The Gowdey (Gowdy) Family

[This section is a work in progress. There may be genealogical errors. It is not meant to be a complete Gowdy Family Tree,
rather portions relevant to the History of Rockleigh Borough. Corrections or clarifications are welcome:]


The James Gowdey House


1           James "Jamie" W. Gowdey (Nov 1831, NYC, NY*- 1923, Rockleigh, NJ**), carpenter, wed c.1852 Mary Elizabeth Conklin (14 Aug 1832, NJ*** - 15 Aug 1935), daughter of  John Gesner Conklin & Madeline Fortier. [see Conklin Family]

The couple raised a large family—five boys and five girls:

    i. William A./Edwin (1855*- 31 Oct 1928#) m. Amanda ?, resided in South Broadway, NY,
   ii. Lewis Henry (1857***-?),
  iii. Sarah Madeline (Feb 1859*-?);
  iv. John Conklin  (1861, New York-?) m. in 1886 Wilhelmina (1860****, New York-?).

       [Children: i. Elizabeth (1886****-?),  ii. Wilhelmina (1891****-?), iii. Walter (1899****-?)]
   v. Jerome Lewis (1865*****-?),
  vi. Emma Ellen (1867*****-?),
 vii. Benjamin F. (1869*****-?),
viii. Ida Virginia (1872**-?), 
  ix. Leah Amelia (Apr 1874****-1965),
   x. Margaret.

 * 1900 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., Sheet 18-10.
*1910 Census, Orangetown, Rockland, NY -Sheet 8
** New York Times, August 15, 1932 p. 13.
*** 1860 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p 121.
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#New York Times, Obituary 2 Nov 1928.

The 1860 census shows Mary and her family living with her parents in the John G. Conklin household: John G. Conklin (63, Farmer), Magdalene (63, Mistress), Mary Gowdey (28), James W. Gowdey (29, Carpenter), William A Gowdey (5), Lewis H. Gowdey (3), and Sarah M. Gowdey (1).*

*1860 Federal census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ. page 121.

In 1862 James W. Gowdy built a house  (James Gowdey House) on former property of John Henry Gesner on the east side Carterette Road (upper Piermont Road).

The 1880 census lists James (48, carpenter), Mary (47, keeping house), S. Madeline (21, daughter), Jerome L. (15, son), Emma E. (13, daughter), Benjamin F. (11, son), Ida V. (8, daughter), L Amelia (6, daughter).* 

The 1900 census lists James (head, 68, carpenter), Mary E. (wife,  67), Sarah M. (daughter, 30), Leah (daughter, 26).**

* 1880 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p 31.
** 1900 Census, Harrington Park, Bergen Co., NJ, Sheet 10.
#New York Times, Obituary 2 Nov 1928.

 New York Times, August 15, 1932 p. 13.

Mary Elizabeth lived to be 103 years old. Daughters Emma Ellen and Leah inherited the farm circ 1935. The property remained in Gowdey family until 1965. [see James Gowdey House]



Written and compiled by E. W. April, 2002
Updated, 2006