumerations 1870-1910, with occupation in 1900 of harness maker, in 1910 as "farmer, own farm".

1910 census: NY > Rockland Co > Orangetown
Effingham Tallman (Head, 45, Farmer of own farm),
Hanah (mother, 76)
Elizabeth (sister, 50)

1920 census: NJ > Bergen Co > Northvale
Effingham D. Tallman (55, carpenter)
Elizabeth (57, sister) living on Snedens Landing [Rockleigh] Road.

1930 census: NJ > Bergen Co > Rockleigh
Effingham D. Tallman (lodger, 67, single, retired carpenter) with Herman & Bessie Happel at 24 Snedens Landing [Rockleigh] Road.


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