The Ryker (Riker, Ryken, Rycken) Family

[This section is a work in progress. There may be genealogical errors. It is not meant to be a complete Riker Family Tree, rather portions relevant to the History of Rockleigh Borough. Corrections or clarifications are welcome:]
Much of the Ryker Family has been provided courtesy of Mr Lynn Rogers, and Esther J. Millard, both Ryker descendents.

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         When the Hollanders unsuccessfully rebelled against the yoke of Spain in the early 17th century, the Van Lents suffered for their patriotism.

1.        Abraham Ryck (Rycke, Rychen) Van Lent (1619-1689), an armorer in the Dutch service, sailed about 1638 with his wife Grietie Harmenzen dau. of Hendrick Hamenzen, for New Amsterdam, where the Ryck Van Lent clan prospered. On 8 May 1640, Abraham received a patent for land at Wallabout Bay in Brooklyn, but apparently did not settle there because he is shown living on Broad Street in New Amsterdam on land he bought on 16 Apr 1643. In 1654, Abraham obtained, through his wife, the grant of Harmenzen lands in the "Poor Bowery" [Newtown], where he established a family homestead. It contained about 140 acres, between Flushing Bay and Astoria [Steinway district of Queens, LaGuardia Airport]. In 1664, Abraham received a patent from Peter Stuyvesant for Riker's Island, expanding the Ryken holdings in Poor Bowery.

Among the children of Abraham Ryke & Grietie Harmenzen were:

     i. Ryck Abramsen Lent (1638-1725, adopted surname Lent),
    ii. Jacobus (14 Oct 1640-1640);
   iii. Jacobus (16 Oct 1643*-?);
   iv. Hendrick (17 Feb 1647*-1650);
    v. Marytje "Mary" (21 Feb 1649*-?) m. Sybout Hercksen (4 12 1644-?), son of Herck & Weyntje Quick Syboutsen of the Poor Bowery, Newtown, NY.

[Their daughter Annetji "Antie" Hercksen/Syboutsen (bp.19 Mar 1684-?) would marry  Jan Beselie (c.1684-?) of Philipsburgh Manor]
    vi. Jan "John" (25 Jun 1651*-?);
   vii. Aeltje "Aletta" (9 Nov 1653*-?);
  viii. Abraham, Jr.(1655*-1746); and
    ix. Hendrick Abramsen Lent (28 Sep 1662-?, adopted surname Lent). 

Most of these children were baptized in Fort Amsterdam and were members of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam.  Two sons died in infancy, but the surviving children grew and raised families of their own.

* New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms

2viii.     Abraham Ryken, Jr. (26 Dec 1655, New Amsterdam, NY* - 20 Aug 1746, Newtown, NY) married 10 Jan 1682 Grietie "Grietje" Janse Van Buytenhuysen (10 Jan 1661, Newtown - 15 Nov 1732) daughter of Jan Van Buytenhuysen & Tryntie Van Luyt of Flatbush.

11 Dec. Abraham Abrahamszen Rycke, j. m. Van N. Yorke, en Margrietje Buytenhuysen, j. d. Van N. Yorke, beyde woonende aan de armen bouwerye. Ao 1682 10 Jan.*

*Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam/New York - Marriages

Abraham and Grietie  had eight children on their farm in Bowery Bay, Newtown, NY (now Queens) including:

    i. Catherine "Tryntje" (1682-?);
   ii. Mary "Marritje" (19 Dec 1686* -?);
  iii. Margaret "Grietje"  (1688 - 8 Jan 1775);
  iv. John (1690-1783);
   v. 3rd Abraham (26 May 1691* - 23 Feb 1770, Newtown) remained on ancestral farm,
  vi. Hendrick (1696-1761); vii. Andrew "Andries"  (8 Nov 1699, Newtown - 12 Feb 1763, Newtown) inherited a portion of the family farm at Bowery Bay, m. 13 Nov 1733 Jane Berrien (1792/3-?), widow of Capt. Dennis Lawrence.
[Children: Margaret, John Berrien Riker (1738-?) surgeon of 4th Battalion of NJ Troops, Abraham, Samuel, Ruth];
viii. Jacob (1702-1778).

* New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms

3iv.   Jan "John" (Ryker) Ryken (1690, Newtown, NY - 1783, Closter [Rockland], NJ), the 4th child of Abraham and Grietje, married in Newtown in 1720 Gartrung "Geertie" Wiltsee (25 Apr 1698, Newtown - 1781, Closter [Rockland/Rockleigh], NJ) daughter of Tunis Wiltsee & Divertje Beekman of Flatbush, settled in Newtown and farmed there for some years.   

John and Geertie Ryker had nine children: 

    i. Abraham (1721-1820);
   ii. Deborah (1725 - ?);
  iii. Tunis (16 Oct 1726, Jamaica, NY - ?);
  iv. Margrietye "Margaret" (1727- 1819);
   v. Maria "Mary" (1729- ?); 
  vi. Elizabeth (1732-?);
 vii. Catherine (1733- ?);
viii.  2nd Jan "John" (1736-1828),
  ix. Gerardus Ryker (1740 - 1781, KY). 

John Ryken Homestead in Rockleigh In 1744, the family left Newtown, (Queens) NY, for "The Closters," in Bergen County, NJ.* The Closters consisted of Closter Village (present Closter), Lower Closter (now Demarest), Upper Closter (now Alpine), and Old Closter (now Rockleigh). In Old Closter (also called Rockland), John Ryken bought from Henry & Mary Ludlow 40 acres in the Lockhart Patent on the road to Snedens Landing and built a farmstead - the Ryker-Mabie- Conklin- Sneden House". 

*James Riker: "Annals of Newtown", p 309.
Pub: D. Fanshaw, New York City, 1852

It was necessary for the Ludlows to buy back the property temporarily because their land holdings were entailed by the split up of the Lockhart Patent and land claims by the Province of New York. After the property was cleared through the New York provincial  legislature, John Ryker took legal possession on 2 February 1752. Subsequently, John Ryker purchased additional contiguous lands as well as salt meadow in Tappan Slote [Piermont], NY.

Upon settling in the Closters, the John Riker family did not move.
The same can not be said of the NY/NJ provincial boundary
or the name of the hamlet.

Question is usually raised in accounts of this Riker branch as to the apparent resettling of John Ryker from "The Closters, NJ" to Orange County, NY, then back to Harrington Twp, New Jersey.  The Riker homestead - the 40 acres purchased in "the Closters", NJ, in 1744 from Robert & Mary Ludlow and confirmed by the Province of NY in 1752 - is, indeed, the Ryker-Mabie-Conklin-Sneden House in Rockleigh, NJ.  Searches of records in both New York and New Jersey indicate that the conveyance was not recorded.  At that time, possession of the signed instrument was considered sufficient proof of ownership. None the less, the Riker's historic record in Rockleigh is clear.

Because the boundary between the Provinces of Jersey and New York was disputed, the New Jersey land in the Closters on which the Ryker homestead was established in 1744 came in 1750 under the authority of Tappan Town, Orange County in the Province of New York.  The Reformed Dutch Church in Tappan, NY, was the closest church and it was here that the Riker's usually were baptized, married, and buried. Upon settlement of the boundary dispute in 1769, the Ryker farm came under the jurisdiction of Harrington Township, Bergen County, NJ. 

Not only had the state boundary moved a few times, but the immediate area (or parts thereof) has been called or referred to as "Kings Woods", "Lockhart Patent", "The Closters", "Old Closter", Tappan, Rockland Neighborhood, Rockland, Rocklands, "Turkey Ridge", Closter Mountain, East Northvale, and Rockleigh. 



John's sons, Abraham and Gerardus, built houses on portions of his contiguous lands. At the time of the settlement of the provincial boundary dispute in 1769, a list was made of the families residing along Snedens Landing Road from the resolved New York-New Jersey boundary southward towards Closter. In what is now Rockleigh they were: John Gesner, Jacob Conklin, Jr., Gerardus Ryker, John Ryker [Sr], Abraham Ryker, Abraham Ab. Haring, Jr.* It is clear that the Rykers (Gerardus, John Sr, and Abraham) each had their own house on John Ryker lands, arranged from north to south along the road between those of Jacob Conklin, Jr, (existing as Conklin-Sneden House) and Abraham Ab. Haring, Jr. (existing as Haring-Corning House). Thus the original Ryker tract was situated between and adjacent to those lands Jacob Conklin, Jr. and Abraham Ab. Haring, Jr.* Of the three Ryker houses, the old homestead of John (Sr) exists as the Ryker-Mabie-Conklin- Sneden House (14 Rockleigh Road). The remains of the house of son Gerardus consists of a cellar hole on borough property just north of John's homestead (opp. 19 Rockleigh Road), later occupied by the Jacob Sneden family. The house of son Abraham was subsequently occupied three more Riker generations: the Peter Riker, Jacob Riker, and Abraham Riker families. The house exists today as an old stone house deep within the Greek Revival structure that was the former "Pegasus Club" (15 Rockleigh Road). 

* "Papers Relating to the New York and New Jersey Boundary Controversy 
1686-1775". Vol. 29, p 72. George H. Budke Collection, 
Manuscript Room, New York Public Library.

In his will, drafted 21 June, 1765 (proved 28 Oct 1783),  John Ryker of Orange Township, Orange County, New York, stipulates:

...My eldest son, Abraham, the house and lot and ½ the saw mills, and 1/3 of my salt meadow; and ½ of the rest of land and swamps, to be divided equally between my sons, Abraham and John. Son, John, ½ of my saw mills, and of the rest of the land where I live, and 1/3 of my salt meadow, and ½ of the rest of the land and swamp, which I hold in Orange, Co. My younger son, Grades, 1/3 of my salt meadow, and ½ of the rest of the land and swamp, which I hold in Orange, Co. My younger son, Grades [Gerardus] , the house and land where he lives, and the said 40 acres which I hold in Orange Co." Witnesses: Jacob Conklin, Jacob Conklin Jr., Thomas Outwater.*

* John Ryken (1690-1783) Will of 21 June 1765 
NJ Archives, 1st series,  Volume 35,  Wills VI, p. 339.

When John died 18 years later in 1783, he had sold the homestead in 1770 to Peter Mabie; Abraham resided in houses they had built on his properties in "The Closters". John, Jr apparently took over Gerardus' house when Gerardus took his family westward to [West] Virginia and on to Kentucky, where he was killed by Indians. As such, the 1765 will of John Ryken did not change the locations of Abraham and John, Jr.* The spelling of the family name appears to have changed to Ryker about 1776.

* John Riker Will of 21 June 1765
NJ Archives, 1st series, Volume 35,  Wills VI, p. 339. 

4i.     Abraham Ryken (25 Nov 1721, Newtown, NY - 9 Feb 1820, Rockland, NJ), first child of John Ryken & Geertie Wiltsee, married in 1747 Elizabeth Conklin (22 Oct 1727, Hackensack, NJ - 16 Oct 1809, Rockland, NJ) dau. of Matthys Conklin & Feytje "Sophia" Mabie of Tappan, NY, and niece of neighbor Jacob Conklin. [see Conklin Family]. In the War of Independence Abraham was a warm friend of liberty and most of his sons served in the militia.

Abraham Ryken & Elizabeth Conklin had 13 children:

    i. John (c.1748-c.1837);
   ii. Saphia/Sophia (1750-1838);
  iii. Elizabeth "Eliza" (1751 - ?);
  iv. Abraham (1753-1825);
   v. Margrietye (24 Nov 1754, Tappan RDC -?),
  vi. Mattheues (1756-1837);
 vii. Gerardus [A] (1758-1833);
viii. Maria (Mary/Polly)  (29 Jan 1760, Tappan* -?) m. John Banta;
  ix. Jacobus "James" (5 Oct 1761, Tappan RDC ->1852);
   x. Hendrick "Henry" (25 Jul 1764, Tappan* - ?, Beaufort, NC) m -?-
[Son Abraham];
  xi. Petrus "Peter" (1766-1844);
 xii. Samuel (1768 -1799);
xiii. Theunis (1770-1864). 

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

Abraham Riker House after 1930s additionsAccording to the Will of David A. Haring (proved 1802), the property of Abraham Ryker bounded the Haring property to the north.* This locates the house of Abraham Ryker at 15 Rockleigh Road. Indeed, the walls of the old stone house remain (current kitchen) within the Greek Revival structure built about the old house around the turn of the 20th Century. 

* Reginald McMahon: "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh", 1873 
mms Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ

A friend of liberty, most of his Abraham's served in militias. After the Revolutionary War Abraham reportedly moved with much his family back to Newtown Queens, NY, where he was born and grew up. This appears not to be true since his children married locally and he died in Rockland, NJ, in 1820. However, his son, Abraham A., moved his family to Newtown and subsequently to Staten Island.

5i.         Jan "John" Ryker (c.1748, Tappan, NY - 13 Jul 1837*), first child of  Abraham Riker & Elizabeth Conklin, m. 11 Dec 1771** Maria Onderdonk, (Mar 1750-1852) daughter of Andries Onderdonk & Sarah Remsen of Success (Long Island, NY) DRC.

 They had children:

    i. Abraham (29 Aug 1773***-?);
   ii. Andris "Andrew" (21 Jan 1775, Clarkstown, NY***-?),
Henry Riker (c.1780-<1852)  m. 30 April 1806** Rebecca Jacobs (?-?) of Tappan.

* Nicholas Gesner Diary,
 mms Palisades Free Library, Palisades NY
**Record of Marriages, DRC, Tappan, NY. 
  ***Baptism Record, RDC, Tappan, NY [1694-1899]

5ii.       Saphia/Sophia Ryker (20 Oct 1750, Tappan* - 20 Aug 1838), daughter of  Abraham Riker & Elizabeth Conklin,  married John Jansen of Upper Saddle River.**

Child of Sophier Ryker & Jophn Jansen:
    i. Barint Jansen
(5 Dec 1773)*

  *Baptism Record, RDC, Tappan, NY [1694-1899]
**Record of Marriages, DRC, Tappan, NY.

5iii.      Elizabet "Eliza" Ryker(9 Nov 1751, Tappan* - ?), dau. of  Abraham Riker & Elizabeth Conklin,  married Johannis Nagel.**

Children of Eliza Ryker & Johannis Nagel include:

    i. Hendrick Nagel (22 Oct 1775 -?),
   ii. Abraham Nagel (4 Nov 1777-?),
  iii. Barint Nagel (28 Feb 1779*-?),
  iv. Willim Nagel (7 Mar 1781*-?),
   v. Sara Nagel (1 Sep 1782*-?),
  vi. Grietye Nagel (8 May 1784*-?),
 vii. David Nagel (17 Feb 1787*- ?),
viii. Jacob Nagel (30 May 1789*- ?),
  ix. Wyntje Nagel (19 May 1794*- ?)

  *Baptism Record, RDC, Tappan, NY [1694-1899]
**Record of Marriages, DRC, Tappan, NY.

5iv.      Abraham A. Ryker (22 May 1753, Tappan RDC* - 21 May 1825, Hoboken, NJ), son of  Abraham Riker & Elizabeth Conklin,  m. Elizabeth Van Valen, daughter of Jacobus Van Valen & Sarah Nagel.**

Children of Abraham A. Ryker and Elizabeth Van Valen include:

    i. Sarah m. John V.W. Warner;
   ii. John (18 Jul 1778 - c.1830, NYC) m. Esther Davis.**
[Children: John, Henry, Jameincludes, William, Elizabeth (dy), Sarah m. Henry Mallory, Mary m Westwood W. Wright, Augustus];
  iii. Abraham (1783 - 19 Jun 1825) m. Sarah J. Vincent
[Children: Margaret m John Everett (1 Jan 1800-?), Abraham, Elizabeth, Sarah (1819-11 Nov 1873, NYC) m. James Madison Beam (28 Feb 1816-?)];
   iv. James; v. Jane (1789-?).

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY
* *Record of Marriages, DRC, Tappan, NY.

5v.        Margaret Ryker (24 Nov 1754, Tappan*  - 18 Nov 1828), daughter of  Abraham Riker & Elizabeth Conklin, married widower John Sneden, "The Patriot" (1738-1822), fifth child of Robert & Mollie Sneden. They had eight children. [See Sneden Family]

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

5vi.      Matthias/Mattheues Ryker (10 Sep 1756, Tappan RDC* - 8 Sep 1837, NYC), son of Abraham Ryker & Elizabeth Conklin, m. Annetje Nagel (?-?) daughter of Henry Nagle. 

 Children of Matthias Ryker and Annetje Nagel include:

    i. Henry (?-?),
   ii. John (c.1778 - Aug 1828) m. Mary Demarest dau of Thomas Demarest
[Daughter: Ann (?-?)]*

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

Matthias served as Sergeant in the Revolutionary War:**

"Matthias Riker of the City of New York being sworn says he enlisted on or about the first day of May 1776 in Captain Blauvelt’s company of Col. VanCourtland’s Regiment that he enlisted at Hackensack in New Jersey for six months of that company the deponent was appointed sergeant, he was in the Battle of Long Island, but was subsequently taken sick at Fort Washington...."

** Deposition of Matthias Riker in support of Revolutionary War Pension Claim S11293 of Gerardus Riker (1758-1833)

5vii.     Gerardus [A] Ryker (13 Apr 1758, Tappan RDC* - 31 Oct 1833, NYC), son of Abraham Ryker & Elizabeth Conklin, m. 1st c.1777 Margrietye "Grietje" Nagel (17 Jan 1753 - bef 1817), dau. of William Nagel of NYC & Elena Aliee of Hackensack, NJ.

Children of Gerardus [A] Ryker & Grietje Nagel include:

    i. Willim (1778-1827);
   ii. Abraham (28 May 1780, RDC Tappan -?);
  iii. Lenah (10 Mar 1786- ?);
  iv. Hendrick (26 Apr 1792-?).

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

Gerardus [A] Ryker served in the Revolutionary War as Ensign in Col. Theunis Dey's Bergen County Regiment of New Jersey Militia; also as Ensign in Major Mauritius Goetschius' Battalion, NJ State Troops.*

  • Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. —   [Show / Hide]


    • " On this twenty seventh day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two personally appeared in Court before the Honorable John T Irving, first judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the City and County of New York, now sitting Gerardus Riker, a resident of the City and County of New York in the State of New York aged seventy six years of age who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7 1832.

      That he entered the service of the United States of America at Closter in the State of New Jersey where he was born and then resided, he was aged about nineteen years, he was born in April 1757; he has a record of his age in the family bible; he enlisted in the Spring of 1776 in the Company of Captain Blauvelt of Col. Van Courtland's Regiment of New Jersey Militia attached to the Brigade of General Heard enlisted for six months but continued nine months; Major Dey belonged to the Regiment, they were marched to New York and from thence to Flatbush Long Island he was engaged in the Battle of Long Island under General Washington, on their return to New York they were marched to Fort Washington and from thence to White Plains in October 1776 he was engaged in the Battle of White Plains, from White Plains the army went to Fort Lee in New Jersey when that place was evacuated deponent went to Hackensack and from thence to Trenton New Jersey and in January 1777 he was discharged at Trenton, but received no written discharge.

      "In the spring of 1777, he volunteered at Tappan, Rockland County, State of New York with Captain King to proceed to New Windsor and work on the Chevasse de frise, at which place he continued six months, and then returned to Closter.
      "In the latter part of the autumn in 1777, he enlisted at Closter in Captain Herrings' 
      [Abraham A. Haring] Company of New Jersey Rangers for 9 months and continued on duty guarding the lines of New Jersey, this was an arduous duty and he was frequently engaged in skirmishes with the refugees, in the latter part of the summer of 1778 he was discharged at Hackensack, but received no written discharge.
      "In the autumn of 1778 he enlisted for 9 months in another company of New Jersey Rangers commanded by Captain Guyches 
      [Goetschius] at Closter and continued for that period engaged in similar services as that last mentioned.
      "In the summer of 1779 he was discharged and after that period was engaged as a guide between the part of the army at Dobbs Ferry and West Point and other places in which employment he continued until the end of the war, and his name was registered as a guide, at West Point. He continued to reside at Closter New Jersey until the year 1802 or 1803. He then moved to the City of New York where he has since resided.  He never received a written discharge and had no documentary evidence of his services. He perfectly recollects Genl Washington, Genl Clinton, Genl Putnam, Genl Green, Genl Wayne, Genl Lee, Genl. McDougal and Col afterwards Genl Van Courtland; George Hadley, Stephen Hadley and Isaac Hadley know of his services in the Revolutionary War.
      "He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

      [Signed] Gerardus Riker...."**

      ** Revolutionary War Pension Claim of Gerardus Riker (S11293) 

The 1810 census for the 9th Ward of the City of New York (p 117) shows Gerardus Riker (45+), Margrietye (45+), one male 27-44 (poss. William, 32) and one female 16-26 (poss. Elizabeth).

Gerardus m. 2nd on 14 Jul 1817 Abigail Farseur Willsey *(c.1747-?), widow and 2nd wife of Jacob Willsey/Woolsey (1734 - bef 1817) of Rockland [Palisades], NY.**

* Gerardus Riker (1758-1833) Revolutionary War Claim S11293.
** Alice Monro Haagensen: Palisades & Snedens Landing. (Appx 44, p 216. The Willsey Family of Palisades). Pilgrimage Publishing, Tarrytown, NY. 1986.

The 1830 census for the 9th Ward of the City of New York (p 337) lists Gerardus Riker, 72, (70-80) living with a 80-90 female (poss. Abigail, 83).

6i.         Willim (28 Jun 1778, RDC Tappan - 20 Jan 1827, NYC), son of Gerardus [A] Ryker & Grietje Nagel, m. c.1810 Elizabeth Woolsey (c.1780 -?), dau of Jacob Willsey/Woolsey & Abigail Farseur/Faseur* of Rockland, NY. William served as Captain of a Privateer in the War of 1812. Possibly eight children, including:

    i. Gerardus [W] (c.1800-?).

* Gerardus Riker (1758-1833) Revolutionary War Claim S11293.

The 1830 census for the 9th Ward of the City of New York (p 337) lists Gerardus Riker (70-80) living with a 80-90 female (poss. Abigail). Adjacent is the family of Elizabeth Riker (50-60), wife of the late Willim, with 8 children.


5viii.     Maria "Mary/Polly"  Ryker  (29 Jan 1760, Tappan, NY* -7 Mar 1838 in Pleasant Hill Shaker Community, Mercier, KY), daughter of Abraham Ryker & Elizabeth Conklin, m. in 1781 John Banta (Sept 1756 in Somerset, NY - 1815 in South Union Shaker Village, Logan Co, KY) son of Hedrick Banta III & Antje Demarest, both of Schraalenburgh, NJ. John Banta served as a revolutionary soldier (drummer in Capt. Hugh Campbell's company of the 2nd Battalion of York, PA)  before migrating to Kentucky with group led by his Father, Henry Banta. Later he was one of the first to join the Shaker Community in Mercier, KY, donating his farm to the sect.

Children of Polly Riker & John Banta:

    i. Mary "Polly" Banta (4 Dec 1783-?) m. 1802 in Shelby, KY, Francois Montfort,
   ii. Henry Banta (c.1784, Mercier Co, KY - 1833 in Switzerland Co, IN) m. Nancy DeMott.
  iii. Elizabeth Banta (?-?), m. a Mr Shaw,
  iv. Anna Banta (1786-1842) m. Albert Vorhis,
   v. Loveina "Leah/Love" Banta (1790-1827), a shaker, remained unmarried,
  vi. Rachel (1792-1813), a shaker, remained unmarried,
 vii. Rebecca (1795-1833), a shaker, remained unmarried,
viii. John Logan Banta, Jr. (1799-?) m. 2 May 1802 Elizabeth Voris,
  ix. Abram Banta (1801-?) m. Elizabeth Reynolds

5ix.       James Ryker - NYC Daguerreotype or Calotype circa 1852Jacobus "James" Ryker  (5 Oct 1761, Harrington Twp, NY* - 19 Sep 1853, NYC**), son of Abraham Ryker & Elizabeth Conklin, served extensively in the Revolutionary War. Moved to Baltimore about 1782 and in 1784 to New York City where he established permanent residence in the 5th Ward.***

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY
**Green Wood Cem., Brooklyn, NY, Lot 4284, Sec 95
 ***James Riker Deposition in Revolutionary War Claim W2573
**** Photograph
of James Riker courtesy of Peter D. Arrowsmith

Deposition of James Riker relating to Gerardus [A] Riker service in Revolutionary War.

  • Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. —   [Show / Hide]

    • State of New York, City of New York; && 

      James Riker of the City of New York being sworn says that in November 1777 the deponent who then resided at Closter in the State of New Jersey enlisted for nine months in Captain Herring’s  [Abraham A. Haring] company of New Jersey Rangers and Gerardus Riker also enlisted at the same period and in the same company, and served for nine months, he was discharged with deponent and again enlisted with deponent in Captain Guyches [Goetschius] company of New Jersey Rangers in the month of September 1778 but the deponent does not recollect the day, in Captain Guyches [Goetschius] company the deponent and Gerardus Riker continued nine months, at this period and in the service under Captain Herring [Abraham A. Haring] they were employed in guarding the frontiers of New Jersey they were discharged at Closter, when about the first of July 1779 the declarant and said Gerardus Riker were called out at Closter in regular monthly service and served for one month at a time and in regular succession under Captain Cristie, Captain Huyler, Captain Ward, Captain Beard and Captain Romame, the declarant remained at Closter about one year before the …removed to Baltimore sometime … 1780 Gerardus Riker engaged at West Point …in which service the deponent has… and believes Riker was engaged until the close of the War the deponent is now seventy one years of age – 

      9 November 1832 before me in open court 
      Richard Halfald, clk –

       James Riker [signed]"*** 

      *** Deposition of James Riker in support of Revolutionary War Pension Claim S11293 of Gerardus Riker (1758-1833)

Deposition of James Riker pension deposition for service as sergeant in the Revolutionary War.

  • Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. —   [Show / Hide]

    • State of New York
      City and County of New York

      On the eighth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, personally appeared in open court before the Honorable Justices of the Court of General Sessions of the Place and of the City, County of New York, now sitting, James Riker, a resident of the City of New York, in the County and State of New York, aged seventy one years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth under oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress, passed June 7, 1832.

      That he was born in Herrington Township, Bergen County, State of New Jersey, on the 5th October 1861; that this record of his age is in the Family Bible, now in his possession; that he lived there when he entered the service, and continued to reside there, till one year before the war closed, when he removed to Baltimore; that in 1784, he came to the city of New York, where he has remained ever since.

      That he entered the service in the summer of 1776, under Captain Abraham Haring; that he was drafted and served three months; that he was engaged in several skirmishes; that large numbers of the British came from Greens brig and landed at Closter Dock, that he forgets the name of the commander" that on account of their superior force, they did not oppose them, and they went on to Hackensack; that there was a British sloop of war, laying off at Dobbs Ferry, the British soldiers and refugees came on shore and took many head of cattle, which he and his company rescued and retook.

       That he next served under Captain Blanch, in the summer of 1777, for a service of three months; that during this service, a sloop of war laid off Closter Dock that the officers and crew came ashore to gather wood, and get water; that they took ten of the number and one midshipman that he does not recollect his name; that they sent them to Morristown where there was a garrison.

      That the precise times at which the particular Captains, under whom, his succeeding services were rendered, he has not so positive a recollection. But that he was under Captain Blanch, when a great number of the British  landed at Fort Lee, as he thinks, in the fall of 1778; that they marched over to     , without opposition; that they burnt and  [took] prisoners; that on their return to Fort Lee, Captain Blanch with his company met them a the English Neighborhood, hung upon their rear and killed many; that they went over to Fort Lee;

      That he was under Captain Blanch when the British attempted to rebuild Fort Lee, as he thinks, in August 1779; that the whole regiment of the county was called out, and after building about two feet they were so much annoyed, that they gave it up; that they went down the mountain to the landing and got on board the shipping; that he believes that one lieutenant was taken, but forgets this name; that he does not recollect whether Colonel Dey being the Cornel of the regiment was with them.

      That he  was with the Companies of Captains Blanch and Huyler, when they laid in the wood, near Bulls Ferry, to watch the movements of the Refugees who were in the block house; that they went down to the English Neighborhood and there met about 6 in a muster, commanded by one John Berry called John the Regular; that they took 2 of them prisoners, killed two of who John was one, wounded one, and one escaped; that the prisoners were taken to Hackensack but he did not go with them; that they buried John in Hackensack; that  1700 had been offered for his head but that he does not know if the reward was received; that this engagement was before General Wayne's attack.

      That under Captain Huyler, he was in a war skirmish with about 150 refugees, in the summer of 1779, and recollects that one black fellow was killed, well known by the name of Captain Pompey.

      That he was under Captain Blanch when in the early part of the war, but the precise time he can not recollect, the British with 200 refugees cam from New York and burnt Closter; that they first saw them in the upper land of Closter when the alarm guns fired; that they went after them and in a skirmish, one of our men John Taylor was wounded; that before they could reach there the British had burnt Closter, and all the way down to Dewany's Mills; that they followed them to Bergen, when the British came to New York.

      That he was on the picket guard at Closter when two soldiers, deserters, said that the British were coming that night to surround the American militia at Tappan; that they sent an express to Tappan to inform them; that he with his company went to Tappan and found that the militia had gone away; that in that night they had lay on the guard at the school house; that the British came up the next morning under Colonel Campbell, to a number, about 1300; that our men retreated to Clarkstown, and the British followed; but that on account of the fewness or our men, they did not engage; that he thinks this took place in the summer of 1779.

      That her served under Captain Ward, at Ten Eyke, and under Captain Elias Romaine at the Liberty Pole, English Neighborhood, a period of three months under each but recollects no particular circumstances; that these services were successive and in the latter part of the war; and that about the same time he served under Captain Campbell at Schraalenburg.

      That he never recollects receiving any pay, except for his last service under Captain Ward; the same being twenty dollars and upwards received by his father for him, he being then at Baltimore.

      That he was a Sergeant in the services under Captain Blanch, Campbell, and Huyler; and was drafted in all cases, except when under the command of Captain Blanch, who was the Captain of the beat.

      That he saw, before he joined any Company, an engagement between the British sloop of way Pheury and Rose and 8 to 10 American gallies; that she had run up the river, by New York, before that city was taken; that the gallies and boat had to draw off; that he was under Captain Hering, when he saw General Washington with his army at Tappan at the time when Andre was taken; that he recollects seeing Major Stagg, a colonial officer, in the early part of the war, going down toward Bergen with his troop of horse; that he was once a guide to Captain Jonathan Lawrence, a continental officer from Dobbs Ferry to          in the early part of the war; that he thinks he came from Fort Montgomery.

      That he received a warrant for his office of Sergeant, but that same was lost; and that he never received any discharges.

      That he has no documentary evidence and knows the Reverend Edward Mitchell who can testify as required by the War Department, and that William Berrian, Collector of the Fifth Ward of this City can so testify likewise.

      That all his Captains to the best of his knowledge are not dead, but that John A. Haring and Benjamin Romaine, Major, Assistant Quarter Master General for this city during the last war who served in the same county of Bergen and who are citizens of New York can testify to his services.

      That he herby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or amnesty except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll or agency of any state.

      Sworn to and subscribed the day

      [signed] James Riker
      and year aforesaid in open court

      Richard Hairfeld

James married 1st in 1786 in Bergen Co, NJ, Anna Dorothy Zimmerman (c.1762 - 14 Dec 1804, NYC*), daughter of John Andrew T. Zimmerman of NYC, NY.

Children of James & Dorothy included:

    i. Andrew (c.1787-?),
   ii. Elizabeth (c.1790-?),
  iii. Abigail (3 Jan 1791, NYC - ?, NYC*),
  iv. John Jay (1793-1850);
   v. Ann Dorothy (1795-?);
  vi. Sophia (1797-?);
 vii. William H. (1804-1829).

*Green Wood Cem., Brooklyn, NY, Lot 4284, Sec 95

James Riker married m. 2nd on 2 Feb 1806 in Quincy, Il, Mary Hustace Briggs (c.1771- Nov 1866, NYC*) widow of Gabrel Briggs and dau. David Hustace of NYC.

James Riker and Mary Hustace-Briggs had children: 

viii. Susan (c.1806-1878*);
  ix. Abigail (c.1808-c.1Apr 1862),
   x. James (c.1810-c.12 Jun 1881*),
  xi. Elijah H. (c.1816-?, NYC). 

*Green Wood Cem., Brooklyn, NY, Lot 4284, Sec 95

The 1850 federal census* lists James Riker (89), Mary (78), Susan (44), Abigail (42), James (40, insane), Elijah (34, Public Notary).

*1850 US Census, New York, Co. of New York, Ward 5, p 307.


6iv.     John Jay Riker (16 Feb 1793, NYC - 2 Sep 1850, NYC*), son of James Riker & Anna Dorothy Zimmerman, m. Eliza W. Berrien (1797 - 27 Sep 1843, NYC*), daughter of  William Berrien (1768-1837) of NYC & Elizabeth Hadley (1776-1849), and sister of William Berrien. 

Children of John Jay and Eliza:

    i. John P. (c.1816-1877, NYC*),
   ii. James (?-Dec 1869, NYC*),  
  iii. William B. (b.1820-Feb 1906, NYC*),
  iv. Elizabeth C.,
   v. Catherine,
  vi. John Jay, Jr. (1824-1912, NYC*), Orangetown druggist,
 vii. Andrew Jackson,
viii. Louisa (?-?),
  ix. Abraham Storms (b.1832-1903, NYC*) m. in 1875 Sarah E. Smith of Greenwich, CT,
   x. Albert de Montfreedy (b.1834-1915, NYC*),
  xi. William (?-1923, NYC*).

*Green Wood Cem., Brooklyn, NY, Lot 4284, Sec 95

6v.      Ann Dorothy Riker (1797, NYC - 10 Jan 1883, Harrington Twp), daughter of James Riker & Anna Dorothy Zimmerman, m. Cornelius J. Haring (1797-?) of Harrington Twp, NJ, near Norwood.

Children of Ann Dorothy Riker & Cornelius Haring:

    i. John Riker Haring (c.1837-1922),
   ii. William C. Haring/Herring (c.1835-1917),
  iii. Mary Jane Haring (c.1839-?).

The 1860 US census lists in Norwood, Harrington Twp, Bergen Co, NJ, Cornelius J. Haring (head, 63, farmer), Ann (63, Mistress), John (29), William (22), Mary Jane (21).

The 1870 US census lists Cornelius J. Haring (73, retired farmer) and Ann D. Haring (73, keeping house) next door to son William C. Haring (35, farmer) and Mary E. Haring (19, keeping house).

The 1880 US census lists Cornelius J. Haring (83, farmer), Ann D. 83, keeping house), William C. Haring (43, son, farmer), Mary E. (28, dau-in-law, keeping house), Sophanna (9, g-daughter), Florence (4, g-daughter).

7i.      John Riker Haring/Hering (c.1837-13 Mar 1922) m. c.1874 Elizabeth Tallman (1837 - 28 Apr 1922), dau. of Isaack Tallman & Ann Haring of Nanuet, NY, moved to Pascack, NJ.

Children included:

    i. Ann Dorothy Hering (6 May 1875),
   ii. Issac Tallman Hering (15 Aug 1877).

7ii.     William C. Haring/Herring (c.1841-25 Jul 1917) m.  c.1870 Mary Elizabeth Demarest (c.1850->1930) of Norwood, NJ, daughter of Cornelius E. Demarest. In 1862, William enlisted as Orderly Sergeant in Company I, 22nd NJ Volunteers, serving for nine months before the company was disbanded. In 1895, having been active for some time in the Republican Party, William was elected Sheriff of Bergen County, NJ. In 1904, William was instrumental in the incorporation of Harrington Park, NJ, formerly an unincorporated area of Harrington Township adjacent to Norwood, NJ.

William Herring and Mary Demarest had two daughters:

    i. Sophanna "Sophie" Herring/Haring (16 Jul 1869, Norwood, NJ - 18 Jan 1955, Scotland, CT, bur. Scotland Cem.), daughter of William C. Herring & Mary Elizabeth Demarest,  wed 22 Oct 1890 George Dayton Herron (May 1867, Brooklyn, NY*- 16 Dec 1944, bur. Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY) of Old Closter/Rockleigh. William and Sophanna had children: [Jerome B. (1892-?) and William C. (1903-?)]. [see Herron Family]

   ii. Florence Herring/Haring (c.1876-?), daughter of William C. Herring & Mary Elizabeth Demarest, m. William Barker, Jr. (c.1784-?) of Troy, NY. William and Florence had children: [Florence H. Barker (1900-?) and William Barker, Jr (c.1908-?)].

6vi.     Sophia Riker (12 Jul 1801, Newtown, NY- 28 Dec 1877, Quincy, IL), daughter of James Riker & Anna Dorothy Zimmerman, m. 25 Apr 1820 William Augustus Berrien (7 Nov 1798- 25 Jun 1868), daughter of  William Berrien (1768-1837) of NYC & Elizabeth Hadley (1776-1849, Quincy, IL), brother of Eliza W. Berrien. Sophia and William resided in New York City until about 1832 before relocating to Quincy, Adams Co, IL.

Children of Sophia Riker & William A. Berrien*:

    i.  Ann Eliza Berrien (19 May 1821 - 13 Mar 1910, NYC, NY) married on 2 Sep 1847 in Quincy, IL, George Arrowsmith.
   ii.  George Washington Berrien (1823, NYC, NY - 1870)  m. 04 Mar 1855 in Adams Co, IL, Elizabeth Anderson.
  iii.  Sophia Louisa Berrien (14 Mar 1826, NYC, NY - 23 Jan 1903, Ellington Twp, Adams Co, IL) m. on 26 Mar 1846 in Adams Co, IL, Thomas Kidney.
  iv.  Susan Berrien (c.1828, NYC, NY - ?) m. 27 May 1852 to John Chase.
   v.  Mary C. Berrien (27 Dec 1830, NY - 22 Jan 1923, Gilmer Twp, Adams Co, IL)
  vi.  Abigail Josephine Berrien (Sep 1834, Adams Co., IL -?) m. 1st c. 12 Mar 1866 in Adams Co, IL, Charles S. Chase; m. 2nd c.1877 John Marshall Slaight.
 vii.  James Theodore Berrien (c.1838, Adams Co, IL - ?) m. Clarinda Hart.

* Provided courtesy of John L. Thomas a descendent
of Ann E. Berrien and George Arrowsmith

5xi.      Peter Ryker (3 Sep 1766, Tappan* - 21 Apr 1844*, Tappan Cemetery); Abraham Riker House after 1930s additionsson of Abraham Ryker & Elizabeth Conklin. Peter Riker, wed on 20 Nov 1793**  Margrietje Mabee (22 Aug 1765** - 12 Apr 1841), daughter of Casperus Mabie & Wilhemptje [Wilhemina] Eckerson of Tappan.

Peter and Margrietje had one daughter:

    i. Elizabeth (1794-1860).

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY
**Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J. Millard)
*** Marriage Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

Peter and Margrietje resided in the house of his father, Abraham, and farmed the land. There is a 1802 record of Peter Riker owning 29 acres of land on the Palisades slope woodlot in Harington Township.*

* Reginald McMahon: "Jack was Earnest",  Map 1, p. 10 , 
Bergen County Historical Society, 1984.]  

In the 1805 quit claim of Maria Haring-Eckerson, the Haring lands were bounded to the east by those of Peter Riker. Peter Riker was also witness to Jacob Conklin's will of 1826 along with Jacob Ryker.

The 1840 census of the Township of Harrington lists Peter Riker as head of household with one male age 15-20 (Peter Riker Haring, son of  Jacob D. Haring & Elizabeth), one male 50-60 (Jacob D. Haring?), one male 70-80 (Peter, ~75), one female 40-50 (Elizabeth? 46), one female 70-80 (Margrietje, 75) as well as  two free colored: one male under 10 and one female 35-55. The 1850 census confirms their continued residence.

6i.       Elizabeth Riker (7 Sep 1794 - 20 July 1860*), dau. of Peter Riker & Margrietje Mabee, on 22 Feb 1810** wed Jacob David Haring (11 July 1787, Tappan DRC - 16 Feb 1866*), son of David A. Haring & Maria Alyea.

Elizabeth Riker & Jacob D. Haring had children:

    i. Elizabeth Haring(1815-1899);
   ii. Peter Riker Haring (1822-1900).  [see Haring Family

The 1840 Census of Harington Township fits with the family of Jacob David Haring & Elizabeth Riker living with Peter & Margarietje Riker. Through Elizabeth, Peter Riker Haring inherited a portion of the Abraham Ryker lands. However, the lands soon past to Jacob J. Riker. 

The 1850 census of Harrington Twp lists Peter Riker Haring



* Tombstone, Palisades (NY) Cemetery
*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.
**Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J Millard)

7i.      Elizabeth "Eliza" Haring [7466] (6 Jan 1815, Tappan RDC* -  16 June 1899*), dau of Elizabeth Riker and Jacob D. Haring,  m. on 10 Dec 1835 her cousin. Nicholas J. Haring [6409]  (27 Oct 1814 - 7 Feb 1896*). Nicholas and Eliza took up residence in his father's house (the John A. Haring House) where they began a family that would include ten children.  [see Haring Family]

*Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J Millard)

7ii.     Peter Riker Haring (8 Feb 1822* - 13 Aug 1900*), son of Elizabeth Riker and Jacob D. Haring, m. (1st) 27 Sep 1843  Catherine Demarest (1 May 1825* - 7 Dec 1844*), dau. of Samuel R. Demarest & Elizabeth Zabriskie of Bergenfield, NJ; m. (2nd) Margaret Maria Lydecker (?-?).

Peter Riker Haring and Catherine Demarest had children:

    i. William B. Haring (8 Aug 1844* - 7 Dec 1844*);
   ii. Charles Riker Haring (20 Apr 1847* - 26 Jan 1937*) who wed Emma Elizabeth Miller (? - 6 May 1949*);
  iii. Oscar Haring (20 Mar 1851* -?)   

*Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J. Millard)

5xii.      Samuel Ryken (19 May 1768, Tappan RDC - 8 Oct 1799, NYC of yellow fever), son of Abraham Ryker & Elizabeth Conklin, married 19 Dec 1788** Rachel Moore, sister of Ellen who married Theunis.

Samuel Ryken & Rachel Moore had children:

    i. Abraham (14 Mar 1790, RDC Tappan*-?);
   ii. Mary (17 Nov 1791, RDC Tappan* -?);
  iii. Elizabeth (c.1793-?).

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY
** Marriage Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

5xiii.     Theunis (Tunis) Ryken (10 August 1770,  Tappan RDC* - 7 Jan 1864, Spencer, Tioga, Co, NY), son of  Abraham Riker & Elizabeth Conklin,  m. 1st on 10 Dec 1790** Ellen (Ellena) Moore (24 Oct 1773 - 21 Aug 1838, Spencer, Tioga Co, NY) of Tappan, sister of Rachel who m. Samuel Ryker. Appear to have resided in NYC then removed to Tioga Co, NY.

Theunis Ryken & Ellen Moore had children:

    i. Abraham (23 Nov 1792, NYC - 10 Jul 1873) m. 1st in 1816 Susan Brown (29 Sep 1799 - 29 Apr 1828, Horseheads, NY) with seven children: [Ellen (1817-?), Loretta, Anthony Andrew Jackson, Mary, Elizabeth, Henry],
   ii. Mariah (17 Jan 1795 - 29 May 1877),
  iii. twin Henry (17 Aug 1797-?) and
  iv. twin Mary (17 Aug 1797-?);
   v. Thomas Jefferson (13 Apr 1799-?) m. Amelia Bradley in NYC;
  vi. Samuel R..(25 Jan 1802 - 24 Aig 1881);
 vii. Jane (11 Jun 1804-?);
viii. Anthony (25 Nov 1806 - 22 Mar 1885);
  ix. Elizabeth/Eliza A. (30 Apr 18909-?);
   x. Jacob Moore (24 Nov 1811 - 1884);
  xi. James Lawrence (24 Nov 1814- 9 Oct 1892),
 xii. Burke (13 Dec 1816-?),
xiii. Oliver Perry (24 Nov 1817 - 1 Oct 1893). 

Theunis m. 2nd in 1838 at Elmira, NY,  Elizabeth Green (1802-?) Theunis & Elizabeth Green had three children:

    i. Sarah Jane (1841-?),
   ii. Maria I. (1844-?),
  iii. Franklin (1847-?).

Theunis m. 3rd on 29 Jun 1851 in Spencer, Tioga Co., NY, Mary Ann Fisher  (18 Jun 1812, Tioga Co., NY - 5 Oct 1871) dau. of George Fisher & Lucinda South of Spencer, NY.

At age 70, Theunis applied (1840; Spencer , NY) for a military pension for his service in the Revolutionary War.***

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY
** Marriage Records. RDC, Tappan, NY
*** National Archives and Records Administration

4ii.    Deborah Ryken (16 Jun 1725, Newtown - ?;), dau.  of John Ryken & Geertie Wiltsee, m. 1742 in Newtown Daniel Martine (c.1725, New Rochelle, NY - 3 Mar 1807, Haverstraw, NY)

4iii.    Tunis Ryken (16 Oct 1726, Jamaica, NY - ?) son  of John Ryken & Geertie Wiltsee.

4iv.      Margrietye "Margaret/Grietye" Ryken (1727, Newtown - 1 Dec 1819), dau.  of John Ryken & Geertie Wiltsee m. Cornelius Blauvelt.

Children of Margaret Ryken & Cornelius Blauvelt include:

    i. Isaac Blauvelt (9 Aug 1755, Tappan RDC-?);
   ii. Jan Blauvelt (4 Sep 1761, Tappan RDC-?);
  iii. Geertye Blauvelt (7 Nov 1766, Tappan RDC-?).

4v.     Maria "Mary" Ryken (1729, Newtown - ?), dau. of John Ryken & Geertie Wiltsee, m. 1750 in Newtown Johanes "John" Bell (c. 1725, Tappan -?). 

Children of Mary Ryken & John Bell include:

    i. Willim Bell (4 May 1758 Tappan RDC-?),
   ii. Jan Bell (4 Sep 1761, Tappan RDC - dy),
  iii. Jan Bell (5 Jun 1764, Tappan RDC-?).

4vi.    Elizabet Ryken (24 Dec 1732, Newtown - ?), dau.  of John Ryken & Geertie Wiltsee, m. in New York, NY, 13 Aug 1760 Abraham Blauvelt.

Children of Elizabeth Ryken & Abraham Blauvelt include:

    i. Johannis Blauvelt (25 May 1761* -?),
   ii. Rachel Blauvelt (19 May 1763* -?),
  iii. Elizabet Blauvelt (24 Oct 1769*-?),
  iv. Abraham Blauvelt (27 Jun 1773*- ?)

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

4vii.   Catherine "Catrina" Ryken (1733, Newtown - ?), dau. of John Ryken & Geertie Wiltsee, 1st m. John Lawrence (c.1716, Newtown, NY -1767), son of Jonathan Lawrence "The Elder Senior" & Mary Betts of Snedens Landing. 

Catherine Ryken & John Lawrence had children:

    i. Nicholas Lawrence,
   ii. Estelle Lawrence,
  iii. Ann Lawrence,
  iv. Catherine Lawrence.

Catherine m. 2nd John Ryder of Clarkstown, NY.

Catherine Ryken & John Ryder had children:

    i. Cherretje Ryder (2 Apr 1775, Clarkstown*-?),
   ii. Tryntje Ryder (30 Jul 1777, Clarkstown*-?)

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

4viii.      2nd Jan "John" Ryken (25 Oct 1736, Jamaica, NY - 6 Oct 1828, Rockland, NJ), son of John Ryken & Geertie Wiltsee, brother of Abraham and Gerardus Ryker John, served both in the French & Indian War and as a patriot in the Revolution. 

John, reputed kind and worthy gentleman,  resided on the Ryker lands in the area - most likely in the house of Gerardus (Geradus Riker-Jacopb Sneden House) after the latter had taken his family to Kentucky. (The original homestead of his father, John Ryken, had been sold to Peter Mabie.)  At the age of fifty he married on 1 Nov 1785 Margrietje Blauvelt-Haring (26 Feb 1749, Newtown, NY -?), the widow of Captain Abraham A. Haring. The 2nd John served in both the French and Indian wars and as a patriot in the Revolution. 

2nd John and Margaret Blauvelt-Haring had the following children:

     i. twin Jacob J. Riker (1786-1867) resided on ancestral Ryker lands,
    ii. twin Gertrude "Geertje" Riker (19 Aug 1786,*-?) m. 2 Feb 1813** Michael Hinds [Children: John Hinds (22 Feb 1814)]
; and
   iii. Abraham Blauvelt Riker (29 Jan 1789*-?) m. Eliza "Grace" Gracie [Children: Margarietje (19 Apr 1811-?), John (6 Dec 1814)] .

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY
** Marriage Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

5i.       Jacob J. Riker Abraham Riker House after 1930s additions(19 Aug 1786, Tappan* - 4 May 1867*), son of 2nd John Riker & Margaret Blauvelt-Haring, married on 27 Mar 1810** Lea Martin Powles (c.1785 - 8 Feb 1872*) dau. of Martin Powles of Tappan, NY.  They lived in the ancestral homestead of Abraham Ryker [Abraham Riker-R.B. Sloat House].  In 1828 or shortly after the death of 2nd John Riker, Samuel Sneden appears to have purchased from Jacob Ryker approximately 50 acres of Ryker homestead lands on the east side of Sneden Landing Road. These were the lands originally of Gerardus Ryker and subsequently of 2nd John Riker, then Jacob Riker. and resided there until 1844 when he inherited the Abraham Riker properties from Abraham's son Peter Riker. Later, in 1844, Jacob Sneden & Cornelia Ann Rudd moved into the Gerardus Riker house.

Jacob Riker & Lea Powels had children include:

    i. Margaret "Grietje" (1812-1891)
   ii. Lydia (5 Dec 1817, RDC Tappan***- 8 Sep 1832*); and
  iii. Abraham (1824-1863). 

* Tombstone, Palisades (NY) Cemetery
** Marriage Records. RDC, Tappan, NY
*** Baptism Records, RDC, Tappan, NY

Jacob Riker was witness to Jacob Conklin's will in 1826.

According to James Riker's account, "...Jacob and Leah continued to reside in the Ryker Homestead built by his grandfather, Jan, in Rockland, Harrington Township, NJ."* However, this seems not to have been the case because by 1844, Jacob had come into the house and Ryker lands of his uncle Peter Ryker, son of Abraham.

James Riker: "Annals of Newtown", p 309.
Pub  D. Fanshaw, New York City, 1852

The 1840 census lists Jacob Riker as head of household  with one male age 15-20 (Abraham), one male 20-30 (2nd Jacob), one male 50-60 (Jacob) and one female 50-60 (Leah). 

*1840 Federal census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ. page 12 

The 1850 census lists Jacob Riker (Farmer, 64), Leah (65), and Abraham Farmer, 27). The listing between Jacob Conklin (living in the ancestral Gerardus Riker House) and Jacob D. Haring and Peter Riker Haring (in the Abraham D Haring House), place Jacob & Leah Riker in the ancestral Abraham Riker House).

* 1860 Federal census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ. page 285.

The 1860 census lists Jacob Riker (Farmer, 73), Leah (Mistress, 75), Abraham (Son, Farmer, 34), Elizabeth (Mistress, daughter-in-law, 30), John (11), Alice D. (6), Ebaline (4).* The listing of Jacob Riker, between David Conklin (in the Riker-Mabie-Conklin-Sneden House) and Jacob Sneden in the Geradus Riker House), confirms that he resides in the Abraham Riker House.

*1860 Federal census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ. page 126.

The lay-out for the proposed new road from Closter Publick Road toward Piermont (Road Return G-28 of October 4, 1858 listed the property of Jacob Riker just to the north of Samuel B. Corning (former Abraham D. Haring lands) and to the south of Samuel Sneden (former lands of Jacob Conklin, Jr). The same land is mentioned by the David A. Haring will of 1802 as belonging to Abraham Ryker. The description places Jacob J. Riker in the Abraham Riker-R.B. Sloat House.

* Reginald McMahon: "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh"",  1873 
mms Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ

The 1870 census shows Leah (84) living with her daughter, Margaret, and son-in-law George Mann in Palisades, Rockland, NY.**

*1870 census, Orangetown, Rockland Co., NY, p. 135.

6i.      Margaret "Grietje" Riker (11 Sep 1812* - 30 Jul 1891**), daughter of Jacob Riker & Lea Powels, m. abt 1830 David G. Mann.

Margaret Riker & David Mann had children: 

    i. George Mann (30 Apr 1835-?),
   ii. Lydia Mann (23 Jun 1836-?),
  iii. Jacob Riker Mann (22 Feb 1842 - 1 Dec 1882*),
  iv. Abijah Baldwin Mann (6 Oct 1846-?),
   v. Mary Frances Mann (21 Nov 1849-?),
  vi. Clara Augusta (6 Dec 1862).

* Baptism Records, RDC, Tappan, NY
** Tombstone, Palisades (NY) Cemetery

6iii.     Abraham Riker (30 Jan 1824, Tappan RDC - 18 Sep 1863**), son ofAbraham Riker House after 1930s additions Jacob Riker & Lea Powels, m. on 20 Sept 1847 at the Palisades M.E. Church* married neighbor Elizabeth Rudd Sneden (11 Aug 1828 - 4 Apr 1886***). [see Sneden Family] Abraham and Elizabeth resided with his parents, Jacob & Leah, in the ancestral homestead of Abraham Ryker [Abm. Riker-R.B. Sloat House]. Abraham was listed as dying on Sep 18, 1863, by neighbor and diarist Maria Ferdon who also recorded Edith, a child of Abraham, dying in December 1863** within 3 months of Abraham's death and Alice Delphine, another child death in January, 1864**. With the death of Abraham followed by two of their children, Elizabeth moved back to the house of her mother and the last of the Riker lands passed out of the family after 120 years of ownership.

* Married by Rev. Benj. Day.  Records of the Palisades M. E. Church.
ms in Collection of the Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY

Abraham Riker & Elizabeth Rudd Sneden had children:

    i. John E. (17 Apr 1849* - 17 May 1876**);
   ii. Hannah Maria**** (1851-?), ? m. c.1868 Cornelius J. Bross (1847-?);
  iii. Alice Delphine (Aug 1854** - 8 Jan 1864**);
  iv. Ebaline (1856-?);
   v. Edith (Jul 1860** - 26 Dec 1863***),
  vi. Abraham Riker (1863-?)****

* Baptism Record, RDS, Tappan, NY.
**Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.  
*** Tombstone, Palisades (NY) Cemetery
**** Listed in 1880 census living on Old Closter Public Road, brother of Abraham Riker (1863)
1880 Federal Census, Harrington Twp, Bergen Co, NJ, page 28, Dist 4..

4ix.     Gerardus Ryken (16 Nov 1740, prob. Newtown, NY - 15 Sep 1781, Bull Skin Creek, Shelbyville [now Eastwood], KY), ninth and last child of John Ryken & Geertie Wiltsee, on 17 Nov 1762 married Rachael Demaree (9 Jan 1743, Schraalenburgh, NJ -1814) dau. of Samuel De Maree (1713- ?) and Leah Demarest (1713- ?) of River Edge, NJ. Gerardus was listed as a cordwainer [shoemaker] at the time of his marriage.

Gerardus and Rachel Demarest had children: 

    i. poss. Jacob (1762- ? 1852);
   ii. Jan "John" (1764-1848);
  iii. Leah (28 Nov 1765, Tappan*- 24 Nov 1844, Jefferson Co., IN);
  iv. Gerardus, Jr. (1767-1839);
   v. Samuel (3 Nov 1769, Tappan* - 1835, Madison, IN);
  vi. Geertje (6 Aug 1771, Tappan* - 26 Dec 1791); 
 vii. Rachel (19 Jun 1773, Tappan* - 28 Oct  1861, Wapello Co., IA);
viii. Peter (c.1775, Tappan - 1781, Bull Skin Creek, KY);
  ix. Deborah O. (23 Jan 1777, Tappan* -c.1837, Ripley Co., IN); and
   x. Charity (c.1780, KY -?).

* Baptismal Records. RDC, Tappan, NY

Joining Henry Banta, Gerardus Ryker in 1778 took most of his family to a location near Shepherdstown, Berkeley Co., VA, [now WV], then in 1779 to Kentucky [near Louisville].** He settled his family as part of the "Low Dutch Colony" in Eastwood (near  Shelbyville), Shelby Co., Kentucky. He was killed by Indians on 14 September 1781 at 40 years of age in Floyd's Defeat (the second skirmish of  "Long Run Massacre")** at Eastwood, Kentucky. 

* William S. Stryker: "Official Record of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War" p.456.
Trenton, NJ, Wm. T. Nicholson & Co., Printers 1872. 
"Printed by authority of the Legislature." William S. Stryker, Adjutant General.
** V. Akers: 

The "Long Run Massacre" was a major incident in the series of battles in which early settlers in Kentucky fought Indians and their British allies on the western frontier during the Revolutionary War. Long Run is located near Eastwood in Jefferson County, Kentucky. In September 1781 Maj. Bland Ballard discovered Indian signs near Squire Boone's Painted Stone Station, near what is now Shelbyville. He warned the settlers there and at Beargrass Station to move to Lynn Station, which was a more secure area. For unknown reasons, Boone's and several other families delayed moving for two days. When they finally left the station on September 14, 1781, they were set upon at Long Run Creek by a large party of Indians and British soldiers under the command of Capt. Alexander McKee. An estimated seven people were killed by the Indians; only a few escaped.*

On 15 September 1781, after a number of settlers had been massacred by Indians along a stream known as Long Run, a party of about 26 militia and a few volunteers commanded by Colonel John Floyd came to bury the dead and avenge the massacre. They were, in turn, ambushed by Indians, and over half of their party were captured or killed, including Gerardus Riker and possibly his son, Peter.  Gerardus was one of the seventeen settlers buried at the location of "Floyd's Defeat".**


*Lou Catherine Ciore: "Long Run Massacre,''  Register 10 (Jan. 1912): 75-6.
From The Kentucky Encyclopedia edited by John E. Kleber 
(University Press of Kentucky, 1992): 

 ** Long Run Massacre

Subsequently, Rachel Demarest-Ryker married 2nd to John Van Cleave (1734, New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, NJ -?) whose wife and two small children among those killed in the Long Run massacre.

Children of Rachel Demarest-Ryker & John Van Cleave include:

  xi. Peter Van Cleave (1785, Shelby Co., KY - ?);
 xii. David Van Cleave (1787, Shelby Co., KY -?).

5i.       Jacob Ryker (1762/3, Tappan - poss. 1 Jul 1852, Montville, Morris Co, NJ), prob. son of Gerardus Ryker & Leah Demarest, remained in New Jersey when Gerardus took the rest of the family to Kentucky.  Jacob married (1st) 27 June 1788 Polly Galloway at the Dutch Reformed Church in Tappan.

Children of Jacob Riker & Polly Galloway:
    i. poss. Jacob, Jr. (c.1790-?).

Jacob married (2nd) in 1797 Catrientje "Trina" Mandeville (bap. 5 Jan 1776, RDC Pompton Plains, NJ - 23 Sep 1841), dau. Johannes Mandeville & Evaatje "Eva" Jacobus.

Children: of Jacob Riker & Catreintji include:

    i. Maria (1798-?),
   ii. Grietji, (1800-?),
  iii. Anny (1801-?),
  iv. Elizabeth (1803-?),
   v. Eva "Effy" (1805-"),
  vi. John (1813-?).

The 1786, 1792, 1796, 1796, 1816, Tax Lists for Saddle River include Jacob Ryker; as does the 1819 Tax List for Pompton Plains. The Federal Census of 1792 and 1802 for Saddle River lists Jacob Riker; the 1830 Federal Census lists Jacob Ryker in Pompton Plains. [Before 1837, Pompton Plains was within Bergen County under the jurisdiction of Saddle River Township.]

5ii.      Col. John "Jan" Ryker (18 Jan 1764, Tappan* - 22 Nov 1848, Rykers Ridge, Madison, IN), son of Gerardus Ryker & Rachel Demarest, entered the Bergen County militia in 1776 at age 12  as a private under Capt. Bell, his uncle. Served under Capt. Haring [Abraham A. Haring] for one year in which he saw no action. In June 1777 he was transferred to the company of "Capt Bell who marched his company against a party of British who had plundered and taken 40 head of cattle and horses."

Married 1st on 16 Jun 1784 in Lincoln, KY, Martha "Mary" Van Cleave (1766, Rowand Co. NC - 1838, Jefferson Co. IN) with eleven children.

About 1800, settled the area known as Rykers Ridge in Madison, IN. Received commission as Colonel in 'Kentucky Rangers' 18th Regiment of the Kentucky Militia.

Col. John Ryker m. 2nd on 3 Jul 1838 in Jefferson Co. IN, Amelia Littlejohn (1808, Clark Co. NC -?) with one daughter.

Revolutionary War Pension Claim R9129 - John Ryker

  • Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. — [ Show / Hide]   

    • State of Indiana       

      "On this 11th day of November 1834 personally appeared in open court before the Court of Probate of Jefferson County and State afore said now sitting. John Ryker a resident of Jefferson County and State of Indiana, aged seventy years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. —"

               "That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as here in stated: In the year 1776 met a party of British 300 in number, who ascended North River for the purpose of plundering, taking cattle or horses, had a skirmish below Dobbs Ferry in New Jersey, the British retreated. Went out under Captain Bell. Called from the company under the command of Captain Herrin  [Abraham A. Haring] , in which company I was a private from the latter part of the year 1776 to the latter part of the year 1777. My service under Captain Herrin  [Abraham A. Haring] was for one year. Was in no engagement under his command, Was ordered to be always ready for services. Was regularly exercised. Performed not much active duty, did not march far nor very frequently. Was during this year in the month of June taken from the command of Captain Herrin  [Abraham A. Haring] and transferred to the command of the same Captain Bell who marched his company against a party of British who had plundered and had taken 40 head of cattle and horses. We fired on them at below Dobbs Ferry and this fire was exchanged. Our fire was made from the top of a cliff and had the desired effect. They retreated and we retook the cattle and horses. This service and the skirmish before stated under the same Captain Bell together amount to about 2 days service. This last service was in the month of July if I recollect right. My recollection of the dates is however very imperfect. The British then lay in New York —  Service was rendered in Rockland County New Jersey*. Resided in Rockland County* at this time. 

           "In 1778 moved to Virginia, Berkly County [now Berkeley Co, WV], in 1779 left Berkly [sic] County, Va.  In the spring of 1780 landed at the falls of Ohio (Kentucky).... &*


      *Revolutionary War Pension Claim R9129 - John Ryker

      * John Ryker probably meant that he resided in "Rockland, Bergen County, NJ," and not "Rockland County, NY."   The formation of Rockland County, NY,  from the southern portion of Orange County, NY, occurred in 1798 -  twenty years after John had left at age 14 for West Virginia and Kentucky.   Considering that at the time of his birth, Orange County had governmental  authority over his home and, when he was age 5,  the provincial boundary settlement of  1769 returned the parental homestead to the jurisdiction of Bergen County, NJ,  then having been away from the area of his birth for 56 years and obviously having heard of the new Rockland County, NY,  his confusion on this point is understandable.  Indeed, this confusion persists in current times.  

      —E April

5iv.      Gerardus [G] Ryker, Jr. (4 Nov 1767, RDC Tappan* - 7 Jan 1839, Riker's Ridge, Jefferson, IN),  son of Gerardus Ryker & Leah Demarest,  m. 1st Mary Leah Van Cleave (1767, NC-?), no known children; m. 2nd on 5 May 1791 in Mercer, KY, Leah Smock (8 Apr 1774 - 4 Oct 1858), dau. Jacob Smock of Raritan, NJ & Catherine Tryntie Demarest of Hackensack, NJ, with fourteen children. Gerardus, Jr and Leah Smock are buried in Rikers Ridge Cem., Madison, ID.


Unresolved:  John Riker, drowned in River 13 Jul 1837**

** Nicholas Gesner Diary,
 mms Palisades Free Library, Palisades NY


Written and compiled by E. W. April, 2002
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