The Mabie Family

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Much of the Mabie Family is provided courtesy of Steve Mabie


Ryker-Mabie-Concklin- Sneden House ("Roaring Brook Farm")


        The Mabie (Mabille) Family appear to have been Huguenots from Anjou who fled to Naarden, Holland, and subsequently emigrated to New from Amsterdam. Another hypothesis suggests that they may have been Scots. Another point of confusion is that some of the family retained the forms of the Mabille name, while others took the Van Naeden/Van Orden form.

       Pieter Casaperszen (Mabille) Van Naeden (c.1625, Naarden, Holland -?) first appears in the marriage records of New Amsterdam Reformed Church. About 1651 he married Aechtje Jans ( ? - 1695/6), her second marriage, in New Amsterdam. In 1653, he was named as one "of the most influential citizens and inhabitants of this city" in the council minutes. During the mid-1650's he was a Wine and Beer Carrier. In 1657, Pieter was listed as a "Small Burgher", and last mention of him was made in the 1660 census. Pieter Casparszen van Naerden and Aechtje Jans had six children: i. Maritje (1652-?) m. John P. Bant., ii. Jan Pieters (1654 - 8 Apr 1725), surveyor, m. Antje Pieters Boorsboom and about 1680 moved to Schenectady, iii. Engeltie Pieters (1656-?) m. Jan Janazen Moll, iv. Metje (1658-?) m. Jean Pierrot, shipwright, v. Caspar Pieterszen (bap. 15 Feb 1660 - 1720), vi. Tryntje Pieters (1662-?) m. 1683 Hans Spier.

2v      Caspar Pieterszen (Pieterse) Mabie  [5] (15 Feb 1660, Manhattan - 1720, Manhattan), was a constable in the town of Haarlem. By 1696, he resided briefly in New Rochelle before moving to Bergen County, New Jersey by 1698. While living in Haarlem, he married 14 December 1687 Elizabeth (Lysbeth) Schuerman  (daughter of Frederick Schuerman & Christina Van Westerhaut). Caspar Pieterse and Lysbeth had ten Children: i. Casparus, ii, Pieter (bap. 26 Dec 1689 - ?), iii. Christina (c.1692-?) m. 1712 Joorst Zabriskie, iv. Fredrick (1695-?), v. Sophia (1697-?) m. 1719 Matthys Conklin , iv. Jeremias (1699-c1789), vii. Catherine (c.1703-?) m. Daniel Secor, viii. Abraham (11 Aug 1705-? in Putnam Co, NY), ix  Johannes "John" Mabie (1708-c.1772)

3ix.     Johannes "John" Mabie [5-10] (9 May 1708, Hackensack, NJ - >1772) moved to New Rochelle and married c. 1732 Susannah Bertin, dau. Peter Bertin (Biertyen) of New Rochelle.* Subsequently moved to Tappan, NY, then Somers, NY. John and Susannah had ten children, the second of which was John Petrus Mabie (1735-1823).

* Will of Peter Bertin, of New Rochelle, dated 11/11/1732, 
mentions daughter Susannah, wife of John "Mesbe"

4ii     John Petrus "Peter" Mabie [5-10-2] (3 Apr 1735 - 18 Feb 1823) married (1) 18 Aug 1762 Maria (Marytje) Bell (? - 1 Jan 1769) with whom he had five children. Peter married secondly 21 Dec 1769 Sarah Boyd (1737 - 17 Nov 1821), daughter of Frederick Boyd. Peter in 1770 came into possession of the Ryker Farmstead (Riker- Mabie- Conklin- Sneden House) from  John Riker. 

Ryker-Mabie-Conklin-Sneden farmstead

The homestead  remained in the Mabie family until 1797 so that Peter and Sarah raised there the following five children: i. Peter [5-10-2-3] (b. 5 Feb 1771), ii. Casper [5-10-2-4] (b. 25 Mar 1776), iii. Sarah [5-10-2-5] (b. 1777, bap. 23 Jan 1780) and twins iv. Samuel [5-10-2-6] (bap. 5 Feb 1782 - dy) and v. Frederick [5-10-2-7] (bap. 5 Feb 1782 - ?).*

* Will of Peter Mabie (5-10-2), of Harrington, Bergen County, (3960B.), Written 4/27/1820, Proved 2/27/1823, mentions wife Sarah, children John (deceased?), Leah Morris, Peter, Jasper (deceased), Sarah Naugle and Frederick. Also mentioned: Caty, widow of Jasper, Abel Smitt, son of Jasper, Peter, son of Jasper, Charity, daughter of Jasper, Rachel, daughter of John Naugle, Peter, son of Frederick, Sarah Boyd, daughter of Frederick.

In 1797, Peter Mabie sold the Riker-Mabie Homestead to 2nd Jacob Conklin.


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