The Haring (Harring,Herring) Family

This section is a work in progress. There may be genealogical errors. It is not meant to be a complete Haring Family Tree, rather portions relevant to the History of Rockleigh Borough. Corrections or clarifications are welcome:
Much of the Haring Family is provided courtesy of Firth Haring Fabend and Karen Eisenhart.

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Samuel A. Haring, 1815-?
Samuel D. Haring, 1789-1879
Simon Haring, ?-?


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Possible Origins of the Haring Family
of Nieu Amsterdam

     There is reference in the Archives of Hoorn that a Pieter Janszen Haring (1610, Hoone, North Holland - ?) sold a house in Hoorn in 1632.  Pieter Jansz & Maritje Pieters were listed parents at the 7 Dec 1633 baptism of Jan Pieterszen, residing at Grote Havensteeg, Hoorn, North Holland.  Sometime between 1634 and 1667, Pieter Janszen seems to have sailed with his family to America.*.

 * Ferth Haring Fabend: A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies
1660-1800. (Rutgers Univ. Press, 1991). p 253.

1        Jan Pieterszen/Pieterse Haring [1*] (18 Dec 1633 in Hoorn Castle, North Holland*/** - 7 Dec 1683 in New York, NY*) son of Pieter Jansz & Maritje Pieters*, residing at de Grot Havensteeg [Great Harbor Street"] in Hoorn, North Holland. Jan Pieterszen Harinckschuyt ["herring boat"], sold a house in Hoone in 1632 (witnessed by his father, Pieter Janszen),  it might be safe to assume that Jan Pieterszen arrived in America between 1634-1662. One date frequently seen is 15 April 1660. At the time, the Dutch West India Company had an office in Hoorn.

The first authentic record of Jan Pieterszen Haring in New York is the baptism of his daughter, Vroutje, in the Dutch Reformed Church of New York City on 3 May 1667. However, the Haring Family Notebook, copied  (between 1824-1830) from the Haring Family Bible by Samuel Kip Haring (1804-1849), stated owner the Haring bible, lists: Jan Pieterszen  married on Whitsuntide 1662  in Nieu Amsterdam to Margarietje (Grietje) Cosyn (2 May 1641 at New Amsterdam - 1724 at Tappan Patent, Orange [now Rockland Co], NY), daughter of Cosyn Garritsen van Putten & Veroutje, and widow of Herman Theuniszen van Zell (?- abt.1658) who she had married 1st at Nieu Amsterdam RDC on 19 Apr 1654. [One child: Vroutje Theuniszen (2 Feb 1658 - ?).]  According to the Haring Family Notebook, the marriage of Jan Pieterse and Grietje Cosyn on Whitsuntide (Monday, 26 May) 1662 was the "first recorded in the Peter Stuyvesant's Chapel" of the Nieu Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church at Stuyvesant's Bowery, NY, beyond the wall of Nieu Amsterdam. [There are several marriages recorded at the Stuyvesant's Chapel before 1662.]

"John Haring the third son of Peter Haring of Hornin [sic] of North Holland was born on the 26th day of December 1633 Anno Domini and was Married on Witsuntide 1662 to Margaret Cozine a Widow the ceremony was performed in the New Dutch Church on Stuyvesant's Bowery New York

"these were the first couple ever married in that church the said John Haring departed this life December the 7th 1683 his widow the said Margaret afterwards became the wife of Daniel DeClark She lived to the age of Ninety."**

Samuel Kip Haring,  stated owner of the Haring Family Bible from
which the Haring Family Notebook was copied between 1824-1830.

This purported "first marriage" at the Bowery Chapel appears not to have been recorded by Dominie Henricus Selyns, whose posting was to the RDC Brooklyn but ministered as needed at the Stuyvesant Bowery Chapel. There is no record of the marriage in 1662 of Jan Pieterszen Haring to Greitje Cozine in the RDC listing of New York marriages. All of the other dates recorded in the "Haring Family Notebook" which were supposedly taken from the now lost "Haring Family bible" appear to agree with primary sources, giving some credence to this marriage date.*** [A "Greitie Cosynns" is listed as a member of the New Amsterdam RDC on 12 October 1664.  One Jan Pieterszen is listed as a member of the congregation on 28 July 1670.]

When Jan Pieterszen Haring & Grietie Cozyns were married in 1662, they settled on a farm located on Bowery Lane outside the wall of Nieu Amsterdam. From descriptions, this appears to be the 5 acres or immediately adjacent, granted in 1639 by the Dutch West India Company to Cozyn Garretsen, Greitje's father. It is described as " a house and garden on five acres bordered to the south by a certain swamp", likely the head-waters of the Minetta Creek (now Washington Square Park). The marriage record of again widowed Grietje to Daniel de Clark locates Grietje as "Over Het Versch Water. (This would be in the out-ward "beyond the Fresh Water " on Bowery Road, i.e. beyond the "Collect" [from kolch, Dutch for pond]. The 48 acre spring-fed pond was bounded north and south by Canal and Worth Streets, to the east and west by  Bowery and Center Street).

The farm location may have been the reason that they were wed in Stuyvesant's Chapel at the Bowery. When Grietje married [Bouwerie, Dutch, meaning farm or, more broadly, farm lands].

* A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies, 1660-1800. (Rutgers Univ. Press, 1991). p 235.
[Evidence based on baptism record in the Westfries Archives, Hoorn, Netherlands].
** Haring Family Notebook. (undocumented) with entries by Samuel Kip Haring
between 1824-1830 from the [now lost] Haring Family Bible,  Manuscript Collection
in the Library of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, DC.
*** The Haring Family Notebook and the Origins of the Haring Family in Hoorn, Holland.
Peter Haring Judd. NYGB Record. Vol 135 (3),  Jul 2004.  pp.169-174.

Jan Pieterszen Haring & Grietie Cozyn had seven children while residing on the Haring Farm in the Bowery.:

    i. Peter Janszen [21] (13 Aug 1664* - bef.1750) m. 14 Dec 1687* at Harlem  Grietje/Margrietje Jans Bogert (aft. 1672 Bedford, Long Island, NY - ?). Even though he had inherited the Haring farmstead in the Bowery, he at age 23) and Grietje were among the first patentees to re-settled by 1687 on the Tappan Patent. In that year, in Tappan, he signed an oath of allegiance to the King. Peter chose a tract just to the south of his brother Abraham, an area that would become Norwood and Harrington Park, NJ. On 28 October 1694 Peter Haring and Grietje Bogert his wife were received by the Tappan Dutch Reformed Church. In 1701 Peter was elected, for the first of several terms, by freemen and householders of Orange County as a member to the General Assembly of the Province of New York, where his voting record was consistently against the crown. He later became Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Orangetown.

His 1st son, Jan Pieterse (15 Apr 1700 - bef 7 Jan 1724) m. 5 Oct 1723, at Tappan RDC, Elizabeth Blauvelt (bp 11 Apr 1705 at RDC Tappan  - ?).  Elizabeth m. 2nd Peter DePew abt 1728.

The 3rd son , Elbert ( 3 Mar 1706 Tappan, NY - 3 Dec 1773 Manhattan, NY), returned to the Haring Farm in the Bowery, Manhattan, where he m. 1st on 14 Dec 1726 Catherine Lent, and m. 2nd on 17 Sep 1732 Elizabeth Bogert.  Elbert & Elizabeth lived well and prospered on the Haring farm in Manhattan. Elbert systematically purchased adjacent acreage.  Old maps show a 100-plus acre Haring farm extending from the Bowery Lane in the Bowery to Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, approximately between Bleecker Street on the south and Waverly Waverly Place on the north.  Much of the center of the tract (now Washington Square Park) incorporated the swampy source of Minetta Creek, .  Elbert's homestead at this time faced south near today’s Bleecker Street between the later Great Jones (W 3rd) and Cornelia Streets.  The family has given names to several streets of New York. Cornelia Street is named after a daughter.  Jones Street and Great Jones Street after the lawyer Samuel Jones, Cornelia's husband.  Bleecker Street, from Minetta Street to Christopher Street, was called Herring Street. With the pending revolution and the Tory presence in New York City, Elbert anglicized the spelling of the family surname to Herring.

Aother son of Jan Pieterse & Elizabeth Blauvelt, Abraham Peter Haring (9 April 1704 - 11 Apr 1771) m.  about 1725 Martyntie Bogert, ( ? - 23 Jul 1783) and settled in the Tappan Patent in Orange County.  He later became a Orange County Judge.  Abraham Peter and Martyntje were the parents of John Haring noted Lawyer and later Judge in Orange County [now Rockland Co.], NY, author of the Orangetown Resolutions, President of the Provincial Congress, and delegate to the Constitutional Convention.


   ii. Vroutje [22] (b. 3 May 1667, bpt. 15 May 1667 at New Amsterdam - 1742) m. 1 Dec 1689, at RDC New Amsterdam, Theunis Jacobsen Quick (1663 at Albany, N - ?).**
  iii. Cozyn Janse [23] (3 Mar 1669 at RDC NYC* - 16 Jun 1743) m. Feb 1692 in RDC NY Marretje Gerrits Blauvelt (26 Mar 1670 at RDC NY - ?)
** and building a farm house (Cozyn Haring House) in 1704 in the southwestern portion of the Tappan Patent [now 95 De Wolfe Road, Old Tappan, NJ]. The raised eight children, of which Maria Haring married Dowe Tallman.
  iv. Cornelius Janse [24] (4 Mar 1672, NYC, NY - 1763) m. 1693 Cattryn Vlierboom/Flierbloom (4 Mar 1679-?)
** and settled in 1693 by the east bank of the Haskensack River - the western boundary of the Tappan patent - in what is now in Rivervale, NJ. Cornelius and Cattryn raised seven children. Of note, his barns were the site of the infamous "Baylor's Massacre" of patriot dragoons on the night of 28 Sep 1778.

On the evening of September 28 1778, approximately 120 Dragoons of the Continental Army, under the command of Col. George Baylor, were bivouacked in six barns and out-buildings along what was then called Overkill Road and now known as River Vale Road.  These men were attacked by a vastly superior force of British troops during the night in which some 54 of the Americans were killed or taken prisoner.  The incident became known as "Baylor's Massacre." [River Vale History - The Baylor Massacre,]

   v. Brechtje [25] (4 July 1675, NYC - aft. 12 Jan 1709, Nyack, NY) m. c.1694 Theunis Dowerson Tallman (8 Feb 1665, NJ - 17 Jul 1739, Nyack, NY),** 
  vi. Marytje/Maria [26] (27 Sep 1679, NYC, NY - ?) m. 1695 at RDC Tappan, NY, Jacob Tyse Vlierboom, son of Judge Vlierboom of Albany Co.,
 vii. Abraham Janse [27] (1681-1772)
** m. 25 Jun 1707 at RDC Tappan Dirckje Tallman and settled about 1707 in the southern portion of the Tappan patent in what would become Northvale, NJ, with some overlap into Norwood adjacent to his brother Peter.

 * Haring Family Notebook. (undocumented) with entries by Samuel Kip Haring
between 1810-1830.  Manuscript Collection in the Library of the
Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, DC.
**Ackerman: Genealogy of the Haring Family, 1952.

Jan Pieterszen Haring, like his father Pieter Janszen in Hoorn, became one of the Schepens to govern "The Outside People" beyond the wall on Manhattan Island.  [By Dutch tradition, the office of Schepen was one passed down within families.] In 1681 Jan Pieterszen Haring headed a group that obtained a deed from the Tappan Indians of the Lenni Lenape Tribe for a large tract of land, and on 24 Mar 1686 the group obtained a patent from Gov. Dongan of New York (Tappan Patent of New York). Before he died in 1683, Jan Pieterszen Haring had purchased three shares in the names of himself and his eldest sons, Peter and Cosyn. While he never lived to settle on his new lands, his widow and several of his descendents (Cozyn, Cornelius, and Abraham) moved to the fertile Tappan region.

Subsequently, Grietje married 3rd in 1685 Daniel de Clark/de Clerq (abt 1654 Holland - 1731, Tappan Patent,  NY), the new leader of the Tappan community. [Daniel De Clerq, en zyn. h. v. (and his wife) Grietje Cozyns. Over Het Versch Water (this would be on Bowery Road, beyond the "Collect"). Listed as 1686 members of the Reformed Dutch Church of New York.]***

"By 1704 eight of the Tappan patentees were living on their land and and in possession of their rights, including Daniel DeClark [wife Grietje]... Peter Haring... Couzin Haring."**** With the Harings at this time were were the other Haring siblings: Cornelius, Brechtje, Marytje, and Abraham (except Vroutje Quick who was living in Albany, NY.)  "No effort was made to legally apportion the lands of the Tappan patent.....until 1704." ****  The Harings had generally settled to the west and south of Tappan.  In 1721 the Patentees received or formalized portions of the "common lands" in the Tappan Patent where they already were residing:  Cozyn on De Wolf Road in what is now Old Tappan, NJ,  Cornelius 454 acres on both sides of Rivervale Road in now Rivervale, NJ; Peter 268 acres on Tappan Road in now Norwood, NJ; Abraham 292 acres along on the west side of Tappan Road in now Northvale, NJ. ***** It comes as no surprise that fifty years hence, a wide area surrounding this Haring population would become Harrington Township.

*** Henry Selyns: A catalogue of the members of the Dutch Church,
with the names of the streets in the city of New York
. 1686.

Cornell Library New York State Historical Literature.
George H. Budke, "The History of the Tappan Patent,"
in The Rockland Record
2 (1931- 32):35-50
* A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies, 1660-1800.
Firth Fabend Haring, Rutgers Univ. Press, 1991. p 235.


          George Lockhart never settled the lands of the Lockhart Patent  granted on June 27, 1687. It was sold through several hands until inherited by Henry Ludlow in 1725. Within the next 25 years, Ludlow conveyed a small part of the tract then in an area that was part of  Closter (some 200 acres that was  eventually to lie in Rockleigh Borough) to Abraham Abramse Haring (1709-1791). He was a grandson of Haring Family patriarch Jan Pieterszen Haring, purchaser of Lands in Tappan from the Tappan Indians. 

2vii.     Abraham Jans Haring [27] (24 Nov 1681, RDC Bowery, NY - 18 Mar 1772, Tappan, NY*), son of Jans Pietersen Haring & Margarietie "Grietje" Cosyn, married at RDC Tappan, NY, on 24 Jun 1707** Dirckje Tallman (6 Aug 1687, Nyack, NY - 4 Oct 1768, Tappan, NY, Cem.*) daughter of Harmen Tallman & Grietje Minneus of Nyack, NY.  They settled on a portion of the Haring tract in the Tappan Patent to the west side of Tappan Road, near Meadow Lane, in what was then considered Tappan, NY, but would become Norwood, New Jersey, in 1769 when the New York-New Jersey boundary dispute was settled. The tract abutted that of his brother Cosyn Jans Haring to the northwest, that of Daniel DeClark & their mother Grietje Haring to the northeast, and that of his brother Peter to the south.

Ten of the thirteen children of Abrham Jans and Dirckje Talman survived:

    i. Jan [335] (24 Feb 1708 Tappan, NY - ?)
   ii. Abraham Abramse [336] (1709 Tappan, NY - 1791)
  iii. Harmanus [337] (1 Jan 1712  Tappan, NY - ?)
  iv. Margarietie [338] (5 Jan 1714 Tappan, NY - ?), m. David Demarest (1708-1800)
   v. Mareya [339] (1716, dy)
  vi. Elizabeth [340] (1717, dy)
 vii. Daniel [341] (26 May 1718  Tappan, NY - 12 Sep 1720)
viii. Daniel [342] (4 Sep 1725  Tappan, NY - 6 May 1806)
  ix. Brechie [343] (23 Dec 1723  Tappan, NY - c.1780), m. Jan Ferdon (c.1715-c.1770)
   x. Cornealius A. [344] (25 Nov 1725  Tappan, NY - 13 Jan 1810, Rivervale, NJ), m Margrietje Roelofsen/Van Houton (1731-1810)
  xi. Elizabeth [345] (27 Feb 1728 - ?]
 xii. Rachel [346] (18 Jul 1732, bp. 23 Jul 1732 at RDC Tappan, NY - 27 Aug 1795), m. 30 May 1572 Fredricus Haring (7 Dec 1729, bp 14 Dec 1729 at RDC Tappan, NY - 6 Mar 1807 at Tappan, NY ), son of Jan Cozyn Haring & Aeltje Van Dalsen. They had 11 children.
xiii. Maria [347] (14 Nov 1734 -).*** 

Dirckje and Abraham Jans are buried in Reformed Dutch Church Cemetery in Tappan, NY.

* Tombstone, RDC Cemetery, Tappan, NY
** Record of Marriages, Tappan RDC, Tappan, NY
** Firth Haring Fabend,  A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies
1660-1800 (Rutgers Univ. Press, 1991). 

3ii     By 1758  Col. Abraham Abramse Haring [336] (20 Oct 1709, bap. 24 Oct 1709, Tappan RDC* - 29 Nov 1791, Tappan, NY, Cem.*) first son of Abraham Jans Haring. He married 23 Nov 1731 at Schraalenburgh RDC Maria Demarest (17 Nov 1709, Hackensack - 11 Oct 1783, Tappan, NY, Cem.*), dau. of David Demarest & Sara Bertholf of Schraalenburgh, Bergen CO, NJ.  With his wife, they settled on a portion of the Abraham Jans Haring tract to the west of Tappan Road in what is now Northvale (with property extending into Norwood). In 1729, Abraham donated 43 acres to the Tappan RDC, subsequently known as "the Church Woods". In 1785, Abraham A. sold

Abraham A. Haring & Maria Demarest had five children:

    i. Abraham Abramse [4111] (1734 -1780),
   ii. Mary [4112] (1735-?),
  iii. David A. [4113] (1737-1798); 
  iv. John "Jan" A. [4114] (22 Oct 1743
* - 4 Jan 1779* , burial at RDC Tappan, Orange [Rockland], NY), m. Geertje Sickels (2 Jan 1747 at Sickeltown, Orange [Rockland], NY; bp. 1 Feb 1747 at RDC Tappan, NY  - 28 Jul 1827, burial at RDC Tappan, Rockland, NY).  Children include: Abraham Haring [5221] (1767-1801, m. 1786)
   v. Sara [4115] (1749-dy).

Abraham and Maria are buried in the Old Cemetery at Tappan. 

* Tombstone, RDC Cemetery, Tappan, NY
** Firth Haring Fabend,  A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies
1660-1800 (Rutgers Univ. Press, 1991). 

Strong of purpose and endeavor, he produced a variety of crops for family and market. Sometime between 1744 and 1756 (most likely about 1746), Abraham A. Haring Sr. acquired 200 acres in Closter (now Rockleigh, part of the Lockhart Patent) from Henry Ludlow.  Since he continued to live on his farmstead west of the Sparkill, this purchase was likely for his sons. He acquired other lands (purchase dates unknown) bordering on the farm including "lot of fresh meadow" situated near the Sparkill (currently part of the Rockleigh Golf Course). This described as "...the farm adjoined that to the east of John Ryken". He also purchased " lot from Johannes Nagel..." the neighbor to the south. Because Jan Ryken settled his land in 1744, the Haring purchase was subsequent to that year.

Through his frugality he prospered, lived, and died, and passed on to his heirs his lands. He saw in his lifetime his Church split into two opposing factions. He left the Tappan Dutch Reformed Church, eschewed the Schraalenburgh D. R. Church and in 1719 joined the Hackensack  Church - the original Dutch Reformed church in the region.  His wife, Maria, joined the Tappan D. R. Church in 1732. He was a patriotic member of the New York Assembly, to which he was elected three times.  He was also Orange County Judge until the provincial boundary changed, placing his farm in New Jersey.  He also heard the roll of the British drums echo in his valley.

Maria and Abraham A. are buried in Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery in Tappan, NY. His will, written in 1786 and proved in 1791, mentions grandsons David [5203], Abraham [5205] and John [5208], sons of son Abraham [4111], deceased; daughter Mary [4112]; son David Haring [4113]; daughter Sarah [4115] wife of Abraham A. P. Haring [416]; and Abraham [5221] son of son John [4114].

* Abraham A. Haring will made August 26, 1786, proved December 7, 1791,
New Jersey Archives of Wills, Vol. VIII, p 163.

4i.      The 2nd Abraham A. A. Haring [4111] (22 Oct 1734-c.1780), also known as Abraham A. A. Haring and Captain Abraham A. Haring, was firstborn son of Abraham A. Haring, Sr. [336] & Maria Demarest. Abraham A.A. married three times: Catharine Lent, Jannetje Verbryck, and Margrietje Blauvelt.

Abraham A.A. married first circa 1756 Catherine Lent (1735-1758), daughter of Hendrick Lent & Elizabeth Storm, g-granddaughter of Ryck Abramsen Lent and g-g granddaughter of Abraham Ryck. Abraham A.A. and Catherine Lent had one son:

    i. Abraham [5201]  (4 Mar 1758, dy), neither son nor mother survived.

Abraham A.A. married secondly on 25 Jun 1760 Jannetje Verbryck (1732-?, of Monmouth Co.).  Abraham A.A. and Jannetje Verbryct  had three sons:

   ii. David A. [5203] (1760-1801),
  iii. John A. [5204] (?-?), and
  iv. Abraham B. [5205] (1766-?).

Abraham A.A. married thirdly on 20 Mar 1770 Margrietje Blauvelt (26 Feb 1749-?, daughter of Jacob Blauvelt & Maria Haring [464]). Abraham A.A. had two children with Margrietje Blauvelt:

   v. Maria  [5207] in 1774 and
  vi. John (Jan) A. [5208] (1780-1854).* 

* Firth Haring Fabend,  A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies
1660-1800 (Rutgers Univ. Press, 1991). 

Abraham A. Haring HouseCaptain Haring is credited with construction circa 1758 of a fine Dutch farmhouse on the west side of Closter Publick Road where it turns easterly toward Snedens Landing.* The house stands proudly on the site today, known as the Abraham A. Haring House. Abraham A.A. was a Deacon at the Tappan Dutch Reformed Church.*

* Emma Winner Rogers, Diary of a Country Woman, p. 19. (New York 1912)

By 1763 2nd Abraham was listed as 1st Lieutenant in the Militia - presumably the Orange Town Militia since the boundary line was not settled until 1769. By the outbreak of the Revolutionary Way, Abraham A. Haring was a patriot with the "Bergen County Rangers" and Captain in the "New Jersey Troops".* A Revolutionary War muster roll included his name with such Harington Township names as Blanch, Nagel, Huyler, Blauvelt and Ferdon. He was made Captain in late spring or early summer of 1777. Once, when the British came for him, he was away collecting taxes. The second time, between mid 1779 and winter 1780, he was not so lucky. He was dragged from his farm before his youngest son, John A. was born.** 

The only documentary source to explain tragic fate of Captain Haring is the affidavit of fellow soldier James Riker. Riker served as an orderly Sergeant in a company commanded by Capt. Abraham Haring, "who was taken prisoner by the enemy and brought to New York and here died in prison."

 James Riker, affidavit for pension application of Paul Powles
(W15, 877, collection of Adrian Leiby)

Most prisoners were kept on infamous prison ships in Wallabout Bay, Brooklyn. Few survived prison ship incarceration; an estimated 11,000 patriot corpses were thrown overboard into Wallabout Bay or buried in trenches on the Brooklyn shore.*** Capt. Abraham A. Haring did not return.

British Prison Hulk "Jersey" in Wallabout Bay, NY.
British Prison Hulk "Jersey" in Wallabout Bay, NY.

  * William S. Stryker: "Official Record of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War" p.393.
Trenton, NJ, Wm. T. Nicholson & Co., Printers 1872. 
"Printed by authority of the Legislature." William S. Stryker, Adjutant General.

**Rosalie F. Bailey: Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families 
in  Northern New Jersey and Southern New York. Dover Press, NY, 1968, 
originally published by William Morrow & Company, NY, 1936

*** Fort Green, NY

On 1 Nov 1785, neighbor John Riker married Margrietje Blauvelt-Haring (26 Feb 1749, Newtown, NY -?), the widow of Captain Abraham A. Haring.* 2nd John Riker & Margaret Blauvelt-Haring had three children. [see Riker Family]

* Record of Marriages, Tappan RDC, Tappan, NY

Apparently the elder Abraham A. Haring [336] never transferred title of the farm to Capt. Abraham A.A. Haring [4111] , his eldest son, although the Captain paid taxes on the property.* In 1786 the elder Abraham A. [336] drew his will** and devised the property to his grandsons (surviving sons of Capt. Abraham A.A. [4111]. Son David A. [5203] was to be heir to 100 acres of the property to the north, including the Capt. Abraham A.A. Haring homestead. The southern 100 acres of the original  Abraham A.A Haring property would pass to John A. Haring [5208].

  *R. McMahon, "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh, N.J."  1973 
(mms, Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ)

**Abraham A. Haring will made August 26, 1786, proved December 7, 1891,
New Jersey Archives of Wills, Vol. VIII, p 163.

5ii.      David A. Haring [5203] (15 Dec 1760, RDC Tappan - 2 May 1801, Tappan, NY, Cem.), first son of Capt. Abraham. A. A. Haring & Jannetje VerBryck,  continued to live in the Abraham A. Haring House. Abraham A. Haring House

He married first, circa 1783, widow Elizabeth Blauvelt (19 Sep 1754 - c.1790), and had three  sons: 

    i. Abraham D.  [6391] (1784-?), 
   ii. Jacob D. [6392] (1787-?), and
  iii. Samuel D. [6393] (1789-1879). 

[Note: Ackerman erroneously names an Elizabeth Woertendyke as wife of this David A. Haring.*]

 *R. McMahon, "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh, N.J."  1973 
(mms, Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ)

He married secondly on 23 Dec 1792* Maria Alyea (Aljee, c.1760-?)  with children:

  iv. Elizabeth [6393a**] (1795-1870***)  and
   v. David D. [6393b*] (1800-1889). 

David A. Haring died in 1801 at age 40 and is buried in Tappan Cemetery. His will, dated 1802****, mentions wife, Maria, to whom he left 7-2/4 acres of meadow and woodland,  and four sons, not named. Executors friends John David Haring and Samuel G. Verbryck. Inventory £1,315.06. The orphans court of Bergen County divided his estate among his heirs. His eldest son, Abraham D. Haring received the "old homestead lot" [Abraham A.A. Haring House] of eight acres and the house on it, which he sold in 1805 to Moses Taylor. The house, built in 1758, is still standing and in excellent condition. The other children also inherited portion of the property: Jacob D. Haring [6392] received adjoining lands; Elizabeth [6393a**] received 14 adjoining acres;  nd Samuel D. [6393] received 24+ adjoining acres.**

* Record of Marriages, Tappan RDC, Tappan, NY,
**Firth Haring Fabend,  A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies
1660-1800 (Rutgers Univ. Press, 1991). 
***Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.
**** David A Haring will: 9 April 1802 (recorded 24 Jan 1804, Bergen Co. R:308)
 On 2 Jan 1803 Maria Alyea Haring married secondly Jacob Eckerson and 
the David A. Haring property that included the Capt. A. A. Haring
 homestead was subdivided in 1805 among sons of Abraham D. Harimg. 

R. McMahon, "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh, NJ"  1974
(mms, Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ)

Maria Eckerson conveyance and quit claim:  2 November 1805 
(recorded 28 Nov 1805, Bergen Co. W:17)

6i.       Abraham D. Haring [6391], sometimes listed as Abraham A. Haring, (10 Sep 1784, RDC, Tappan -1862*),  oldest son of David A. & Elizabeth Blauvelt, became in 1802, at age 19, the ward of his great grandfather, Abraham A. Haring [336]. He was listed as having the trade cordwainer (shoemaker). Abraham D. Haring inherited the "old homestead lot" of eight acres and the house on it. In 1805, nine days after reaching 21, he sold the 8 acre Abraham A.A. Haring homestead property, including seven acres of woodlot, to Moses Taylor, Jr., a Manhattan merchant, for $1625. The house, built in 1758, is still standing and in excellent condition. After 3 generations, the first mansion in the area had passed out of the Haring family.

It is surmised, without any documentation, that with the proceeds from the sale of the Abraham A.A. Haring homestead lot, Abraham D. apparently would have been in a good financial position to have bought his sister Elizabeth's 14-acre inherited portion of the Capt. Abraham A.A. Haring property as well as the 24+ acres inherited by his bother Samuel D. [6393]. Abraham D. had pulled together a farm of 38 acres.

*R. McMahon, "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh, NJ"  1974
 (mms, Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ)

Abraham D. [6391] married  Tietje "Letitia / Teachey" Ferdon (18 Mar 1790 - Aft. 1810) , dau. of Jacob Ferdon & Maria Westervelt, and with her had ten children:

    i. David A. [7461] (1810-?),
   ii. Jacob [7462] (1812-1880),
  iii. Samuel  [7463] (1815-?)
  iv. Marya ( 27 Dec 1816, Tappan RDC -?),
   v. Eliza (24 Jan 1819, Tappan RDC -?),
  vi. John (8 Oct 1820, Tappan RDC -?),
 vii. Margaret "Peggy" (8 Oct 1822, Tappan RDC - 3 Feb 1873), 
viii. Bridget (17 Dec 1825, Tappan RDC -?),
  ix. Abraham A. (1830-?);
   x. Mitilda.

*1860 census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NY, p 127.
Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society

It is surmised that Abraham D. and Letitia were living in an older frame structure on his property that is indicated on the earlier Erskene map of 1778/80, but with no associated owner at that time.  Undocumented local tradition contends that this early structure may have been built as early as the mid 1700's and may remain as the central portion of the west wing of the current Dutch-colonial manor house (Haring-Corning House).

Abraham D. Haring HouseBy 1828, a handsome house in the Dutch-colonial style had been built, perhaps adjacent to the older structure. Colonial housewives brought their bread to baked in the huge bake ovens. The house became known as "The Manor House of the Northern Valley" and, even though little documentation has been uncovered,  is registered as the Abraham D. Haring House or Haring-Corning House. 

The census records of Harington Township provide interesting clues relating Abraham D. Haring to the Abraham D. Haring House.

 In the 1830 Harington Township census,  the household of Abraham D. (at age 45) lists: 2 males 20-30 (Jacob, 18; John 20), 1 male 60-70 (?), 1 female 5-10 (Margaret, 8), 2 females 20-30 (?Maria, 14; Letitia, 40), 1 female 60-70 (?). 

The 1840 census lists for Abraham D. Haring (now 55): 1 male 10-15 (?),  2 males 20-30 (Jacob, 28; John, 30), 1 male 50-60 (Abraham D., 55), 1 female 10-15 (Bridget), 1 female 15-20 (Margaret, 18), 1 female 20-30 (Maria, 24) and 1 female 50-60 (Letitia,50).*

* 1840 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p. 136.

The comprehensive 1850 census lists  Abraham, D. Haring (age 65, farmer, estate of $10,000),  "Lutitia" (60), Jacob (38, carpenter), John (30, laborer),  Maria (34), Margaret (28).*

* 1850 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p. 284.

The 1860 census lists Abraham A. Haring (68, Farmer, $7000), Teachey (68, mistress), John (35, farmer), Abraham (30, farmer), Peggy (32).*

* 1860 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p. 127.

The Register of Deaths for Harington Township* lists on May 2, 1861, Abraham D. Haring, farmer age 65, son of David & Elizabeth of Closter, dead of palsy. 

* Register of Deaths in Township of Haring, County of Bergen,
State of New Jersey  for the year ending June 1st, 1862.
Years 1848-1879, Vol. B, Roll #2, p. 466

7i.       David A. Haring [7461]  (29 July 1810, Tappan RDC -?), carpenter, eldest son of Abraham D. and Letitia, was not included as part of the 1830 Abraham D. Haring household in the Harrington Township census of 1830 and 1840. He married on 15 Jan 1831 Amelia H. Gesner (11  Apr 1815 - 12 Apr 1901), dau. of William Herbert Gesner & Mary Ann Mann, and g-dau of Nicholas Gesner & Gracie Post, [see Gesner Family]. In 1935, David bought a lot from the RDC in Tappan across from the church on Kings Highway where he built an attractive three-bay Greek revival house. Within five years he added a carpenter shop behind it.*

* Tappan 300 years. Wilfred Blanch Tallman.
Firth Haring Fabend, ed. Tappan Historical Society, 1989

David A. & Amelia Gesner had four children:

    i. Elizabeth (?-?),
   ii. Mary Ann (?-?) married William Parcell of Tappan,
  iii. William (?-?) m. pos. on 18 Sep 1875 Ewa Huyler,
  iv. George (?-?).

7ii.     Jacob Haring [7462] (11 July 1812, Tappan RDC - 30 Aug 1880*), son of Abraham D. & Letitia, lived and worked on his family farm. He is included in the Harington Township census of 1830 and in the detailed 1850 census as a member of the Abraham D. Haring household: 38, Carpenter. Jacob married Charlotte Woolley (1820, St. Helena, Africa -?). 

Jacob Haring & Charlotte Wooley had one child:

    i. John (10 May 1862, Tappan RDC -?).

The 1860 census [Township of Harrington, Bergen Co., (Schraalenburgh P.O.) p 127] lists Jacob A. Haring (48, carpenter), Charlotte (39, mistress) living in a separate house adjacent to Jacob's parents.

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

7iii.     Samuel A. Haring [7463] (2 Jan 1815, Tappan RDC -?), son of Abraham D. & Letitia, married 17 May 1824* Sarah Bogart (? Onderdonk) (1817, Tappan-)

Samuel A. Haring & Sarah Bogart had children:

   i. David E. Haring (c.1838 - ?)
Maria Ann  (19 Oct 1839, Tappan RDC-?)*
 iii. Sarah C. (c.1843-?),
iv. Abraham (c.1852-?), 
  v. Margaret (1859-?)**

* Howard I Durie: The Durie Family - Published 1985.

Samuel A. and his wife, Sarah, joined the Tappan Reformed Dutch Church on 30 Sep 1854 and he became a deacon in 1855, re-serving subsequently in 1858, 1864, and 1871. He became an elder in 1874 and served again in 1880.

At the time if the 1860 census, they are living in Harrington Twp, Bergen Co, NJ (prob. Lower Closter, Schraalemberg P.O.): Samuel A. Haring (44, Farmer), Sarah (42, Mistress), David E. (22, Farm help), Maria A, (20, House help), Sarah C. (17, House help), Abraham (8), Margaret A. (1), Catherine Onderdonk (62, Widow).

* 1860 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p. 94.

At the time of the 1870 census, they are living in Orange County, NY and living with them is Letitia Haring (80) widow of Abraham D. Haring and mother of Samuel. Also living with them is Catherine Onderdonk (73) probable mother-in-law of Samuel.*

*1870 census Tappantown, Orangetown, Rockland Co, NY. p. 125.

7ix.     Abraham A. Haring (Mar 1837**, NJ-?), son of Abraham D. & Letitia, farmer, m. Julianna (Julia Anna) poss. Reames (Apr 1842**, NY- pre1920, NJ), parents b. Germany.

Children of Abraham A. & Julianna Reames include:

    i. John N. (1862*- ?),
   ii. Margaret E. (1867*-?),
  iii. George E. (Apr 1870**-?),
  iv. Rowland (Apr 1872**-?). 

* 1880 census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p 30.
**1900 census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, sheet 18-9.

Abraham D. Haring HouseOver the first half of the 19th Century the history of the Manor House is not clear and more research along the Riker and Haring family lines is necessary. There is evidence that a Peter Riker Haring grew up on the property and lived there with his wife Catherine Demarest (1825-1844) ("Haring Genealogical Notes" Howard I Durie, Johnson Library, Hackensack, NJ). He appears to have had possession in 1853 when he sold the property and manor house to David Jacobus Haring who sold the property and manor house to Samuel B. Corning in 1856.

The fact remains, in 1856 the property on which the "Northern Valley Manor House" stands was conveyed to Samuel B. Corning. From the description of the 38-acre Samuel B. Corning property, and from the Carterette Road extension laid out in 1858 [based on Road Return G-28 (R. McMahon, 1973)] that it is clear indeed that the properties of both sister Elizabeth (14 acres) and brother Samuel (24+ acres) had been acquired  sometime after 1805 and joined. Also in 1856, David D. Haring  [6393b*], son of David A and Maria Alyea-Haring-Eckerson and younger step-brother of Abraham D. Haring, sold some of his inherited land that was adjacent to the south to Samuel B. Corning. (May 6, 1856, A5, i p. 397). In addition, Samuel B. Corning is shown as owner of the manor house on the 1861 Hopkins-Corey map. He, in turn, sold the property to Jenkins Sloat in 1870 who is shown in possession on the 1876 Walker's Atlas. 

Other children of David A. Haring [5203] & Elizabeth include:

6ii       Jacob D. Haring [6392](11 Jul 1787, RDC, Tappan  - 16 Feb 1866*, Palisades , NY, Cem.), the second son of David A. Haring & Elizabeth Blauvelt, would in 1802 at age 15 become ward of his grandfather Abraham A. Haring [336]. He would marry on 22 Feb 1810** at RDC Tappan, NY, Elizabeth Riker (7 Sep 1794** - 20 July 1860**, Palisades, NY, Cem.), daughter of Peter Riker & Margaret Mabie. [see Riker Family]  

Children of Jacob Haring & Elizabeth Riker included:

    i. Elizabeth "Eliza" Haring (1815-1899) and
   ii. Peter Riker Haring (1822-1900). 

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.
**Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J. Millard)

The 1850 census shows Jacob D. Haring (Framer 63) and Elizabeth (55) living in Rockland area of Harrington Township. Also included are Peter R. Haring (Farmer, 28), Maria (26), Charles (3). The location between Jacob Sneden (in the ancestral Gerardus Riker House) and Abner Conklin & Elizabeth Beasley, indicated that in 1850, Jacob Conklin was living in the ancestral Abraham Riker House.

* 1850 Census: Harrington Twp, Begen Co, NJ,

The 1860 census shows Jacob D. Haring and Elizabeth living with daughter Elizabeth and her husband Nicholas. Jacob and Elizabeth are buried in the Palisades (NY) Cemetery. 

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.
**Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J. Millard)

7i.      Elizabeth "Eliza" Haring [7466] (6 Jan 1815* - 16 Jun 1899*), daughter of Jacob D. Haring & Elizabeth Riker, wed on 10 Dec 1835* her cousin Nicholas J. Haring [6409]  (27 Oct 1814 - 7 Feb 1896*). They took up residence in his father's house (the John A. Haring House) where they began a family that would include ten children. (see Nicholas J. Haring [6409]).

*Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J. Millard)

7ii.     Peter Riker Haring [7467] (8 Feb 1822* - 13 Aug 1900*), farmer, son of Jacob D. Haring & Elizabeth Riker, m. 1st 27 Sep 1843 Catherine Demarest (15 May 1825 - 7 Dec 1844), dau. of Samuel R. Demarest & Elizabeth Zabriskie of Bergenfield, NJ.

Peter and Catherine had one child:

i. William B. Haring (8 Aug 1844* - 7 Dec 1844*).

 Peter m. 2nd bet. 1845/1847 Margaret "Maria" Lydecker (Nov?-?).

Children of Peter and Margaret include:

    i. Charles Riker Haring (1847*-1937*); 
   ii. Oscar Haring (1850*-?).

*Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J. Millard)

8ii.      Charles Riker Haring (20 Apr 1847* - 26 Jan 1937*), son of Peter Riker Haring & Catherine Demarest,  wed Emma Elizabeth Miller (? - 6 May 1949*). A daughter, Matilda "Tillie" Catherine Haring (29 Sep 1890 - 26 Mar 1936) wed on 28 Mar 1921 Charles Edward Williams.

*Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J. Millard)

8iii.     Oscar Haring (20 Mar 1851* -?), son of Peter Riker Haring & Catherine Demarest, m. on 16 Dec 1885 Ida Doremus (?-?).    

*Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J. Millard)

6iii.     Samuel D. Haring [6393] (8 Oct 1789*, RDC, Tappan - 12 Feb 1879*), third son of David A. Haring & Elizabeth Blauvelt Haring, in 1802 at age 13 would become the ward of John A. Haring. His inherited lands appear to have been acquired, by his brother Abraham D. sometime after 1805. Married on 19 May 1824* Sally [Sarah] Bogert (23 Feb 1802*-?).

* Haring Family Bible, courtesy of Karen Eisenhart

Children of Samuel D. & Sally Bogert  include:

    i. Matthew (11 Feb 1825*, Tappan RDC - 22 Jul 1872) m. 27 Nov 1847* Cathelia Van Valen,
   ii. David ( 25 Sep 1827*, Tappan RDC -?)  m. 12 Apr 1854* Ann Elizabeth Rush
[Child: George Demarest Haring (1857-1942*) m. in 1882* Nell Post],
  iii. Maria (21 Aug 1830*, Tappan RDC - ?) m. 29 Jul 1854* Benjamin Duryea,
  iv. Wilminah (31 Jul 1834*, Tappan RDC - ?) m. 8 Sep 1869* John P. Van Buskirk/Vanbuskirk (abt 1825 - ?),
   v. Eliza (31 Dec 1837*, Tappan  RDC - 14 Feb 1855*), 
viii. Margaret A. (3 Nov 1840*, Tappan RDC - 14 Apr 1841*),
  ix. Henry S. (14 Apr 1842*, Tappan RDC - bef 1916 ) m. 17 Nov 1875* Mary Lavinia Brickell (12 Feb 1853 Rivervale, Bergen, NJ - ?), 
  xi. Calvin (21 Jun 1846*, Tappan RDC, -?) m. 16 Jun 1872* Maggie Demarest,
 xii. Edmon  (17 Jul 1848*, Tappan RDC -?) m. 11 Dec 1872* Mitilda Demarest. 
[The following individuals have been attributed as offspring of Samuel D. & Sally, but are not documented in the Haring Family Bible: vi. David E. (1838-?dy), vii. Maria Ann (19 Oct 1839, Tappan RDC -?dy), x. Sarah C. (1843-?dy), xiii. Abraham (1848-?) listed age 2 in 1850 census but not listed in 1860, may be Edmon listed age 11 in 1860 but not listed in 1850.

* Haring Family Bible, courtesy of Karen Eisenhart

8iii.      Maria Haring (21 Aug 1830* - 25 Nov 1885, Park Ridge, NJ), daughter of Samuel D. & Sally Bogart, wed 29 Jan 1865* Benjamin Duryea (5 Nov 1822 - 10 Apr 1895, Oradell, NJ) son of Jan Duryea & Metje Schoertes. Son: John William Duryea (29 Apr 1860, Park Ridge -11 Sep 1860, Park Ridge); daughter Matha J. Duryea (Abt. 1862 Washington, Bergen, NJ - ?).

* Haring Family Bible, courtesy of Karen Eisenhart

The 1850 Federal census lists  (just south of Rockland on Closter Publick Road) Samuel Haring (60, farmer), Sarah (28), Maria (20), Wilmina (16), Eliza (11), Henry (8), Calvin (4), Abraham (2).*

* 1850 Federal Census, Harington Township, Bergen Co, N page 285 [Image 18]

Listed in the 1860 Federal census (just south of Rockland on Closter Publick Road) are Samuel Haring (farmer, 69), Sally (mistress, 57); Maria (28), Welimina (25), Henry (farmer, 18), Calvin (14), Edmon (11).*

 *1860 census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p 120

Listed in the 1870 census (just south of Rockland, NJ, on Closter Publick Road) are Samuel Haring (farmer, 80), Sally (keeping house, 68); Henry (farmer, 28), Calvin (Machinist, 24), Edmon (21).*

*[1870 census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p 365]

6iv.     Elizabeth Haring [6393a*] (4 Jul 1795, RDC, Tappan -1870*), daughter of David A. Haring & Maria Alyea,  married 3 Dec  1812 John A. Haring [5231] (13 Aug 1792 - 24 Mar 1849) of Hempstead, NY, son of Abraham A. Hering & Derkye Ferdon.

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

6v      David D. Haring [6393b*] (23 Feb 1800, RDC, Tappan -1889, Nanuet, NY, RDC), son of David A. Haring [5203] & Maria Alyea, received as inheritance 25 acres of the Abraham A. Haring properties on the east side of Closter Publick Road. He married on 15 Sep 1821 Leah Verveelen (17 Oct 1802, Tappan - 1 Nov 1883, Nanuet, NY, RDC) of Tappan, dau. of Hendrick Verveelen and Cornelia Nagel.

 David Haring was a weaver, renown for his Jacquard coverlets. He sheared and dyed wool from his own sheep. His daughter, Maria, told her grandchildren that " a young girl, I had to wash the fleece in the brook across he road and help in he carding and spinning." *

* Alice M. Haagensen: "Palisades & Snedens Landing", p. 199-201,
Pilgrimage Publishing, Tarrytown, NY 1986.

Children of David D. & Maria Verveelen were

    i. Maria [Ackerman assigned her wrong number] (9 May 1823, Tappan RDC -?) m. in 1841 Jacob Bogert;
   ii. Henry [64210A] ( 3 Oct 1826, Tappan RDC -1828),
  iii. Eliza [6420] ( 21 Apr 1831, Tappan RDC -?). 

5iv     Abraham B. Haring [5205] (2 Jan 1766- ?, sometimes noted as Abraham A.), second son of Capt. Abram A. Haring [4111] with Jannetje Verbryck,  married 22 Nov 1781 at Tappan RDC Margaret Bogart (17 May 1771-?) daughter of Mathew Bogart & Sarah Bogart. They appear to have lived and raised their family in Parsippany*.

 Their children included

    i. Jannetje [6401](1788-?),
   ii. Matthew  [6402](1791-?),
  iii. Maria [6403] (1793), and
   v. Jacobus (1797) who died young.

*Rosalie F. Bailey: Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families 
in  Northern New Jersey and Southern New York. Dover Press, NY, 1968, 
originally published by William Morrow & Company, NY, 1936

5v.      Maria Haring [5207] (17 Jun 1774, RDC, Tappan -?) first child of Capt. Abraham A. Haring [4111] with Margarietje Blauvelt, married c.1803 Roelff Verbryck.


   i. John Verbryck (11 Oct 1803-dy),
   ii. John Verbryck (17 Jul 1808-?),
  iii. Gerritson Verbryck (1 Apr 1811-?),
  iv. Sarah Verbryck (24 Apr 1815-?)

5vi.     John A. Haring [5208] (6 Apr 1780, RDC, Tappan - 22 Feb 1854*) was the youngest son of Capt. Abraham A. Haring & Margarietje Blauvelt. Early in the new century, John A. Haring [5208] was building a farmstead on Haring lands distributed to him by division of the  Abraham A. Haring homestead after the death of his father. 

He married on 19 Jan 1804 at Tappan RDC Brechye "Bridget" Ferdon (19 Sep 1785 - 13 Sep 1865) dau of Jan Ferdon II of Harrington Twp & Marretje Sickles of Sickletown, NY.

John A. & Brechye Ferdon were to have two children:

    i. Maria [6408] (1805-1887) and
   ii. Nicholas J. [6409] (1814-1896). 

* The Haring Family Note Book 1810
Dutch Door Genealogy

John A. Haring FarmsteadAt the time of his marriage, John likely was living with Brechye in an existing one-room sandstone dwelling that stood on Haring land that appears to have been built in the mid 1750's. Undocumented oral tradition suggests that this structure may have been the old stone kitchen separated from the main Abraham A. Haring House and plausibly built by Capt. Abraham. Abrams Haring for his first home about the time of his first marriage in 1756.  About the time of the division of the lands in 1803, the old stone kitchen may have been dismantled, moved and reassembled at the present location by John A. Haring. By 1805, John A. had built a stone house adjacent to the old kitchen. with a larger addition and barn the next year. John and Brechye are buried in the Palisades (NY) Cemetery.

Emma T. Rogers, Diary of a Country Woman, p. 19-20
(New York, 1912)

Reginald McMahon, "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh, NJ", 1974 
(mms, Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge , NJ)

6i.      Maria Haring [6408] (22 Jan 1805, Tappan RDC - ?), daughter of John A. Haring  & Bridget Ferdon.

6ii      Nicholas J. Haring [6409] (27 Sep 1814, Tappan RDC - 7 Feb 1896), son of John A. Haring  & Bridget Ferdon, managed the farm on the west side of Closter Publick Road as his father, John A. Haring [5208] aged. Nicholas on 10 Dec 1835* married Elizabeth "Eliza" Haring [7466] (6 Jan 1815* - 16 Jun 1899), daughter of neighbor Jacob D. Haring [6392] & Elizabeth Riker. Both were great-grandchildren of Captain Abraham A. A. Haring.

*Peter Riker Bible (in possession of Esther J. Millard)

The 1860 census [Township of Harrington, Bergen Co., Schraalenburgh P.O., p 127] lists Nicholas Haring (Farmer, 45), Eliza (Mistress, 45), Maria Haring Sneden (Mistress, 23), Moses Taylor Sneden (Machinist, 24), Ira Sneden (>1), Jacob Haring (farm helper, 21), John N. Haring (farm helper, 19), Andrew (14), Margaret (10), Matilda L. (8), Catherine D. (5), Simon (3), Emily (2), Jacob D. Haring (farmer, 73), Elizabeth Haring (mistress, 68), Bridget Haring (widow, 74), William Jorden (waterman, 72), Ellen Jorden (mistress, 65).

Nicholas J. and Eliza raised a large family—five boys and five girls including:

    i. Maria (1837*-1887); 
   ii. Jacob N. (1839-1914);
  iii. John N. (21 Nov 1840, Tappan RDC), boatman, Pvt. Co I, 22nd NJ Infantry, Civil War, poss. married on 3 Jan 1865* Lois Ann Herron (?-?);
  iv. William (20 Feb 1845, Tappan RDC - 1858),
   v. Andrew (1846*-1887), 
  vi. Margaret Ann (10 Nov 1849, Tappan RDC -?) m. Mr. Blackledge;
 vii. Matilda Lydecker (7 May 1853, Tappan RDC -?);
viii. Catherine Demarest (3 Dec 1854, Tappan RDC -?);
  ix. Smon (1856*-?) and
   x. Emily (25 Jan 1858, Tappan RDC -1875). 

*** Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

The 1860 census shows Nicholad Haring (45, Farmer), Eliza (45, Mistress), Maria Haring Sneden (23), Moses Taylor Sneden (24), Ida Sneden (3/12), Jacob Haring  (21, Farm Help), John Haring  (19), Andrew (14) Margaret A. (10), Matilda L (8), Catherine D (5), Simon (3), Emily (2).  Elizabeth's parents, Jacob D. Haring (73, Farmer) and Elizabeth (68, Mistress) living with Elizabeth and Nicholas, as well as Nicholas' mother, Bridget (74, Widow Lady) *

* 1860 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p. 127.

Nicholas inherited the John A. Haring homestead lot and made improvements to the "John A. Haring House", adding additional bed chambers in both garrets for his growing family. 

Nicholas was involved with improvements within the community, for on "April 10, 1857 along with nine other local land owners he applied to Bergen County for a re-alignment of a part of Closter Public Road."* On June 2, 1857 the route was surveyed and the length of the improvement involved about one and one-half miles beginning near the present Norwood-Closter line. The artery ran northward past the John A. Haring House in which Nicholas now resided and ended close to the northeast corner of Moses Taylor's barn. From this point at Taylor's barn the existing road was extended to the New York border by October 4, 1859. The extension was first named Carterette Road.* 

* Reginald McMahon: "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh, NJ",  1973
(mms, Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ)

Nicholas J. Haring appears to have been generous with his family. Three of these 7th-generation children settled within the immediate area of the home. When Nicholas died in 1896, he had already given to his eldest son, Jacob, all of his lands to the east of Closter Publick Road. To his other two sons (Andrew and Simon), he gave "all the remainder of my old homestead farm lying on he west side of the Closter public road to be divided between them equally [and] all the stock and farming utensils on said farm, also all the furniture in my house" (with exceptions to his daughters).* 

* Nicholas J. Haring Will made Aug. 30 1880, proved Mar 25, 1896,
Book Y, p 535, Hackensack, NJ

7i.      Maria Haring ( 21 May 1837, Tappan RDC - 1 May 1887*), daughter of Nicholas J. Haring & Elizabeth "Eliza" Haring, married in 1859 Moses Taylor Sneden (14 Oct 1835 - ?), machinist* and son of Jacob & Cornelia Rudd-Sneden. (See Sneden Family)

The 1860 census shows Maria and Moses Taylor Sneden living with her parents while Moses Taylor Sneden built a dwelling on property owned by Maria's father on the east side of Closter Publick  Road. The house being known as the Moses Taylor Sneden House

The children of Moses Taylor Sneden & Maria Haring included:

    i. Ida Sneden (21 Apr 1860 - 7 Jan 1864, Palisades, NY, Cemetery),
   ii. Delphine "Dellie" Sneden   (1863-1948),
  iii. Bertha "Bertie" Sneden  (17 Jan 1870 - 5 Jun 1895, Palisades, NY, Cemetery),
  iv. Nicholas Haring "Harry" Sneden (1874-?). (See Sneden Family)

* 1860 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NY, p 127.
** 1880 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p 29.
*** Tombstone, Palisades (NY) Cemetery.

7ii.        Jacob N. Haring (19 Mar 1839, Tappan RDC -1914), son of Nicholas J. Haring & Elizabeth "Eliza" Haring, married c.1859 Caroline "Carrie" Christie (10 Nov 1842*-1900), dau. of John W. Christie & Margaretta Cooper (1814-1878). His father, Nicholas, gave the young couple a small two-room dwelling that was built c.1820 and stood on the Haring lands on the southeast side of Snedens Landing Road (Rockleigh Road) near Closter Publick Road.

* 1900 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, Sheet 18-10.

Jacob and Caroline began their married life by driving to the little house with a horse and wagon, one cow tied to the back of the wagon and a steeple clock that was their wedding present. Jacob enlarged the dwelling and ran a dairy farm for many years.  The steeple clock passed through several generations, keeping time on the mantle the Jacob N. Haring House

Jacob N. and Caroline Haring
 planting  potatoes in their fields 
(Photo circa 1890)

In both the 1880 census and 1900 census, William Christie (Boarder, shoe maker) is shown living with brother-in-law Jacob and sister Caroline as well as their daughters Grettie and Effie.
The 1910 census lists Jacob N. Haring (head, 71), Gretia (dau, 38),  Nick (son, 30), William Christie (uncle, 70) and Gertrude VanBlarcom (g-dau, 3).

Jacob & Caroline Christie had children:

    i. Elizabeth "Lizzie"  (1864*-?)],
   ii. Gretia "Grettie" (Jan 1872**-?),
  iii. Lois (1870***-1870***),
  iv. Nicholas (1878* - 11 Oct 1944), 
   v. Euphemia "Effie" (Aug 1882**- 1922).

 ** 1900 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, Dist. 18, Sheet 10.
*** Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

Jacob N. and Caroline Haring with family 
(Photo c. 1880)


8i.        Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Aug 1864*-?), daughter of Jacob N. Haring & Caroline Christie,  wed c.1886 James B. Quackenbush (1 Dec 1866-?**), rail road engineer, son of Isaac Quackenbush (1 Mar 1834-?) & Sarah Blackledge (27 Aug 1838-?). [Children: i. Isaac Quackenbush (Aug 1887-?), ii. Caroline "Carrie" Quackenbush (Sep 1893-?)**],

 ** 1900 Census, Harrington Township,
Bergen Co., NJ, Dist. 18, Sheet 10.

8iv.     Nicholas Haring (1878 - 11 Oct 1943), son of Jacob N. Haring & Caroline Christie, m. in 1897 -?-. His wife died before 1910 and he did not re-marry.

Nicholas Haring had one child: Jacob P. Haring.

As only son of Jacob N., he inherited the Jacob N. Haring House in 1914. Nicholas served as Tax Assessor for the new Rockleigh Borough from 1924 through 1943. From 1936 through 1942 he served concomitantly as Borough Councilman.

The 1910 census shows Nick (30) living with his father.
The 1920 census lists Nicholas (head, 41) with sister Grettie (44) and niece Gertrude Van Blarcom (12).
In the 1930 census, Nicholas (51) is listed as head of household with sister Grettie (56) and niece Gertrude Van Blarcom (23).

Haring— On October, 11, 1943. Nicholas at Rockleigh, NJ, father of Jacob P. Haring and grandfather of Winifred and Robert Haring of Demarest, brother of Miss Grettie Haring of Rockleigh, NJ....*

*Obituary, New York Times, Oct. 12, 1943, p. 27

Councilman Nicholas Haring 
on the farm - c. 1940

8v.     Euphemia "Effie" Haring (c.1881 - 13 Jan 1922), daughter of Jacob N. Haring & Caroline Christie, married 6 Dec 1900 Frank Van Blarcom (23 Jan 1880 - 13 Jan 1909), son of Norwood blacksmith John Van Blarcom (Jun 1852, NY-?) & Margaret "Maggie" Demarest (Sep 1860, NJ-?). They continued to live in the Jacob Haring House.

Effie Haring & Frank Van Blarcom had two children:

    i. Clarence Van Blarcom (24 Aug 1905, Harrington Twp, NJ - 17 Jan 1986, Saratoga Springs, NY*), industrial ironworker. [Daughter: Rogene Van Blarcom Bradley (? - bef 2000)], and
   ii. Gertrude Van Blarcom (1907-c.1984).


Van Blarcom Pedigree [ Show/Hide ]

Johannes W. Lubbersten Van Blarcom (1632->1711) & Magdeleen Jans Theunisse von Voorsthuijsen of Rotterdam emigrated to Hoboken, NJ, in the mid 17th Century. He brought with him 3 sons among a large family: i. Peter Jansen, Gysbert Jansen, and iii. John Jansen.

Peter Jansen Van Blarcom (~1665-?) married (1) Jacomina Cornelis, (2) in 1685 Elizabeth Symons and (3) in 1719 Antie Meyers (wid). The twelfth child by A.M. was Garret.

Gerret Van Blarcom (1707, Hackensack, NJ) wed in Hackensack Hillegont Akkerman. Their second child was David.

David Van Blaricom (1739-?) wed in 1765 Elizabeth Parrelman. Their fourth child was Garrit.

Gerrit Van Blarcom (1768-1854) wed Maria Hopper. Their first child was Peter.

Peter Van Blarcom (1805-1862)  wed -?- and their first child was Garret.

Garret Van Blarcom (1829-?), a blacksmith in Tappan, NY, married Elizabeth Post (?-1853) and had sons, John W. and Anderen

John W. Van Blarcom (1852-?) learned his father’s trade, lived in Norwood and married Margaret Demarest, daughter of Peter A. Demarest. Sons included: Demarest Van Blarcom (who would marry Adeline Denike of Palisades, NY,) and Frank Van Blarcom who would marry Effie Haring.*

* Cornelius Burnham Harvey:
Genealogical History of Hudson
and Bergen Counties
, New Jersey
Genealogical Publishing Company,
NYC,  NY. 1900  p. 607

The 1910 census lists Frank Van Blarcom (son, 30, grocery clerk) and Clarence (g-son, 4) living with parents John & Maggie Van Blarcom in Norwood.**

* Certificate of Death # 4501, Saratoga Springs, State of New York
** 1910 Census, Northvale, Harrington Township, Bergen Co, NJ,  Dist. 23, Sheet 5B

9ii.       Gertrude Van Blarcom ( 1 May 1907-Feb 1982), daughter of Effie Haring & Frank VanBlarcom,  when her mother died in 1922, went to live from time to time with her aunt and uncle, Addie Denike & Demarest Van Blarcom (her father's brother), in Palisades, NY, where she attended grade school with her cousins, Alma (b.1914) and Demarest, Jr., (b.1910).

In the 1910 census, Gertrude is listed as living with her grandfather Jacob and her aunt Grettie; also included in the household are her uncle Nick Haring and great uncle William Christie.* 

* 1910 Census, Northvale, Harrington Township, Bergen Co, NJ,  Dist. 23, Sheet 16A

In the 1920 census*, uncle Nick is listed as head of the Jacob Haring House with sister Grettie and niece Gertrude Van Blarcom. In the 1930 census, she was listed as a Real Estate Stenographer.** When Nicholas Haring died in 1944, she and Gordon Hutcheon came into the property.

  * 1920 Census, Northvale, Harrington Township,
Bergen Co, NJ,  Dist. 85, Sheet 7B
.** 1930 Census, Rockleigh, Bergen Co., NJ, Sheet 1A.

Gertrude wed c.1931 Charles Gordon Hutcheon (12 Dec 1908 - 14 Feb 1994, Hackettstown, NJ).  She continued to reside in the Jacob Haring House with her husband. Gordon Hutcheon served as Borough Councilman  from 1943 through 1946 as well as from 1959 through 1964; and served as Mayor of Rockleigh from 1947 through 1958 and again from 1965 through 1982. Gertrude and Gordon had no children. As the last "Haring" owners, they resided in the Jacob Haring Homestead  until the last decade of the 20th century. 

When Gordon Hutcheon courted
Gertrude Van Blarcom...1930

7v.    Simon Haring (3 Sep 1856, Tappan RDC - ?), son of Nicholas J. Haring & Elizabeth "Eliza" Haring, in 1906 conveyed to A. Lexow (Lexom?) of Englewood "...all the equal undivided half of all the lands...which were devised to Andrew [and] the last will and testament of Nicholas J. Haring." By December of that year, the 40.27 acre tract was divided between Andrew and Lexow into lots with Andrew receiving the homestead. From 1912 into the 1930, Alan H. Lexom resided in the Abraham A. Haring House.

Deeds, Book 630, p. 76 and 652, p. 113, Hackensack, NJ

7ix.     Andrew Haring (24 Sep 1846, Tappan RDC -1926), son of Nicholas J. Haring & Elizabeth "Eliza" Haring, the fourth child of Nicholas J. & Eliza, continued to live in the old John A. Haring homestead.  

John A. Haring FarmsteadWhen Andrew married Martha Jon (1853-1895), Nicholas added the clapboard wing to the south side of the old stone kitchen for the couple.

Andrew and Martha raised two children:

    i. Ira  (July 1878-?) and
   ii. Harriet (1884-?). 

In his will, probated 20 Dec. 1926, Andrew Haring left the remainder of the homestead to his daughter, Harriet. 

The 1900 census lists Andrew Haring (Head, 56, farmer), Ira (Son, 22, farm laborer), and Harriet (Daughter, 16).  
The 1910 census shows that Andrew's sisters Margaret A. Haring-Blackledge and Matilda L. Haring are residing with him, Ira and Harriet. 

The 1920 census lists Andrew (73), Matilda Haring (67) and widowed Margaret Haring-Blackledge (70).

8i.       Ira J. Haring (1878-?), son of Andrew Haring & Matha Jon, in 1855 married Mattie Kline (? - pre.1930).* The 1930 census shows Ira (52) residing in the John A. Haring House with his sister, Harriet and brother-in-law Harry Duke.

* 1930 Census, Rockleigh, Bergen Co., NJ, Sheet 1A.

8ii.      Harriet Haring (1885-?), daughter of Andrew Haring & Matha Jon, married in 1904 Harry E. Duke (1873, NY-?) of New York, a bank manager.* After the death of her husband, Harriet continued to live on the premises. 

On Nov 3, 1969, Harriet Haring Duke sold the property and purchased the Abraham A. Haring House.** The John A. Haring House had remained in the Haring Family for 164 years through four generations of Haring family ownership.

* 1930 Census, Rockleigh, Bergen Co., NJ, Sheet 1A.
** Deeds, Book 1504, p. 306 and 310, and 5366,  p. 239, Hackensack, NJ
Reginald McMahon, "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh, NJ", 1974  
(mms, Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge , NJ)

4iii.     David A. Haring [4113] (19 Feb 1737 - 1798), son Abraham A. Haring, Sr. [336] & Maria Demarest, married Elizabeth Ferdon (Abt. 1741-1834), daughter of Jan and Brichje Ferdon.

David A. Haring & Elizabeth Ferdon lived in the Blanch-Haring House in that portion of the Tappan Patent that became Norwood, NJ, where they raised two children:

    i. Abraham D. [5209] (7 Aug 1767 - 22 Sep 1840) married on 3 Sep 1786 at Tappan RDC Elizabeth Peek (Sep 1768 - 20 Jul 1830), inherited the Blanch-Haring House, and
   ii. John D. [5210] (1769-?), a well-known surveyor and lawyer in the area, m. 8 Aug 1788 at Tappan to Annetje Smith.

3viii   Daniel Haring [342] (4 Sep 1725, bp. 12 Oct 1720 at RDC Tapan, NY - 6 May 1806, Harrington Twp, Bergen Co, NJ), son of Abraham Jans Haring & Dirckje Tallman and brother of Abraham A . Haring Sr. [336]. A deed is recorded in which "on 4 May 1773, Jacob & Hester Concklin, of Orange Co., NY [sold] to Jacob Concklin Jr. of same, for £600, 166 acres in Orange Twp., Orange Co., NY...except 61 acres purchased by Daniel Haring."  [see Deed of 1773]

With wife Elizabeth Polhemus (bp. 21 Mar 1725 at RDC Jamaca, NY - 19 May 1803 at Tappan, Orange [Rockland], NY), the couple resided on the Abraham Jans portion of the Tappan Patent that became Northvale, NJ. They had several children including:

    i. Abraham Daniel [4121] (2 May 1748 - 13 Apr 1831),  m. Dirckje Ferdon (1749-1841), dau of Jan Ferdon & Brechie Haring,
   ii. Sarah (4 Jan 1751-?) who married Johannes Haring (1739-?) son of Teunis and Sara Blauvelt,
  iii. Jan/John I. (19 Feb 1754-?), m. Jane Sickles (1751-1845),
  iv. Rachel (1757-1841) m. Douwe Harmanus Tallman (1755-1830)
   v. Cornelius Daniel (16 May 1760 - ?) m Aeltje Blauvelt (1766-?)
  vi. Antye (7 Jan 1764-?). 

4i        Abraham Daniel Haring [4121] (2 May 1748 - 23 Apr 1831), son of Daniel Haring & Elizabeth Polhemus, married Dirckje Ferdon (8 Apr 1749 - 27 Jun 1841). Moved to New Hempstead, NY. Both Abraham and Dirckje are buried in the Cemetery of the Nanuet True Reformed Church, Nanuet, NY.

Children include:

    i. Ann Haring (1773-1864) m David Blauvelt (1748-1770)
   ii. Abraham Haring (1780-1831) m. Brechye Ferdon (1786-c.1850)
  iii. Elizabeth Haring (1784-1859) m. Thomas Banta
  iv. John A. Haring [5231] (1792-1849).

5iv.         John A. Haring/Herring [5231] (13 Aug 1792 - 24 Mar 1849), son of Abraham Daniel Haring & Derkje Ferdon, married 3 Dec 1812  Elizabeth Haring [6393a] (1795-1870), daughter of David A. Haring & Maria Alyea. John farmed property in Ramapo, Rockland County, NY. Both  John and Elizabeth are buried in the Cemetery of the Nanuet True Reformed Church, Nanuet, NY, of which John A. Haring was among the founders.

Children of John A Haring & Elizabeth Haring include:

   i.     Ann Haring (02 Jul 1814 -1907), baptized 25 Jul 1814, RDC, Clarkstown, NY*; m. Issack Tallman (1806-1875).
  ii.     David Haring (02 Nov 1816 - ?), baptized 17 Nov 1816, RDC, Clarkstown, NY*; m. Maria Ackerman. John and Maria resided in Ramapo adjacent to John's parents.
 iii.     Maria Haring (19 Feb 1819 - 03 Sep 1846), baptized 22 Mar 1819 RDC, Clarkstown, NY.*
 iv.     Bridget Haring (10 Aug 1821 - 1907), baptized 27 Aug 1821, RDC, Clarkstown, NY*; m. Peter Yuery.
?-?     Other children: About 1822 the Nanuet True RDC was established, from which no records have been discovered. John A (a church founder) and Elizabeth Haring probably had two or three children between 1822 and 1832.
  v.     Elizabeth Haring (20 Mar 1832 - 30 Jun 1930),  probably baptized at Nanuet True Reformed Dutch Church at Nanuet, Rockland, NY, for which there are no extent records. She m. Bernard Oblinis.**
 vi.      Jacob Haring (1837-?).

* Birth records, Charkstown RDC, Clarkstowen, Rockland, NY.
** Courtesy of Jenny Wilis,  Descendent of Elizabeth Haring and Bernard Oblinis.



Written and compiled by E. W. April, 2002
Updated, 2007