The Conklin / Concklin Family

[This section is a work in progress. There may be genealogical errors. It is not meant to be a complete Conklin Family Tree, rather portions relevant to the History of Rockleigh Borough. Corrections or clarifications are welcome:]
Much of the Conklin Family has been provided provided courtesy of Pat Wardell, a Sneden descendent.

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Ananais Concklyne, 1594-1657
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2nd David Conklin,  1793-1840
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Elizabeth Conklin,  1778-?
Elizabeth 'Bets' Concklin,
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Conklin,  c.1845-?
Elizabeth Gesner Conklin,  1798- ?
Femmitje (Phebe) Conklin,
Jacob Concklyne, .c1615-1642
Jacob Conklin Esq, 1718-1787
2nd Jacob Conklin, 1743-1827
3rd Jacob Conklin,  1766-1811
4th Jacob Conklin, 1794-1832
John Concklyne, 1598-1684
John Concklin "of Flushing & Rye", c.1636-1698
John David Conklin
John Gisner Conklin
Louis Henry Fortier Conklin
Margaret "Peggy" Conklin
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Mary Elizabeth Conklin
Matthys Conklin, 1698-1776
Nicholas Conklin, 1661-1751
Nicholas Conklin, 1811- c.1880
Phebe Conklin, 1806-?
Phebe Conklin, 1801-1827
Powles S. Conklin
Elizabeth "Lida" Leonard
William Concklyne, c.1575


Conklin-Sneden House

Riker-Mabie-Concklin- Sneden House ("Roaring Brook Farm")

Site of John Gesner Conklin House, Cider Mill & Quarry

Gesner-Conklin Burying-ground

Van Wickel-Moore House




The Conklin Family
of Westchester, Rockland, and Bergen

As a founding family of this hamlet (formerly part of Tappan, NY, then Rockland, NY,  subsequently Harrington Twp, NJ, then called Old Closter, NJ, followed by Rockland, NJ, renamed East Northvale, NJ, and now Rockleigh, NJ) the Conklin family has a place of prominence in the history of Rockleigh. In 1748, Jacob Conklin, Esq., was among of the first four settlers in the area with Jan Gesner (1749), Abraham A.A. Haring, and John Ryker  (1748).

Baptism records indicate that Jacob Conklin was the son of Joseph Conklin & Rebecca Hyatt of Eastchester and Philipsburgh Manor, NY. Joseph , in turn, was the last child of John Concklin "of Flushing and Rye" & Helena Magdalena. The lineage of John Conklin "of Flushing & Rye" becomes clouded and controversial. While often mentioned as a son or nephew of John Conklin or his brother Ananais Conklin, DNA samples of descendants of the three families proves that John Conklin of Flushing & Rye was not directly related to either.


3.i.      John Concklin/ Kancklyne/ Kanklie/ Cankley/ Cankele "The Orphan"/"of Flushing and Rye"1  John "the Orphan" married bef.1661 Helena/Magdelena --?-- (c.1635 - c.1678 in Eastchester, NY).** Between 1657 and 1660, there is evidence that John "The Orphan" and Helena Magdalena resided in Flushing, Queens, NY.

1. It has been proposed* that John Conklin of Flushing & Rye was born 1638/1639, St. Peters Parish, Nutall Nottingham, England - c.1698, Eastchester, NY), perhaps the orphaned son of glassmaker Jacob Concklyne & Elizabeth Hickton, plausably resided in the Salem, MA, and  Southold, NY, homes of his proposed uncle John Concklyne & Elizabeth Alseabrook. None of this this enjoys solid support.

2. No record has been found of the name of John's wife.  Conklin Mann** made the assumption that it most likely was Helena because four of their sons so named daughters: Nicholas his 2nd (the first Sarah after his wife),  John his 2nd, Deliverance his 1st, and Joseph likewise so named a daughter. The names Helena and Helena Magdalena propagate broadly through subsequent generations.

* Charlotte L. Giltner: "John Concklin of Flushing, LI, and Rye, New York.
A Tentative Compilation.
" 15 January 1990

** Conklin Mann: "John Concklin of Flushing and Rye,
New York." The American Genealogist, 1950.
Clarence Almon Torrey: "New England Marriages Prior to 1700",
 Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, 1995

John was living in Flushing, NY, when on 16 July 1665 he bought land on the Mamaroneck River side of Budds Neck, Rye, NY, from John Budd.

In 1665 John Budd of Rye in the jurisdiction of Connecticut, in New England, sells to John Morgan & John Concklin of Flushing in the county of Yorkshire, L.I., a tract of land in Rye (Co. Rec. Vol. B, pg 101.)

'John Budd' Sr. of town of Rye in the jurisdiction of bargain and John Morgan & John Concklin of the town of Flushing in Co. of Yorkshire upon Long Island, and a certain tract of land lying within the town of Rye bounded on the west by the Mamaroneck River, on the east to a great rock in a bottom, south with Creek and north to the markt trees. I, John Budd set my hand and seal 19 July 1665.

See NYG&BR v. 54, p 394 Col Rec. Hartford v. 1, p 333.

In 1676, John and Helena moved from Rye to Eastchester, selling the Rye lands to John and Joseph Horton (b. 1632) formerly of Southold, LI, NY. 

'Know all men...etc. that I, John Concklin of Rye in the county of Fairfield, my heirs, executors, acknowledge and sign over all my rights and title and interest in this bill of sale belonging unto me and the said John Concklin unto John Horton & Joseph Horton of Rye in Co. of Fairfield [CT]. In witness I set my hand, etc. this day the 27th of Feb. 1676 John Concklin Signed in presence of Benjamin Collier Richard Mater

See NYG&BR v. 54, p 394 Col Rec. Hartford v. 1, p 333.

[John Conklin of Flushing & Rye surely knew well John Budd who removed from Southold, LI, NY, to Rye, NY, in 1661. He also must have known well the Hortons of Hortons Neck, Southold, LI, NY, which lies just across Hasamomuck Pond from Conkling Point. Joseph Horton (first son of Barnabas) had removed from Southold, NY, to Rye, NY, about 1664 with his son John.*  The wife of Joseph, Jane Budd, was the daughter of John Budd of Rye, formerly of Southold, who originally sold the property to John Conklin. The Budds, Hortons, and Conklins, all Southold neighbors, intermarried frequently.** ]

* George F. Horton, M.D. Horton Genealogy, published 1876.
** New Jersey Biographical and Genealogical Notes, pp. 67-68

John Concklin & Helena had children:

    i. Nicholas (1661-1751),
   ii. John (c.1664, Flushing, NY-1706) m 1st on 7 Dec 1694 Mehitabel (Tibbetts) Hadley, daughter of George Tibbetts & Mehitabel Betts, both of Spyten Duyvil, Yonkers, and widow of Joseph Hadley of Yonkers. John m. 2nd by 1706 Lydia (? Van Wart).
[Daughter with Lydia: Helena (1716-?) m. Jean Beselie of Phillipsburgh, son of Francis Beselie & Hilletje Sybouts-Cranckheit.]
  iii. Catalyntje (c.1667 in Rye, NY-?) m. c. 1691 Gerret Van Wart of Philipsburgh Manor, NY, son of Jochem Van Woerdt & Christina Jans of Flatbush, NY.
  iv. Edmond (c.1670 in Rye, NY-?)
   v. Deliverance (1672- c.1752)
  vi. Maritje/Mary (c.1674 in Rye, NY- Bef. 29 Dec 1717), m. widower Barent Dutcher (?, Esopus, Ulster Co, NY - ?), resided in Philipsburgh, NY
 vii. Samuel (c.1676 in Eastchester, NY - by 1706) removed in 1700 to Storm King Mt., Cornwall, Orange Co., NY. m.1st on 04 May 1701 in Haverstraw, Annatje VanWart, (?, Flatbush, NY -?) widow of Johannes Jochseinne/Jurckse, daughter of Joachem Van Woerdt & Christina Jans of Flatbush, NY.
Samuel m. 2nd Immetje Hey.
viii. Joseph (c.1680-?)

*From Conklin Mann "John Concklin of Flushing and Rye, New York."
The American Genealogist. 1950 
and Katharine Adams. " Genealogy Data on Conklins of New York."
Typescript, ca 1931, and church records.

4.i.       Nicholas Concklin (c.1661 by his own testimony, Flushing, NY - 1751, Kakiat, Orange Co [now Rockland Co], NY), the first son of John Conklin & Helena, a carpenter, married in 1691 Sarah Hunt  (bpt. 19 Nov 1673, NYC -?), daughter of John Hunt & Elsje Baxter, and resided in Eastchester, NY.  In 1711 Nicholas was one of the purchasers of the Kakiat Patent. Nicholas and Sarah moved about 1720 to Haverstraw, Orange County (now Rockland Co.). 

Children of Nicholas Concklin & Sarah Hunt:

    i. John/Jan Conklin (c.1692, Eastchester, NY -?) of Kakiat, NY, betrothed 1 Jan 1720 at Tappan RDC Guertje DePue (17 Oct 1702, RDC, b. Haverstraw, bp. Tappan, NY - ?) , widow of Willem Mynert Hendrickse and dau of John DePue and Jannette Wiltse.
   ii. Elias (c.1693, Eastchester-?);
  iii. twins: Sarah (c.1695,  Eastchester -?) and Lizbeth (c.1695,  Eastchester -?)
  iv. Edmund (c.1697, Eastchester -?);
   v. William (c.1700-?);
  vi. Helena (May 1702-?);
 vii. Isaac (c. 1705-?);
viii. Joshua (2 Oct 1707-?).

4.v.       Deliverance (Leverence) Conklin/ Canckeley (Oct. 1675, Rye, NY - c.1752, Philipsburgh, NY), son of John Conklin  & Helena, moved to New York City where he married in RDC of New York City, NY, on 2 Sep 1695 Engeltje Buckhout /Boeckhout (11 Mar 1678, NYC-?), daughter of Matthys Janszen Boeckhout & Elizabeth Ellsworth of Lower Yonkers and Sleepy Hollow, NY.

[Jan Boeckhout came from Leyden to New Amsterdam 1662 on the "De Purmerlander Kercke" with wife Hannah and five children. His son Matthys settled in Philipsburgh and was a member of the the Philipsburgh Church.*]

 *The Elsworth Family of New  York City. NYG&B Record V. 64, N. 2, 1933, p. 160

About 1697 Deliverance and Engeltje moved to Phillipsburg Manor, NY, on the lower part of the Pocantico River where he was a tenant farmer.

 Children of Deliverance Conklin & Engeltje Buckhout included:

    i. Helena Magdalena (bpt. 28 Oct 1696 in Haarlem, NY - 3 May 1729 in Tappan, NY) m. on 2 Mar 1720 at Tarrytown RDC* Jeremiah Mabie, (5 Jun 1699 in Haarlem, NY - 1729 in Tappan, NY).
   ii. Matthys (b. c.1698 in Haarlem, NY - 1776) m. 1719 Sophia "Feytje" Mabie.
  iii. Capt. Jan/John (Cancklie) (bpt. 20 Aug 1700 in Tarrytown, NY* - 15 Nov 1785),  m. 1724 Annatje Storm of Tarrytown, ten children.
  iv. Edmund (Heydeman) (bpt. 10 Mar 1704 in Tarrytown, NY* -?), m. 1730 Mary Hyatt.
   v. Deliverance (Leverens), Jr (twin, bpt. 22 Aug 1705 in Tarrytown, NY* -?), m. 1728 Aeltje Storm of Tarrytown and resided in Phillipsburg Manor.
  vi. Engeltje (twin, bpt. 22 Aug 1705 in Tarrytown, NY* -?), m. 1725 Stephen Ecker.
 vii. Elizabeth (bpt. 1 Jun 1708 in Tarrytown, NY* - ?), m 1733 Johannes Brouwer.
viii. Catherina (bpt. 16 Aug 1710 in Tarrytown, NY* -?), m 1729 Thomas Travis.
  ix. Abraham (bpt. 12 Mar 1712 in Tarrytown, NY* -?), m 1733 Maritje Brouwer.
   x. Sara (bpt. 25 May 1714, Tarrytown, NY -?) m. 1741 Tarrytown, NY, Johannes Sloat (18 Sep 1674 - ?), son of Jan Jansen Sloat/Slot.

*Marriage and Baptism Registers, RDC Church,
Philipsburg, Tarrytown, NY.


 Jacob Conklin (1718 - 1787), listed by G. MacKenzie as the last child of Deliverance Conklin & Engeltje Buckhout, appears to be an error. The Tarrytown, NY, RDC shows no baptism record of a son, Jacob, by parents Deliverance Conklin (numerous spellings) & Engeltje Buckhout. The Tappan, NY,  RDC does record a baptism of Jacob, son of Joseph Conklin (Deliverance's brother) & Rebecca Hyatt with sponsors Jacob Wilze and Ebbegel, his wife.* Also, two of Jacob's siblings have baptism records at the Tappan RDC.**

*Marriage and Baptism Registers, RDC,
Philipsburg, Tarrytown, NY.
**Marriage and Baptism Registers, RDC,
Tappan, NY


5.ii.         Matthys/Matteus/Matthias Conklin (c.1698, Philipsburgh, NY - 1776, Orangetown, NY), the first son of Deliverance & Engeltje, married on 27 Sep 1719 Sophia "Feytje" Mabie/Meebie (1697, New York City -1776), daughter of Caspar Pieterzen Mabie of Tappan. They settled in Irvington at the Harmse Tavern.  By 1750 he had sold the tavern to Odell and moved to Orangetown, Rockland, Co.*  Matthys acquired a tract of at least 8 acres in Rockland [present Rockleigh], bordering the 166½ acres of his youngest brother, Jacob Conklin, Esq. It is not clear that he lived on those lands. Later he and Sophia Mabie resided on Mabie property in Tappan Town, where he died in 1776. Then on 5 Feb 1776, before he died, "Matthys Conklin and wife Sophia of Rockland in Orange County, deeded to [his nephew] Jacob Conklin, Jr., of Bergen County, 8 acres in Rockland bordering lands of Jacob Conklin, Esq."

The will of Matthias Concklin, dated 1775, rec. 1776, mentions: wife Sophia; sons Liverance, Abraham, Casparus; daus: Eliz Reyker, Anna Briggs; grandson John Stagg Jr. son of dec'd dau Rachel; dau-in-law Margrett, wife of Abraham; g-dau. Sophia Sitchett, dau of Abraham & her two natural daughters Syela Halsey & Polly Ackerman; sons-in-law John Stagg of NY and Abraham Reyker.

Children of Matthys Conklin & Sophia Mabie include:

    i. Elizabeth (b. 1720, dy),
   ii. Deliverance (26 Jun 1722, Tarrytown -?) m. 1750 Catrina Van Wart/Waert,
  iii. Casparus (c.1723-?) m.1748  Myno Martling,
  iv. Abraham (1725, Phillipsburgh -1778) m. 18 Aug 1750 in Schralenburgh, NJ, Margaret Bell
[Son: David (1772-1852), dau: Sophia],
   v. Elizabeth (28 Oct 1727, Tarrytown-?), m. in 1747 Abraham Ryker, neighbor of her uncle Jacob Conklin, Esq. [see Ryker Family]),
  vi. Engeltje/Anna (1729, Tarrytown  -?), m. Edward Briggs of NY.
[Daughter: Sophia (22 Nov 1768)],
 vii. Rachel (1 Apr 1735, Tarrytown -?), m 1754 John Stagg [Son: John Stagg, Jr),
viii. Jacob (b 1737, dy), and
  ix. Helena (18 Apr 1739-?).

4.viii.      Joseph Conklin (c.1679, Eastchester, NY -?), last son of John Conklin & Helena,  m. c.1705 Rebecca Hyatt/Heyart (c.1681 in Stamford, CT - bef. 29 Jun 1728 in Philipsburgh Manor, NY), of Eastchester, dau. of John Hyatt & Mary Jones). After marrying Rebecca Heyart, the couple settled briefly in Philipsburgh where his first two children were baptized in Tarrytown. In the 1712 census, Joseph is recorded as living near Tappan, NY, with his wife, three sons and a daughter (all under 16).* By 13 Mar 1713, the family had returned to the Philipsburgh area and by 1723 were living lat Dobbs Ferry, next door to John Dobbs. After 1730, the family removed to Van Cortlandt Manor about 10 miles north of Tarrytown.**

* Conklin Mann: "John Conklin of Flushing & Rye, New York" ,
The American Genealogist, Vol. 21: pp 142-143, 1944
** G. MacKenzie: "The Unpublished Works of G. MacKenzie",
Westchester Co. Archives, Elmsford, NY

Children of Joseph & Rebecca include*:

    i. Maritie Conklin (c. 1705 -?)
   ii. Jan/John Conklin (bpt. 25 Mar 1707 in Tarrytown, NY -?)
  iii. Joseph Conklin (bpt. 29 Jun 1709 in Tappan, NY -?) m. c.1734 Thamar Pinckney
  iv. Abraham Conklin (b. 15 Jan 1711, bpt. 17 Jan 1711 in Tappan, NY -?)
   v. Isaac Conklin (bpt. 24 Mar 1713 in Tarrytown, NY - ?)
  vi. Helena Conklin (bpt. 25 May 1714 in Tarrytown, NY -?)
 vii. Janet Conklin (bpt. 23 Apr 1717 in Tarrytown -?)
viii. Jacob Conklin (bpt. 21 Apr 1719 in Tarrytown, NY - 1787, Rockland, Harrington Twp, NJ)
  ix. Thomas Conklin (bpt 8 Apr 1721 in Tarrytown, NY - ?) m. Margaret Lent (Apr 1720 -?), dau. of Abraham Lent & Maritie DePew of Phillipsburgh Manor.
   x. Gilbert Conklin (bpt. 4 Sep 1725, Tarrytown, NY - ?dy)

* Conklin Mann: "John Conklin of Flushing & Rye, New York" ,
The American Genealogist,  Vol 21:pp 142-143, 1944


 vii. Jacob Conklin (1718 - 1787). The Tappan, NY, RDC records the baptism of Jacob, son of Joseph Conklin (Deliverance's brother) & Rebecca Hyatt with sponsors Jacob Wilze and Ebbegel, his wife.* G. MacKenzie erroneously attributes Jacob to Deliverance Conklin & Engeltje Buckhout despite the absence of a baptism record in Tarrytown RDC.

*Marriage and Baptism Registers, RDC,
Tappan, NY.

5.xii.        Jacob Conklin, Esq. (21 Apr 1719, Tarrytown, NY - 9 Jun 1787, Rockland, NJ), son of Joseph Conklin & Rebecca Hyatt of Phillipsburgh Manor, married c.1740 Hester (Esther) Barheyt (11 Apr 1720 in New Rochelle, NY - 12 Oct 1783, Palisades, NY, Cemetery), likely daughter of John Barheyt & Judith Guion of New Rochelle, NY.

Jacob & Hester settled in Tarrytown, where their first son, 2nd Jacob, was born. In 1748, Jacob and family had purchased from Robert & Phebe Hallet* of Orange Co, NY, property along the Road to Snedens Landing in the area, known as Rocklands, which was at that time considered to be in Tappan Town, Orange Co, Province of New York. This 166½ acre tract was adjacent to the 8 acres purchased by his uncle, Matthias. Cornelius Burnham states that Matthias' eldest son, Jacob, inherited the farm.** This is an error. It was Matthias' nephew, Jacob (son of Joseph), who purchased adjacent property on 2 Mar 1748 from Robert and Phebe Hallet. Apparently Matthias preferred to reside in Tarrytown and later on Mabie property the center of Tappan Town.

* John Davis book "Bergen County New Jersey Deed Records 1689-1801",
published by Heritage Books, 1995, page 199

* * Cornelius Burnham, "Genealogical History of Hudson
and Bergen Counties, New Jersey",
New Jersey
Genealogical Publishing Company, NY, 1900" p. 157.

Jacob Conklin & Hester Barheyt had eight children [1]

    i. 2nd Jacob Conklin (1743-1827);.
   ii. Johannis/John)(b. 18 Aug 1745, bpt. 28 Jun 1743 at RDC Tarrytown, NY- ?).
iii. Marytje/Maria, (b. 29 Oct 1747, bpt. 1 May 1748?) m. abt. 1775 Daniel Onderdonk of Piermont, son of Garret Onderdonk;
  iv. Deliverance/Delifrens, (5 Sep 1750, Tappan
[2]- ?)
   v. Barent  (Barint) (19 May 1753 Tappan - ?),
  vi. Elisabeth (16 May 1760, Tappan -?);
 vii. David (1764 -1852).
viii. Hester, m. Wilhemus Bell.

[1] Tarrytown Baptisms; Tappan Ref Ch Baptisms and
Harvey, Cornelius Burnham, "Genealogical History of Hudson
and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, 1900"
p. 158.
Delifrens Conkelin, b. 5 Sep, bap. 7 Oct 1750 
RDC Tappan (wit: Matthys Conkelin, Fytye his wife)

On 2 March 1748 Jacob acquired (from Robert & Phebe Hallet of Orange Co, NY) for £600 a tract "...of upland and fresh the limits of Tappan."  The land consisted of 166½ acres on on both sides of Sneden Landing Road [1] between the Gesner farm to the north and and the Ryken farm to the south, stretching over a mile from the Ludlow's Ditch (southern branch of Sparkill Brook) on the west to the "mountain" on the east. The area, known as Rocklands, was at that time considered to be in Tappan Town, Province of New York. 

By 1750, Jacob and Hester had settled on their land in Rocklands. This tract of land was one of the first  to be settled as a homestead in the area. Jacob apparently built a wooden dwelling on the west side of the road to Snedens Landing at the location of the present Concklin-Sneden House.  Except for 2nd Jacob, baptized at Tarrytown RDC,  his seven subsequent children were baptized at the Tappan RDC.

The 1st Jacob and Esther are buried in the Palisades, NY, Cemetery.

[1] Davis, John David, Bergen County New Jersey Deed Records 1689-1801, 
Heritage Books, 1995, p. 199
[2] Tarrytown Baptisms; Tappan Ref Ch Baptisms and
Harvey, Cornelius Burnham, "Genealogical History of Hudson
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6i.       2nd Jacob Conklin b. 23 May 1743, bpt. 28 Jun 1743 in Tarrytown, NY - 21 Feb 1827, Old Closter), first son of Jacob Conklin & Hester Barheyt, married c.1765 Elizabeth Gesner (6 Dec 1745, Tappan - 8 Aug 1825, Old Closter/Rockland), daughter of John Henry & Famiche Gesner [see Gesner Family].;

The children of Jacob Jr & Elizabeth Gesner were:

    i. the 3rd Jacob Conklin, (1766-1811);
   ii. Femmitje (Phebe) Conklin (1773-1845/6) ; and 
  iii. Elizabeth Conklin (1778-?).*

* Genealogy of Nicholas Gesner,
courtesy of Stephen Austin

Conklin-Sneden HouseThe 2nd Jacob appears to have lived in the Conklin homestead on the west side of Snedens Landing Road (Rockleigh Road), the house being known as the Concklin-Sneaden House. This structure is shown on the 1778-1780 Erskine Map with the notation "J. Concklin". [1]  

On 4 May 1773, 1st "...Jacob & Esther Concklin, of Orange Co., NY [sold] to Jacob Concklin Jr. of same, for £600, 166 acres in Orange Twp., Orange Co., NY. except 61 acres purchased by Daniel Haring." [2] Then on 5 Feb 1755, "Matthys Conklin and wife Sophia of Rockland in Orange County, deeded to [his nephew] Jacob Conklin, Jr., of Bergen County, 8 acres in Rockland bordering lands of Jacob Conklin, Esq."[3]   

In 1779, Jacob Conklin Jr. was assessed for 105 improved acres, 3 horses, 8 cattle and 6 hogs. [4]  In 1790, 2nd Jacob repurchased the acreage his father had sold to Daniel Haring. In that deed, the younger Jacob was described as a "wheelwright" [5] 

[1] Map of Harrington Township. 1876. [2] Deed Book J, p. 288, Hackensack, NJ
[3] Conklin Mann "John Concklin of Flushing and Rye, New York.
The American Genealogist. 1950 and Katharine Adams. 
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[4] Harrington Township Tax Assessment List, Bergen County 
Historical Collection, Johnson Library, Hackensack.  
[5] Deed Book J, p. 291, Hackensack, NJ

In 1794, 2nd Jacob purchased from Nicholas Gesner (through Rudolf Stevens) a male slave, Jack - later to be called Jack Earnest.* 

*Reginald McMahon: "Jack was Earnest" 1984
Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ.

In 1796, 2nd Jacob acquired from his father-in-law, John Gesner, much of the old Gesner homestead to the north as far as the New York - New Jersey boundary.* These lands would later be distributed to his grandchildren. 

Then on 24 February 1797, Jacob Concklin Jr. purchased from Peter and Sarah Mabie for £720 the Ryker-Mabie farm on the east side of Snedens Landing Road just to the south of his lands. Ryker-Mabie-Conklin-Sneden House From that time Jacob and Elizabeth took up residence in the  Ryker-Mabie- Concklin- Sneden House on the east side of  Snedens Landing Road .** Conklin descendents were to live there until 1891. In 1802, Jacob Jr was also assessed for a sawmill and for two slaves.*** Then in 1806, Jacob purchased from Bernardus Verbryck 5 acres of fresh meadow.****

*[Deed Book J, p. 295, 297, Hackensack, NJ]
**[Deed Book J, p. 299, Hackensack, NJ]
***Harrington Township Tax Assessment List, 
Bergen County Historical Collection, 
Johnson Library, Hackensack.
****Bernardus Verbryck to Jacob Concklin, 4 June 1806 
(recorded 21 October 1806, Bergen Co. Y:392)

By 1806, 2nd Jacob Conklin allowed Jack Earnest [Emmet] to purchase his freedom. Jack bought from Peter Quidor about 5 acres of woodland high on the Palisades ridge. Other freed slaves settled on land close to Jack and the "colored village" of Skunk Hollow began.*

*Reginald McMahon: "Jack was Earnest" 1984
Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ.

Conklin-Sneden House The 2nd Jacob Conklin's will* mentions son 3rd Jacob, deceased; daughter Elizabeth who married Samuel Sneden, Jr. to which he left " old homestead farm" [Conklin-Sneden House]; to daughter Phebe who married Ryker-Mabie-Conklin-Sneden House David Conklin "...that on which I now dwell." [Ryker-Mabie- Conklin-Sneden House]. Also, 2nd Jacob leaves lands to the north of his farm that he purchased from his father-in-law, John Gesner, to his grandchildren: John Gisner Conklin, Phebe Conklin who married Richard Van Wickel, Elizabeth Conklin who married Joseph DuBois, and Mary Ann Conklin who married Albert Cooper. He also directed that " burying yard shall be an remain a burying place for my said daughters and my grandchildren and their families for ever."*  He appointed grandson Jacob Sneden and friend John D. Haring executors. The will was witnessed by Peter Riker, Jacob Riker, and Jacob D. Haring. 

*Reginald McMahon: "A History of the Jacob Conklin House, Rockleigh, NJ" 1977
m/s Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ.

The 2nd Jacob left a personal estate worth $2824.56 that was divided equally among his heirs.*

*Will dated 2 March 1826 and proved 5 March 1827. Will Book C-180 (Hackensack, NJ)

*Inventory list Book C-408 (Hackensack, NJ)

Elizabeth and 2nd Jacob are buried in the Gesner-Conklin Burying Ground in Rockleigh.

Ryker-Mabie-Conklin-Sneden House 7.i.      3rd Jacob Conklin (15 July 1766, Tappan - 22 Jun 1811, Rockland, NJ, Gesner- Conklin Burying Ground), son of 2nd Jacob Conklin & Elizabeth Gesner, married 2 Feb 1794 Mary "Polly" Quidor (19 Mar 1774 - 6 Jan 1838, Gesner-Conklin Burying Ground), daughter of Peter Quidor & Elsie Truman of Palisades.

Jacob Conklin 3nd & Mary Quidor had eight children:

    i. 4th Jacob Conklin (1794-1832),
   ii. John Gisner Conklin (1796-1871),
  iii. Peter Conklin (1799, died young),
  iv. Elizabeth "Bets" Concklin (1801-1884),
   v. Mary Ann Conklin (1803-1880),
  vi. Phebe Conklin (1806-),
 vii. Rachel (1808, died young),
viii. Nicholas Conklin (1811-?).**

Peter Conklin and Rachel Conklin are buried in the Gesner-Conklin Burying Ground with 3rd Jacob, who died before his father, and Mary Quidor. 

Jacob and Mary resided in the Ryker-Mabie-Concklin- Sneden House with his parents until he died in 1811. John Henry Gesner died in the same year and Mary Quidor moved into the John Henry Gesner Hometead owned by her in-laws, 2nd Jacob Conklin & Elizabeth Gesner-Conklin.

After 3rd Jacob died at age 45, Mary continued to live for a year in the Ryker- Mabie- Concklin- Sneden House. By 1812 she vacated the Ryker- Mabie- Concklin- Sneden House for her late husband's sister, Phebe Conklin-Conklin, and her husband, David Conklin, the rightful inheritors. Between 1812 and 1832 Mary "Polly" Quidor lived in the Old John Henry Gesner Homestead [shown on Robert Erskine's Revolutionary War Map, Number 10, 1788-80] although 2nd Jacob (Polly's father-in-law) had left the house and property to her youngest son, Nicholas. Her son, John Gesner Conklin, lived with her until 1822 when his son was born. Thereafter Mary lived alone and worked as a midwife.  In February 1832, she moved in with her daughter, Phebe Van Wickel, ostensibly to care for her ailing father, Peter Quidor, who had been taken in by her daughter. However, local lore suggests another reason, reported indignantly by Nicholas Gesner:

"There is a mis[era]ble malicious and  wicked talk in the neighborhood. The Report Runs that M[ary] C[onklin] has said that she left the Old house and v[en]t to P[heb]e [Van Wickel] that I should come no more there  that she had told me to keep away...  — Nicholas Gesner* 

* Nicholas Gesner Diaries: 25 February 1832. 
m/s Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY

On 6 January 1838, Nicholas Gesner penned in his diary that Mary "Polly" Conklin "...died this afternoon about 2 ock. Her death seems to have been unexpected."— Nicholas Gesner [1]   

1. Nicholas Gesner Diaries, Vol. 1 38.
m/s, Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY.

On the following day, he recorded:

"Mary Conklin Buried this afternoon after 4 o'clock, near Sun Set; I not there. A Respectable Burying. A large number. They never gave word to Nicholas Conklin [her youngest son] of her death which was unexpected, but hurried her into the Grave in the Burying Ground of John Gesner of Rockland." [1]

1. Nicholas Gesner Diaries, Vol. 1

By 1835, the old Gesner Homestead had been torn down.  Winthrop  S. Gilman notes:   " ...all that remained [in 1912] of the house [of Mary Quidor, the former John Gesner homestead] was a depression in the ground." [2] The cellar depression exists to this day [2003].

2. Winthrop S. Gilman: Local History, m/s #16, Free Library

8.i.        4th Jacob Conklin (18 Sep 1794 - 1 Oct 1832), son of 3rd Jacob Conklin & Mary "Polly" Quidor, married (poss. lived with) Elmira Stephens (c.1800-?), had only one son (c.1826) who died young. Jacob inherited land from his grandparents, 2nd Jacob Conklin and Elizabeth Gesner-Conklin, but the location is as yet uncertain.  Nicholas Gesner, Jacob's great uncle who lived across the road, noted his in his diary on 3 October 1832 the sudden and unexpected death of 4th Jacob and perhaps associated scandal:

" Jacob Conklin Dead— 
This Day we Had correct information that Jacob Conklin Died, being ill abt 3 only Hours, Died yesterday about 9 ock  A.M.  It is also Related that Elmira his unlawful wife a few Days Ago While Ja Conklin was up at Rockland Went to be Married again. The Carriage overset & she broke her arm which interrupted this Beastly Woman from performing this act. Applied to a Doctor, who knew her Design (it was said) told her she must go somewhere else he would not set it &c. This is now Reported. But the poor mortified Man is Dead supposed with the Cholera. But circumstances present to the Mind the question. Dont you think perhaps a dosse of Laudanum or poison has been taken or Given to him. This man was the most deplorable victim of Mortifying affection fro a Beastly woman & Strumpet (so said) that ever was &c. She proved a total destruction to him, his [?], and his constitution by drinking and harassing him sold his property last May and she had consumed nearly all. He was married to her & she had a husband living  & no divorce....

Nicholas Gesner, Diaries, 1832. m/s Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY

8.ii.        John Gisner Conklin (18 Sep 1796* - 28 Sep 1871**), son of 3rd Jacob Conklin & Mary "Polly" Quidor and grandson of Elizabeth Gesner & 2nd Jacob Concklin, married on 26 Mar 1821 Madeline Fortier (1796 - 30 Aug 1873*) dau. of Louis Henry Fortier (c.1770 - c.1821 in NYC), gardner [sic]**, & Mary Pineo (c.1770 - aft.1830 in Old Closter, Harrington Twp, Bergen Co, NJ), of New York City, Ward 10 [East of Bowery]***.

*Lewis F. Concklin, 29 Nov 1899, from
Winthrop S. Gilman: Local History, m/s #16, Free Library
** Longworth's American Almanac, New-York Register,  and
City Directory, 1815. page 212

*** US Census 1810 & 1820, New York, New York, Ward 10.

John G. Conklin & Madeline Fortier had two children:

    i. Louis Henry Fortier Conklin (1822 -1882) and
   ii. Mary Elizabeth Conklin (1832-?)

John Gisner inherited the old homestead of John Henry Gesner from his grandparents, 2nd Jacob Conklin & Elizabeth. John G. and Madelene lived in the dilapidated old homestead with his mother until 1822.* 

*Lewis F. Concklin, 29 Nov 1899, 
from Winthrop S. Gilman: Local History, m/s #46.

In 1822, after the birth of his first son, John Gisner Conklin built a frame house on a 12-acre farm tract that he inherited from his grandparents, 2nd Jacob Conklin & Elizabeth Gesner-Conklin. The farm is on the east side Snedens Landing Road, immediately south of the Van Wickel-Moore House. The house site was on the knoll to the south side of the property (now 32 Rockleigh Road). He establish a cider mill and stone quarry on the land. The ruins of the cider vault are to the south and the quarry works is cut into a cliff of palisades basalt. All that remains of the John Gisner Conklin house is a depression in the ground just off the road at 32 Rockleigh Road.

*Lewis F. Concklin, 29 Nov 1899, 
from Winthrop S. Gilman: Local History, m/s #46.

The 1830 census lists John G. Conklin (head, 30-40) with one male child (5-10) [Louis Henry Fortier Conklin, 8] woman (30-40) [Madeline, 34] and an elderly woman (60-70) [likely Mary Pineo Fortier, ~70).*

* US Census 1830, New Jersey, Bergen Co, Harrington Twp.

In the 1858 Road Return for the laying out of the extension of Closter Publick Road to the New York line toward Piermont, John G. Concklin is listed as owning property (former John H. Gesner lands) between that of Joseph DuBois to the north and Herbert Gisner [Gesner] to the south.** 

** Reginald McMahon, "Two Haring Houses at Rockleigh, NJ", 1974 
(mms, Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge , NJ)

The 1860 census lists John G. Conklin (63, Farmer), Magdalene (63, Mistress), Mary Gowdey (28), James W. Gowdey (29, Carpenter), William A Gowdey (5), Lewis H. Gowdey (3), and Sarah M. Gowdey (1).*

*1860 Federal census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ. page 121.

9.i.       Louis Henry Fortier Conklin (11 Mar 1822 - 4 Mar 1882), son of John Gisner Conklin & Madeline Fortier , married 2 Jul 1848 Jane Powles (10 Sep 1831-1892). They built a house on the farm atop the adjacent knoll immediately to the north of the John G. Conklin House and immediately south of the Jacob Moore House.

Louis H.F. Conklin and Jane Powles had five children:

    i. Fortier (21 May 1849 - 20 Nov 1874*),
   ii. William N. (31 Aug 1850 -?),
  iii. Louisa Madeline (27 Sep 1857 - 12 Sep 1886*),
  iv. John Powles L. (1862**-?),
   v. Louis Fortier (1873-?).

"Mr. Louis Fortier Conklin, born June 17, 1873, had three brothers, Fortier (dec'd), William H., and Powles Conklin, and a sister Louise Madeline Conklin (dec'd). His father was Louis Henry Fortier Conklin who died March 4, 1882, and his grandfather John Gisner Conklin...." - Lewis F. Concklin, 29 Nov 1899*

 Winthrop S. Gilman: "Local History"
m/s #46,  Palisades Free Library

The 1860 census lists Lewis Conklin (38, Carpenter), Jane (28 Mistress), John P. (11), William N, (9), and Louisa A (2).*

*1860 Federal census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ. page 121.

After the death of Lewis H.F. Conklin, Jane Conklin continued to live in the John G. Conklin house with her sons Powles and Louis F.*

*Lewis F. Concklin, 29 Nov1899, 
Winthrop S. Gilman: "Local History" 
m/s #46,  Palisades Free Library

10iv.     J. Powles L. Conklin (Dec 1862**-post 1930), son of Lewis Henry Fortier Conklin & Jane Powles,  m. Moysid -?- (1873-?), continued residence in the Louis H. F. Conklin House with mother, Jane, and operated the old cider mill.* The 1920 and 1930 census list Powles living with his son, Louis H., at 56 Railroad Avenue, Northvale.

Powles Conklin & Moysid had children:

    i. Louise (Apr 1889** -?), and
   ii. Louis Henry Gesner (Mar 1892**-?)

* From the handwritten notes of Newt Sneden, 1974.
Courtesy of John A. Sneden, Jr.>
** 1900 Census, Harrington Township. Bergen Co., NJ, sheet 18-9.

11.ii.     Louis Henry G. Conklin (Mar 1893*-?), son of Powles L. Conklin & Moysid,  painter, m. Rosie [poss. Cattana of Norwood, NJ] (abt. 1897 NY -?).  The 1920 and 1930 census shows Lewis H. G. Conklin as living at 56 Railroad Ave., Northvale (proper), Bergen Co., NJ, and living with them is his father, Powles.*

Children of Louis Henry G. Conklin & Rose include:

    i. Louis H.G., Jr. (1914-?),
   ii. Clifford (1916- 18 Dec?),
  iii. Elenore B. (1919-?)
   iv. Stanley (1922-?)**.

* 1920 Census, Northvale, Bergen, Co, NJ, Dist 85, Sheet 1A.
**1930 Census, Northvale, Bergen Co., NJ, Sheet 3B.

10.v.      Louis Fortier Conklin (17 Jun 1873*-post 1930), son of Lewis Henry Fortier Conklin & Jane Powles, appears not to have married. Early in the 20th century, with his brother Powles, he sold the John Gesner Conklin Homestead to William and Catherine Cory, ending the Conklin landed legacy in Rockland/Rockleigh, NJ.

The 1910 census lists Louis F. Conklin as a boarder on property owned by English-born William H. Cory (63), chemist, and his wife Catherine (44).*** The 1930 census shows Louis F. Conklin residing on Willow Avenue, a "Steam Engineer" at the Piermont box factory, with an estate of $15.00.****  With the death of Louis, the Conklin name in Rockleigh comes to an end.

*Lewis F. Concklin, 23 Dec 1899, 
from Winthrop S. Gilman: Local History, m/s #16.
** 1900 Census, Harrington Township. Bergen Co., NJ, sheet 18-9.
*** 1910 Census, Northvale, Harrington Township, Bergen Co, NY, Dist. 23, Sheet 16A.
1920 Census, Northvale, Harrington Township, Bergen Co, NY,  Dist. 85, Sheet 7A.
****1930 Census, Rockleigh, Bergen Co., NJ. Sheet 1B.

9.ii.      Mary Elizabeth Concklin (14 Aug 1832 - 15 Aug 1935), daughter of John Gisner Concklin & Madeline Fortier and grand daughter of 3rd Jacob Conklin & Mary Quidor, on 11 Sep 1853 married James W. Gowdey (c. 1830 - ?).* They had ten children. [see Gowdey Family]

*Nicholas Gesner: The Genealogy of Nicholas Gesner (ms) 
Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY

By 1862, they lived in the house James built, fronting the newly built Carterette Road, on former Gesner lands owned by John Gisner Concklin  near the New York border (James Gowdy House). Adjacent was the "Old Gesner Burying-ground."  Mary Elizabeth lived to be 103 years old. Their daughters Emma Ellen Gowdey and Leah Gowdey inherited the Gowdey farm c.1935. The property remained in Gowdey family until 1965.

8.iv.      Elizabeth "Bets" Conklin (1801 - 3 Jan 1886*) daughter of 3rd Jacob Concklin & Mary Quidor, wed c.1822 Joseph DuBois (1803 - 29 Jul 1882*). In 1827 Elizabeth inherited from her grandfather, Jacob Esq., several parcels of land in Rockland. They had five children. [see DuBois Family]

8.v.       Mary Ann Conklin (1803-1880), daughter of 3rd Jacob Conklin & Mary "Polly" Quidor,  married c.1826 Albert "Obb" Cooper (1804-1866). Albert ("Obb") and  Mary Ann Conklin-Cooper had seven children. [see Cooper Family]      Phebe Conklin (1806- ?), daughter of 3rd Jacob Conklin & Mary Quidor, married on 2 Apr 1823 at the Tappan DRC  Richard Van Wickel (Van Winkle, Van Winkler) of Yonkers. [see Van Wickel Family]

8.viii.   Nicholas Conklin (1811->1880), son of 3rd Jacob Conklin & Mary "Polly" Quidor...

"…moved to Georgetown, SC, when a young man and was a gunsmith there in the winter, and inRyker-Mabie-Conklin-Sneden House New York in the summer, for a series of years."

* Lewis F. Concklin, 29 Nov 1899, 
from Winthrop S. Gilman: Local History, m/s #16, Palisades Free Library

In 1827 Nicholas inherited the Gesner Homestead from his grandfather, Jacob. On 12 October 1835r, he sold part of his inheritance to his brother-in-law, Joseph DuBois, for the consideration of twelve hundred dollars, "two lots in the Township of Harrington at a place commonly called Rockland".** 

** Reginald McMahon: A History of the Joseph DuBois House, Rockleigh, NJ. 1975.
m/s Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ.

7.ii.      Femiche "Phebe" Conklin (18 Feb 1773 - 1845), daughter of 2nd Jacob Conklin & Elizabeth Gesner, on 2 Dec 1792 wed distant cousin David Concklin (31 Jul 1772-1852), son of Abraham Conklin (1725-1778 through Matthys - Philipsbourgh until 1750 then Tappan < Deliverance < John) & Margret Bell. 

On 1 September 1804, David and Phebe purchased the . Between 1812 and 1845, Phebe and David lived in the Ryker-Mabie- Conklin- Sneden Homestead, with David living there until 1850 at which time he moved to the home of daughter Peggy in Snedens Landing.

Phebe Conkilin & David Conklin  had six children:

    i.  2nd David Conklin (1793-1840),
   ii. Elizabeth Gesner Conklin (1798 - ?),
Phebe Conklin (1801-1827),
Margaret "Peggy" Conklin (1806-1866),
John D. Conklin (?-1891) and
  vi. William Conklin (?- post 1845).

There are two rough and unmarked stones in the Gesner-Conklin Burying Ground for the graves of Famiche (Phebe) and 1st David Conklin. 

The 1840 census, Township of Harring, lists David Conkling [68] (60-70) as head of household with 1 female age 60-70 [Phebe ~67], 1 male 30-40, 1 female 20-30, and 1 female 5-10. 

In 1845, Phebe died and the Ryker-Mabie- Conklin-Sneden House passed collectively to her children: Margaret Conklin- Sneden, William Conklin, Elizabeth Conklin-Horton, John D. Conklin, and grandchildren Andrew Graham, Elizabeth Trenchard, Phebe Trenchard, and Peter Trenchard. In 1851, these heirs of Phebe deeded their shares in the farmhouse and land to John D. Conklin.

The 1850 census lists David Conklin (78, gentleman) living in Palisades, Rockland Co., NY.* in the home of his son-in-law William (42, painter), Peggy (38, wife), John M. (13, son), Sherman (11, son), Horton (9, son), Mary F. (7, daughter - would marry Henry Post). In 1852, David Conklin would be interred in the Gesner-Conklin Burying Ground.

** 1850 Federal Census, Orangetown, Rockland Co., NY, p  200.

8.i.       2nd David Conklin (1793 - 23 Jan 1840), son of Phebe Conklin & David Conklin, appears not to have married. David Jr. is buried in the Gesner-Conklin Burying Ground.

8.ii.    Elizabeth Gisner Conklin (1798-1884), daughter of Phebe Conklin & David Conklin, on 28 Dec 1822 wed (DRC, Tappan) David V. Horton (9 Feb 1800, Yonkers, NY - 11 May 1896) son of Steven N. Horton (1 Oct 1771, White Plains, NY - 3 Jul 1819, White Plains, NY) & Hannah Underhill Horton (1774, Scarsdale, NY-1863).

Elizabeth Gisner Conklin & David Horton appear to have resided in White Plains, NY, and had nine children:

    i. Phebe Jane Horton (1824-1875),
   ii. Johanna Horton (1825-1913),
  iii. Margaret Ann Horton (1828-1897);
  iv. Louis Phillippe Horton (1830-1906),
   v. Eliza Mariam Horton (1832- 1920),
  vi. Sarah Maria Horton (1834- post 1922),
 vii. William Horton (1836-1918),
viii. Susannah Horton (1838-1839),
  ix. Mary Louisa Horton (1842-?).

9.i.     William Horton (1 Jul 1836 - 2 Mar 1918), son of Elizabeth Gesner Conklin & David V. Horton,  married on 26 Sep 1872 Mary Elizabeth Gedney (1840, White Plains, NY - 1877).

They had 2 children:

10.i.     Elizabeth Gisner Horton (28 Dec 1877-?) wed on 26 Oct 1904 to Sellock Everett Coles (10 Sep 1869 - 7 Sep 1956).

10.ii.    Irene Gedney Horton (11 Oct 1880 - 14 Aug 1950).

8.iii.      Phebe Concklin (1801 - 30 Mar 1827), daughter of Phebe Conklin & David Conklin,  married on 26  July 1823  at Tappan RDS, Tappan, NY, Jesse Trenchard (1796-1883) of Yonkers, NY.

Phebe Conklin & Jesse Trenchard  settled in Palisades, NY and had children:

    i. Elizabeth Ann Trenchard (c. 1823 - ?),
   ii. Phoebe Maria Threnchard (c.1825- ?),
  iii. Peter H. Trenchard (c.1827-?).

Phebe, Jesse's wife, died at age 25 and is buried in the Gesner-Conklin Burying Ground.* [see Trenchard Family]

*Alice Munro Haagenson: "Palisades and Snedens Landing: From the 
Beginning of  History to the Turn of the Twentieth Century."

Pilgrimage Publishing, Tarrytown, NY, 1986

In 1832, five years after the death of Phebe, Jesse bought property in Palisades, NY, from David Mann just west of the general store on Oak Tree Road at the corner of Closter Road. He moved with his daughters, Elizabeth-Ann (Libby) and Phebe, to Palisades, NY, into what became known as the Trenchard House and blacksmith shop. His daughters lived in the house unmarried until the late 1800's, accompanied by Lida Leonard, daughter of Elizabeth "Lizzy" Conklin and John C. Leonard. [See Trenchard Family]*

*Alice Munro Haagenson: "Palisades and Snedens Landing: From the 
Beginning of  History to the Turn of the Twentieth Century."

Pilgrimage Publishing, Tarrytown, NY, 1986

Other children of  David Conklin and Phebe Conklin-Conklin include:

8.iv.    Margaret "Peggy"Conklin (1 Sep 1806-1866), daughtrer of Phebe Conklin & David Conklin,  m. 1st c.1826 John House (c.1800 - c.1830) and m. 2nd on 7 Dec 1834 William Sneden (6 Jul 1807- 15 Jun 1871*) son of John "Boss" Sneden & Phebe Gesner. [see Sneden Family]

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

8.v.     John David Conklin (c.1803 - 6 Mar 1889), son of Phebe Conklin & David Conklin, farmer, married Sarah Sarvent (1808 - 5 Jan 1884). In 1851 he acquired, as birthrightRiker-Mabie-Conklin-Sneden House (eldest surviving son) from his parents Pheobe and David Conklin, the Ryker-Mabie-Conklin-Sneden House

 They had one daughter, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Conklin  (1856-?). 

The 1860 census lists John D. Conklin (56, Farmer), Sarah (40, Mistress) and George Leonard, age 4*, living in the Conklin household, but no mention of dau. Elizabeth.*

The 1880 census lists John D. Conklin (77, Farmer),  Sarah (72, wife, keeping house), John C. Leonard (22, son-in-law, farmer), Eliza (24, wife), and Mary E. (<1, daughter).**

* 1860 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p  123.
** 1880 Federal Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co,  NJ. p 30, Dist. 4.

9.i.       Elizabeth "Lizzie" Conklin (1856*-?), daughter of John David Conklin & Sarah Savent, married on 29 Apr 1854 at the Palisades M.E. Church** John C. Leonard (19 Apr 1858 - 29 Sep 1891) of Piermont. In 1883 Lizzie and John Leonard briefly came into the Ryker-Mabie-Conklin- Sneden House.

John and Lizzie Leonard had children:

    i. Mary Elizabeth "Lida" (1879-?),
   ii. Hattie (1884-1886), iii. Charles, iv. Ann. 

*1880 Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co., NJ, p 30.
* Records of the Palisades M. E. Church. ms in Collection 
of the Palisades Free Library, Palisades, NY

John C. Leonard died in 1891 and the farm was sold. In 1897, Lida, appears to have moved into the Trenchard House in Palisades to take care of her aging cousins, Phebe and Libby Trenchard. After the deaths of Libby and Phebe, Lida and her mother Lizzie moved permanently into the Trenchard House.*

*Alice Munro Haagenson: "Palisades and Snedens Landing: From the 
Beginning of  History to the Turn of the Twentieth Century."

Pilgrimage Publishing, Tarrytown, NY, 1986

10.i   Mary Elizabeth "Lida" Leonard (1879-?), daughter of Lizzie Conklin & John C Leonard, m. c.1899 Mr -?- Storey, a railroad engineer, and moved with him to Albany, NY. Mr Storey lost his life in a railroad accident, leaving Lida a widow with a child, Charles Storey. Lida moved back to the Trenchard House in Palisades with her son.* [see Trenchard Family]

* Alice Gerard: In a Simpler Time , p 75.
Palisades Historical Committee, 1998, 
Palisades, NY

 7.iii.     Elizabeth Conklin (13 Jan 1778 - ?), daughter of 2nd Jacob Conklin & Elizabeth Gesner, married on 8 Sep 1795 Samuel Sneden, Jr (17 Apr 1775 - 10 Oct 1863).

Children of Samuel Sneden & Elizabeth Conklin included:

    i. Jacob Sneden (1796-1862),
   ii. Elizabeth Sneden (1798-?),
  iii. Samuel S. Sneden (1800-1877),
  iv. Phebe Ann Sneden (1804-1863). [see Sneden Family]

Conklin-Sneden HouseThey appear to have remained in the original Jacob Conklin House about the time her parents, the 2nd Jacob and Elizabeth Gesner, moved across the road to the former Ryker farmstead. Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth started the family branch "Snedens of the field".

Also about 1796, Samuel, a carpenter, added a larger sandstone addition to the earlier wooden frame house of  Jacob Conklin, Jr. The house  became known as the Samuel Sneden House (Conklin-Sneden House.)  For the construction, it is most likely that  Samuel had the assistance of Jack Earnest, his father-in-law's slave. The dwelling was built in the Dutch Colonial style of architecture and sheltered his descendents for several generations. Samuel Sneden was well settled as a farmer by the time his son Jacob was born on November 27, 1796.* In 1827, the old Conklin homestead property to the west side of Snedens Landing Road was devised to daughter Elizabeth, wife of Sam Sneden.*

* Reginald McMahon: "A History of the Jacob Conklin House, Rockleigh, NJ". 1977.
m/s Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ     Elizabeth Conklin  (16 May 1760, Tappan RDC, wit: Jan Gisner, Femmetye his wife -?), daughter of Jacob Conklin & Hester Barheyt.*

* Record of Baptisms, RDC Tappan, NY.

6.vii.   David Concklin (14 Mar 1764, Tappan RDC -1852), son of Jacob Conklin & Hester Barheyt, brother of Jacob Jr., married Maria Martin.

*Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1, Bergen County Historical Society.

Samuel Sneden to David Concklin: 1 September 1804 
(recorded 1 March 1805, Bergen Co. U:55)




Unproven and controversial, but plausible, origins of the Westchester, NY, Conklin Family

By 1638, the Conklin brothers - John and Ananias,  of Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England - had emigrated (1637-1640) from Nuthall, Nottinghamshire, England to Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony where they were welcomed as glassmakers. Nuthall, Nottinghamshire, England, was a center known for the manufacture of bottle glass and window glass.*

However, there were three Concklin glassmakers in Nuthall and it appears from church marriage records there that the third glassmaker - Jacob Conklin (c. 1615 in Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England - bef.1642, Nottingham, England) - was related in some way to John and Ananias. All three originally came from Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England - another glassmaking area in the midlands near Burmingham. In Nuthall, Jacob married Elizabeth Hickton and they had children - John (c.1635, ? Nuthall - c.1678, Eastchester, NY), Cornelius (2 Jul 1637, Nuthall, England -  1667/68, Salem, MA), and Philip (?-?). Jacob died by 1642, about three years after the marriage, and Elizabeth remarried Thomas Cooke (? -1650), 'pistor' [baker] and 'bachellar' of Ilkeston, Co. Derby, England," just across the Nottinghamshire border.*

There appears to have been a strong connection between John Concklin "The Orphan" and later "of Flushing & Rye" with John Concklin "The Puritan" (b.1598, Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England) and associated with Nuthall, England, Salem, MA, and Southold, LI, NY, where he died on 23 Feb 1684. DNA analyses of Conklin descendants strongly suggest that neither John "The Puritan" nor his brother, Ananais (b. 1594 in Kingswinford and associated with Nuthall, England, Salem, MA, Southold, LI, NY, and East Hampton, NY), is the father or uncle of John "of Flushing & Rye". Whether they are even of the same family is doubtful. It is possible that Jacob Conklin was not a blood relative or that Jacob was not the biological father of Elizabeth Hickton's son, John.*

 Whether or not Elizabeth and her 2nd husband, Thomas Cooke, emigrated to Salem is moot for  both apparently died before 1650. The three orphaned children - John, Cornelius, Philip - seem to have come to live with their uncles in Salem, MA: John and Phillip with the family of John Conklin and Cornelius with the family of Ananais Conlkin.*

When the Conklin brothers - John "The Puritan" and Ananais - left Salem (between 1637 and 1640) for Long Island, NY, Cornelius Conklin remained in Salem and would marry Mary Aborne in 1666.** It appears that John "The Orphan" left for Long Island, NY, with John Concklin & Elizabeth Myler Allseabrook, along with their own children - one of whom also was named John II and would marry Sarah Horton.

In 1661, John "The Orphan" had married Helena/Magdalena and recorded as living in Flushing, Queens, NY.**

It is interesting that the given name "Jacob" appears among the children of John and Ananias as well as among the grandchildren of John Concklin of Flushing & Rye, but Ananias (by some accounts the father of John) never reoccurs in either line. **

It may be more than coincidental the Hortons and Budds of Southold and Rye, were closely connected to John Conklin of Flushing & Rye. John Conklin of "F & R" purchased land in Rye, NY (then Connecticut), on 19 Jul 1665 from John Budd of London, England and a founding member of New Haven, Southold, and Rye. In 1676 John Conklin of "F & R" sold his Rye property to John/Jonathan and Joseph Horton of Southold, NY. This suggests that they may all have been neighbors in Southold at some time before 1661.

* Charlotte L. Giltner: "John Concklin of Flushing, LI, and Rye, New York.
A Tentative Compilation.
" 15 January 1990

**  Conklin Mann: "John Concklin of Flushing and Rye, New York."
The American Genealogist, Vol. 21 page 48.



Written and compiled by E. W. April, 2002
Updated, 2007