The Sloat (Slot) Family

[This section is a work in progress. There may be genealogical errors. It is not meant to be a complete Sloat Family Tree, rather portions relevant to the History of Rockleigh Borough. Corrections or clarifications are welcome:]
Much of the Sloat Family has been provided courtesy of Jeffrey Sloat.


Haring-Corning House  (Abraham D Haring House)


Sloat Index

Charles Edwin Sloat, 1865-1932

Daisy Florence Sloat, 1869-1910

Florence Edwina Sloat-Shepard, 1892-1974

Henry Elting Sloat, 1802-1888

Jacobus Sloat, 1669-1775

Jane Sloat, 1826-1870

Jenkins Sloat, 1828 1905

Johannes Sloat, 1699-1783

Jonas Sloat, 1738-1791 

Joseph Elting Sloat, 1878-post 1930

Pieter Jansen Sloat, 1639-1688

William Arthur Taulman Sloat, 1927-1995





1.     Jan Pietersen Sloat (bef 1615, Holstein - 1690, New York) was son of Pieter (Slot) Sloat (1590-?) of Holstein, Denmark. Married circa 1639 Annetie Jans (c.1620-c.1650) in Holland.

Two sons were born to Jan Pietersen Sloat & Annetje Jans in Holland:

    i. Pieter Jansen (Slot) Sloat (1639-?);
   ii. Jan Jansen (Slot) Sloat (c.1642-c.1696).

After the death of Annetie, Jan Pietersen emigrated in 1662 to New York from Denmark via Amsterdam with his two sons. They settled in New Harlem. On 3 Jan 1665 he married secondly to Claertje Dominicus (bef 1645-?) and the family lived in Harlem until about 1673. During this period Jan Pietersen was a Sargent in the Harlem Company, Schout of Harlem (Deputy Sherriff), Rooy-Meester (Surveyor of Buildings and Fences) and Schepen (Magistrate). In 1686 they are shown living "Langs de Waal" (Wall Street), New York City, and members of the NYC Dutch Reformed Church. Jan Pietersen died in 1690.

2i.      Pieter Jansen (Slot) Sloat (1639, Amsterdam, Holland - 1688) after emigrating in 1650 is documented as living in Harlem by 1658 where he was a Cadet in the Third Company by 1663. On 2 Jan 1663 Pieter Jansen married in 2 Feb 1663 in DRC New Amsterdam Marritje Jacobse Van Winkle (1643, New Amsterdam-1697, Bergen), dau of Jacobse Wallings Van Winkle (1598, Winkel, Holland-1657, New Amsterdam) & Tryntje Jacobs (1620, New Amsterdam). In 1664, the family successively lived in Bergen (1664-1671) where he had a land patent, under the wall of Fort New Amsterdam (1671-1673), Esopus (Kingston) NY (1680-1683), and Cromessie, near Stuyvesant's Bouwerie from 1686 until he died in 1688. Marritje would in 1692 marry secondly Jean Desmareets (Demarest) of Kinderkermack, NJ, the father-in-law of her second son, Jacobus.

Children of Pieter Jansen and Marritje include:

    i. Jan Pietersen Sloat (1665-1704),
   ii. Jacobus (1669 - 1725),
  iii. Catharina "Tryntje" Pieterse (ch. 6 Aug 1671 NYC - c.1709 at Hackensack, NJ), m. 8 May 1691 Nicholas Lozier (ch. 10 Jun 1668, Esopus, Ulster, NY - 1761 at Hackensack, Bergen, NJ). They had 10 children. Nicholas m (2) 26 Jan 1709 at RDC Hackensack, NJ, Antie Direcksee Banta, having nine more children.
  iv. Annetje (1674, Bergen, NJ - 1708) m. 1695 David Demarest (1669-1706),
   v. Abeltje (1678, Kingston, NY -?),
  vi. Jonas (1681 Kingston, NY-1759 NYC).

i.        Jan Pietersen Sloat (1665, Bergen, NJ - 1704, NYC), son of Pieter Jansen Sloat & Marritje Jacobse Van Winkle, m. 10 Mar 1700 in Bergen, NJ,  Marritji Andriesse/Andrressen (c.1780-?).

Children of Jan Pietersen Sloat and Marritje Andriesse include :

    i. Maria (25 Nov 1700 - ?)
   ii. Johannes (23 Sep 1702, RDC, NY, NY - ?) m. Judith Elswart (1706-?), poss. dau. of Theophilus Elswart (1661-?) of NYC and Sarah Demarest (1675-1712, Hackensack, NJ), a dau. of Jean Demareets of Hackensack.

3ii.     Jacobus Sloat (1669, Bergen, NJ - 1725, Hackensack, NJ), son of Pieter Jansen Sloat & Maria Jacobse Van Winkle, married in 1695 Maria Jan Demareets/Demarest (1673-1726, Kinderkermack, NJ) dau of Jean Desmareets of the Isle of Zealand & Jacomina de Reiner De Waal of Landrecies Prov., France. Maria was Sister of David, Sarah, and Peter Demarest, and step-sister of Jacobus due to the second marriage in 1692 of his mother, Marritje Andriese, to her father, Jean Demarest. The Jacobus Sloat family lived in the upper Hackensack area between 29 Jan 1695 until he died in 1725 and were members of the Hackensack DRC. The Jacobus Sloat Patent for 90 acres lay between David Demarie Sr. and John Demarie in northern Bergen Co, NJ.

Children of Jacobus and Maria were:

    i. Petrus (1696 - 1784 in Franklin Twp., Bergen Co., NJ),
  iii. Johannes (1699 - 1783),
  iv. Eva (1701 - ?),
   v. Maria (1703 - Aft 1747 in Staten Island, NY),
  vi. Lea (1706 - 1776),
 vii. Jonathan (1712 - 1759 in NYC),
viii. David (1714 - ?),
  ix. Sarah (1715 - ?),
   x. Tryntji (1718 - c.1794),
  xi. Benjamin (1721 - 1772 in Conewago, PA). 

4iii.     Johannes Sloat (14 May 1699, Hackensack-1783, Montgomary, NY), son of Jacobus Sloat & Maria Demarest, married on 17 Jul 1720 Willemptje Alberse Van Voorhees (~1795, Hackensack, NJ -1729 in Hackensack, NJ) dau. of Albert Stevense Van Voorhees & Elena Vander Schure. 

Children of Johannes Sloat & Willemptje Van Vorrhes were:

    i. Jacobus (15 Jul 1721-1722),
   ii. Cornelius (10 May 1724-1725),
  iii. Steven (25 Mar 1727-11 Oct 1806 in Sloatsburg, Rockland Co., NY), Innkeeper in 1755 of the Sloatsburg Inn, Sloatsburg, Rockland County. Willemptje died in 1728/9.

Johannes married (2) on 10 Apr 1730 in  DRC Hackensack, NJ, Christenjen (Christina) Akkerman/Ackerman (5 Dec 1705 in Hackensack, NJ - 1760 in Hackensack, NJ), daughter of David Ackerman (Dec 1681 NYC - 1724 in Hackensack, NJ) & Gerrebreght Clase Romeyn (1681 in Flatlands, Kings, NY - 1724 in Hackensack, NJ).

Children of Johannes Sloat & (2) Christina Ackerman were:

    i. David (1730 - 2 Aug 1814 in Orange Co., NY),
   ii. Maria (1732-1779 in Tappan, NY) m. 1760 Klaes Van Houten of Tappan,
  iii. Petrus (1734-?),
  iv. John Johannes (1736-1817) m 1764 in New Hurley, NY, Thelma Lounsburrie,
   v. Jonas (1738 -1791),
  vi. Daniel (1740-1800 Pine Bush, NY),
 vii. Cornelius (1741-1816 Pine Bush, NY), 1777/78 Orderly Sergeant, Ulster County Militia;
viii. Ann Rachel (1744-post 1790) m. 1765 Daniel Coe of Haverstraw,
  ix. Benjamin (1746-?) and
   x. Alexander (1747-?). 

[There has been confusion assigning spouses and offspring between second cousins Johannes Sloat (1699, Hackensack-1863), son of Jacobus (1669-1725), and Johannes Sloat (1702, NYC-?), son of Jacobus' brother, Jan Pietersen (1665-1704). This may be the result of complex marital ties between the Sloat, Demerest, and Elswart families. The lineage presented here is in accord with public records and logical geographical locations. EWA]

Johannes lived in the upper Hackensack area of Bergen County between 1720 and 1750 at which time the family moved to The Clove, Sloatsburg, Rockland Co., NY, where they remained until about 1770. In 1776 he was living on 800 acres thaqt he owned in Walden (Slotts Corners), NY. Johannes died 1783 in Montgomery, Orange Co., NY.

5v.     Jonas Sloat (13 May 1738 in Hackensack, NJ - 1791 in Cayuga Co., NY), son of Johannes Sloat & Christina Akkerman, circa 1769 married Phebe Clark (1749-?) of Clarkstown, NY, and moved with her to New Hurley, NY.

The children of Jonas Slot & Phebe Clark include:

    i. Johannes (1769-),
   ii. Jonas (1770-1771);
  iii. Marritje "Polly"  (1773-?),
  iv. Ellena (1776-?),
   v. Cornelius (1778/9), and
  vi. James Harrell (1781-?).

Jonas married secondly in 1786 Abigail Lounsberry (widow of Thomas Finn) and settled in Shawangunk, Ulster Co., NY. Children were vii. Phebe (1788-?) and viii. Christina (1791- ?). 

Jonas was a patriot in the Revolutionary War saw action as a private in the military on 7 OCT 1777 at Ft. Montgomery, NY. He died in 1791 in Ledyard, Cayuga Co, NY.

6i.       Johannes Sloat (30 Jul 1769 - 14 Nov 1817), son of Jonas Sloat & Phebe Clark, lived in Shawangunk, NY- 1817, then New Hurley, NY, and married 1791 Gertrude Van Vliet (c.1771-?) of New Paltz.

 Children of Johannes Sloat & Gertrude Van Vliet include:

    i. Charles (1791 Platekill-?),
   ii. Hiram (1793 Plattekill-?),
  iii. Jonas (1795 New Paltz - 1846 Phila., PA),
  iv. Alexander Coe (1797 Plattekill- post 1825, Brooklyn ),
   v. Maria (1799 Platekille- ?), and
  vi. Henry Elting Sloat (1802-1888).

Between 1790 and 1817 Johannes and Gertrude lived nearby in Plattekill, Ulster Co, NY, where he is listed as farmer and millwright. He was a member of the New Hurley, NY, DRC.

7vi.      Henry Elting Sloat (7 May 1802, Sloats Corner [Modena], NY - 14 Sep 1882 "Old Closter" [Rockleigh], Harrington Township, NJ), son of Johannas Sloat Gertrude Van Vliet, was named after his aunt thelmaDina DuBois of New Paltz. On 29 Nov 1825 he married Margaret Jenkins (1 Nov 1802 Jenkinstown, Ulster Co., NY - 18 Jan 1883, "Old Closter" [Rockleigh], Harrington Township, NJ).

Children ofHenry Elting & Margaret Jenkins were:

    i. Jane (1826-1870),
   ii. Jenkins (1828-1905),
  iii. Margaret (1830-1832),
  iv. Laura Amanda (1832-1907) m. ~1855 George Hollenbeck Welles,
   v. Margaret Jenkins(1834-1863),
  vi. Charles Brodhead (1838-1866),
  vii. Henry Van Vliet (1840 Tappan Landing-1927 Brooklyn, NY),
 viii. Richard Brodhead (1842-?),
   ix. Margaret Adelaide (1848-1872).

Henry Elting Sloat was in the business of building docks along the waterfront of New York Harbor in New York and New Jersey. By early 1826 Henry and Margaret had moved to Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY, where they began a family.  By 1838 they had moved to Tappan Landing (Sparkill, NY). Henry and Margaret appear to have died in son, Jenkins, home in Rockland, NJ, what is now Rockleigh, NJ. 

[Having predecessors among the DuBois family in the New Paltz- Marbletown- Hurley- Kingston region and also being in the shipping business, it is likely that Henry Elting Sloat knew Joseph DuBois, a Hudson River boatman from Marbletown, NY. They both eventually lived in Rockland, Harrington Township, NJ.]

8i.      Jane  Sloat [J353] (22 Nov 1827 - 15 Feb 1870), daughter of Henry Elting Sloat & Margaret Jenkins. Appears to have resided briefly with the family of her brother Jenkins in Rockland, Harrington Township, NJ, where she is recorded as having died in 1870. Buried in Palisades (NY) Cemetery.

Jenkins Sloat8ii.     Jenkins Sloat [J354] (7 Jan 1828, Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY- 5 May 1905 Rockland [Old Closter/Rockleigh], Harrington Township, NJ), son of Henry Elting Sloat & Margaret Jenkins, resided between 1850 and 1865 in Staten Island where he was in the Dock and Railroad construction business with his father. Between 1865 and 1890 the family Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ, where he continued in the Railroad and Dock construction business. 

[Photograph of Jenkin Sloat courtesy of Jeffrey Sloat]

On 25 Sep 1860 in the M. E. Church*, Palisades, NY, Jenkins Sloat of Jersey City married Clara Hugle Sneden (10 Aug 1837, Snedens Landing, NY - 13 Mar 1913, Norwood, NJ) at Snedens Landing, dau. of Capt. Lawrence  (1800-1870) & Nancy Tallman Sneden (1803-1883).[see Sneden Family]

The children of Jenkins Sloat & Clara Hugel Sneden include:

    i. Charles Edwin (1865**-1892),
   ii. Daisy Florence (Mar 1869***-1910/14) and
  iii. Joseph Elting (Jan 1878*-post 1930). 

* By Rev. Benj. Day. Records of the Palisades M. E. Church. ms in Collection 
of the Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY
** 1880 Census, Harrington Township, NJ, p 29.
*** 1900 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, Sheet 18-10.



Mrs Clara Hugle Sneden Sloat seated in the center hall of the Haring-Corning House about 1890. 
The figure in the left rear is likely Jenkins Sloat. The home is decorated for Halloween.

The photograph likely was taken by Harvey Conklin c.1890 and provided courtesy of Jeffrey Sloat.


In the fall of 1870, Jemkins Sloat purchased from Samuel Corning the Haring-Corning House and property in the Rockland area of Harrington Township. 

Haring-Corning House

He appears to have acquired additional lands, likely on Closter Mountain to the east of his saw mill, bringing the farm to 165 acres. At the time of his death in 1871, Capt. Larry Sneden and Nancy Taulman were living with their daughter and son-in-law, in the Haring-Corning House in Old Closter (Rockland/Rockleigh). In 1871, he and his wife inherited from father-in-law Capt. Larry Sneden a substantial tract of riverfront land at Snedens Landing . From 1890 and to the time of his death in 1905, he raised raised fine trotting horses. 

The 1900 census lists Jenkins Sloat (Head, 71, farmer), Clara (Wife, 62), Daisy F. (Daughter, 31), Joseph (Son, 22, RR Agent), Florence (g-daughter, 7, at school).

The 1910 census lists Clara Sloat (head, 72), Daisy F. (daughter, 41) living with Joseph E. (son, 32, telegraph operator) in Norwood.*

* 1910 Census, Harrington Township, (Norwood), Bergen Co., NJ, p 5A

Both Jenkins Sloat and Clara Hugel Sneden Sloat are buried in the Palisades (NY) Cemetery. 


    Mrs. Clara Hugle Sneden Sloat died at her home in Norwood Thursday, March 13 [1913]. She was born August 10, 1837, at Sneden's Landing, the home of her family for many generations. She was the daughter of ex-Assemblyman Capt. Lawrence J. Sneden and Nancy Taulman, and a grand daughter of Captain-Lieutenant Peter Taulman of the Continental Line. Her great-grandfather Capt. John Sneden, a sea captain, piloted the American men-of-war on the Hudson River during the Revolution.

     She was the widow of Jenkins Sloat whom she married in 1860.

     In early life, she attended a private school in Tappan conducted by the Misses Cole afterwards being a student in a young ladies seminary in Freehold, N.J., where she spent much time in the study of music.

     Devoted to her family and her home, she welcomed her friends there; and was ever interested in all things pertaining to the betterment of mankind.

     Never robust in health; and with a family where sickness was seldom absent; she still was cheerful, content and in perplexing times was wont to quote.

"Be patient, keep thy life work well in hand

Be trustful, where thou can'st not understand.

Thy lot what'er it be, is wisely planned

God holds the key.

Thou well can trust him and bide patiently."

     Mrs. Sneden was a member of the Norwood Presbyterian Church, and funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Henry Ward, D.D. on Sunday afternoon. Interment in the family plot at Palisades, N.Y.*

* Copied from an unknown newspaper.
Personal communication, Alan Smith, Albany, NY.

9i.      Charles Edwin Sloat [J539] (20 Feb 1865 - 25 Nov 1892), son of Jenkins Sloat & Clara Hugle Sneden, married on 24 Aug 1891 Mary Louise Comings (2 Sep 1861, Tappan/Nyack, NY - Nov 1942, Sayre, PA)*, daughter of Dr. George W. Comings (7 Apr 1816, CT - 17 Jun 1912, NYC)* & Eliza Jane Curren (15 Jun 1830, Canada - 22 Jan 1904, NYC)* of Sparkill, NY, and New York City.

Charles Edwin Sloat & Mary Louise Comings had one child:

    i. Florence Edwina Sloat (Nov 1892**- 1974), born 3 days before Charles died.

*Personal communications, Alan Smith, Albany, NY.
** 1900 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, Sheet 18-10.

Widowed for thirteen years, Mary Louise Comings-Sloat wed (2) on 12 Apr 1905 Augustus Smith (14 Jun 1850, Hardyston NJ- 23 Jun 1923, Sayre, PA), businessman of Rome, PA, a possible relative of neighbor Samuel Smith (c.1811, NJ - Nov 1890, Athens, PA), and moved with him to Sayre, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania.*

"A very pleasant wedding was celebrated Wednesday evening, April 12 [1905] at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L[orenzo] C. Comings [in Nyack, NY], when Mary L. Sloat, a cousin of Mr. Comings and daughter of Dr. G.W. Comings, formerly of Nyack, but later of New York City, was married to Mr. Augustus Smith, a businessman of Rome, Pa., by the Rev. Dr. J.H. Egbert of Plainfield, N.J., and was witnessed by Lorenzo C. Comings and George B. Comings,  brother of the bride."*

* Copied from an unknown newspaper.
Personal communication, Alan Smith, Albany, NY.

Mary Louise Comings-Sloat & (2) Augustus Smith  had one son:

   ii. Theodore Smith (1906- )*.

The 1920 census for Sayre, PA, lists Augustus Smith (head, 69), Mary (wife, 61), (poss.) Irene (daughter of Augustus, 1st mar., 42), Theodore (son, 13).**

** 1920 Census, Sayre, Bradford Co., PA, Sheet 21 A.

10i.     Florence Edwina Sloat [J723] (22 Nov 1892- 3 Dec 1974, Pinellas Co., FL), daughter of Charles Edwin Sloat & Mary L. Comings,  moved to Sayre, PA, about 1905 when her mother remarried. About 1912 she appears to have moved back to Norwood, NJ, to live with her uncle Joseph Elting Sloat, his wife Myrtle, and her aunt Daisy on Summit Street. She subsequently worked in New York City, residing in 1935 at 95 Christopher Street, and married Frank S. Shepard. Florence Edwina Sloat-Shepard and her husband retired to Florida where they died.*

"My dad [Theodore Smith] recalls that she was quite an accomplished singer and once sang in Carnegie Hall..." *

*Personal communications, Alan Smith, Albany, NY.

Florence Edwina Sloat on front steps of Haring -Corning House c.1896
The photograph probably was taken by Harvey Conklin;
provided courtesy of Jeffrey Sloat.

9ii.     Daisy Florence Sloat [J540] (4 Mar 1869 - 1910/14), daughter of Jenkins Sloat & Clara Hugle Sneden,  continued to live in the manor house with her niece Florence Edwina. In 1889, she is shown residing in Norwood, where she was the postmistress, likely living in the home of her brother Joseph Elting Sloat.

"I spoke with my Dad [Theodore Smith] this morning to see if he could remember any more details. He remembered Florence's Aunt Daisy quite well... he spoke of visiting her in Norwood, New Jersey when she worked at the Post Office. He's pretty sure that her indicated death date is too early. He was 8-10 years old when he and his Mom visited he was born in 1906, that means she was still living from 1912-1914."  *

*Personal communications, Alan Smith, Albany, NY.

9iii.     Joseph Elting Sloat [J541] (17 Jan 1878, Rockland [Old Closter], NJ - 1950, Norwood, NJ), son of Jenkins Sloat & Clara Hugle Sneden, resided until 1901 in Rockland, NJ. In 1900 he was listed as a RR agent. Between 1901 and 1950, he resided at 266 Summit Street, Norwood, NJ. On 24 Nov 1924 in New York City, NY, married Myrtle May Hurd (4 Nov 1886, Canton, MA  - Jan 1958, Norwood, NJ), dau. of Albert & Mary Arnold Hurd of Leonia, NJ, resided in Norwood, NJ, Between 1901 and 1930 Joseph and Myrtle were members of the Dutch Reformed Church in Tappan, NY.

Joseph Elting Sloat & Myrtle Hurd had one child:

    i.. William Arthur Taulman Sloat (1927-1995) whose descendents continue to reside in NorwoodNJ. 

Between 1916 and 1919 Joseph served as Northern Railroad of NJ (Erie) Station Agent at West Norwood, Bergen Co., NJ. Between 1919 and 1930 he was Station Agent at Tappan, Rockland Co., NY. In 1930 he was Postmaster, Norwood, Bergen Co., NJ. Joseph Elting Sloat is buried in Palisades (NY) Cemetery. His wife, Myrtle May Hurd Sloat is buried in Brookside Cemetery, Englewood, NJ.*  h6562 (Jenkins Sloat)
* Personal communication: Jeffrey E. Sloat, Norwood, NJ

10i.      William Arthur Taulman Sloat (1927, Norwood, NJ - 1995, Norwood, NJ), son of Joseph Elting Sloat & Myrtle May Hurd, namesake of William Arthur Albertson Sloat of Newburgh and g-g-grandfather Maj. Peter Taulman, Revolutionary War Patriot, married in 1953 Carol-Lou Fitchen (1931 - 1984, Norwood, NJ) of Hollis, Queens, NY.

Children of William Taulman Sloat & Carol-Lou Fitchen include:

    i. Jeffrey Elting Sloat,
   ii. John David Sloat, and
  iii. Cynthia-Lou Sloat.

Personal communication: Jeffrey E. Sloat, Norwood, NJ

8vi.   Charles Brodhead Sloat [J358] (10 Mar 1838 Tappan Landing [Piermont], NY - 19 Sep 1866, Palisades Cemetery, NY), son of Henry Elting Sloat & Margaret Jenkins, apparently unmarried. Charles apparently resided with his brother, Jenkins, in "Old Closter", NJ, and is buried in Palisades (NY) Cemetery.

8vii.   Richard Brodhead Sloat (1842, NJ - 1910, Fairview, NJ), son of Henry Elting Sloat & Margaret Jenkins, brother of Jenkins Sloat, married c.1865 Mary Boyd (c. 1845 - 7 July 1929, Jersey City, NJ). Richard and Mary settled for about 25 years on the former Abraham Riker property adjacent and to the north of the Jenkins Sloat property and south of the Samuel Beasley property.

 Abraham Ryker - R.B. Sloat House

Children of Richard BrodheadSloat & Mary Boyd include:

    i. Laura W. (1867*-?),
   ii. George H. (1869-?),
  iii. Adelaide (1871-?),
  iv. Richard Willard (1878-1977).

The 1880 Federal census lists Richard B. Sloat (38, contractor), Mary (35, wife, keeping house), Laura W. (14, daughter), George H. (12, son), Adelade (9, daughter).

He is shown as owner of the land on the 1886 map of Harrington Township. However, by 1891, the property had been sold to S. Smith as noted on the 1891 map of Rockland County.

9i.         Laura Wells Sloat (11 Feb 1866, Morris Co., NJ*- May 1938), daughter of Richard Brodhead Sloat & Mary Boyd, married in 1890 Albert Lake Tuttle (1863-1938).

Children of Laura Wells Sloat & Albert Lake Tuttle include:

    i. Clara Boyd Tuttle,
   ii. Helen Adelaide Tuttle,
  iii. Marian Sloat Tuttle,
  iv. Mary Lake Tuttle.

9ii.        George Henry Sloat  (15 Oct 1868 "Old Closter", NJ - ? MA), son of Richard Brodhead Sloat & Mary Boyd, m. 31 Oct 1893 Lillie E. Hurd (c.1873-?).

Children of George Henry Sloat & Lillie Hurd include:

    i. Orison Brodhead Sloat (21 Jul 1895- Jan 1972, Putnam, TX),
   ii. Ethyl May Sloat (22 Sep 1902-?, Putnam, TX).

9iii.       Adelaide Sloat (20 Jun 1871  "Old Closter", NJ -?), daughter of Richard Brodhead Sloat & Mary Boyd,  m. pre-1900 Herbert Overacre (c.1868, NJ - ?).

Children of Adelaid Sloat & Herbert Overacre include:

    i. Mildred Overacre (3 Nov 1900, Passaic, NJ-?)
   ii. Margaret Overacre (13 Jul 1902-?). 

9iv.       Richard Willard Sloat (24 May 1878, "Old Closter", NJ - Oct 1977), son of Richard Brodhead Sloat & Mary Boyd, married on 22 Feb 1908 Grace Darling Pawson (13 June 1885 - c. 16 June 1956), daughter of Eugene Maguire Pawson (? - 20 Jan 1904, Hudson Heights, Hudson Co, NJ) and Carolyn "Carrie" Francis Kelsey. [Eugene was the son of Robert Pawson and Jane Baisley Ward of Long Island, NY.] They raised their family in Hudson Co., NJ.

Children of Richard Willard Sloat & Grace Darling Pawson include:

    i. Robert Brodhead Sloat (16 Apr 1918 Fariview, NJ - 12 Oct 1977 Atlantic Co, NJ; interred in Fairview Cem., Fairview, NJ)
   ii. Carol Jean Sloat (23 Sep 1920 Fairview, NJ - 1 Oct 2002) m. (1) c.1948 Carl Herman Boner [four children] and m. (2) in 1969 Webster Allen London.

8ix.      Margaret Adelaide Sloat [J361] (21 Nov 1848, Tappan Landing, NY - 8 Aug 1872, Old Closter), daughter of Henry Elting Sloat & Margaret Jenkins. apparently remained unmarried, lived with her brother Jenkins in "Old Closter" [Rockland, NJ] and is buried in Palisades (NY) Cemetery.

6iii.    Marritje "Polly" Sloat (Apr 1773, New Hurley, NY -?), daughter of Jonas Sloat & Phebe Clark, married in Marbletown, NY, 9 Jan 1799 Henry Elting (Mar 1762 - 1 Jun 1810), son of Abraham Elting (b. c1735) & Dina DuBois (b. c1735).  Polly m. 2nd on 10 Apr 1811 Simeon Deyo.



Written and compiled by E. W. April, 2002
Updated, 2007