The Beasley/Baysley/BeselieFamily

[This section is a work in progress. There may be genealogical errors. It is not meant to be a complete Smith Family Tree, rather portions relevant to the History of Rockleigh Borough. Corrections or clarifications are welcome:]
Much of the Sneden Family presented here has been provided courtesy of Sneden and Beasley descendents:
John Aitken Sneden, Jr., Alfred Leonard Beasley.


Conklin-Sneden House


1.     Leonard Beasley (Beselie, Baisley, Baysley) (c.1796 - 3 Jun 1843, Brooklyn, re-interred on 14 Aug 1868 in Green-Wood Cem, Brooklyn, NY*), marketman from Long Island, married on 18 Dec 1816 at Tappan RDC Elizabeth Sneden (10 Oct 1798, Rockland, NJ -?) daughter of 2nd Samuel Sneden & Elizabeth Gesner-Conklin of Harrington Twp, NJ. [see Sneden Family]

 Dec. 18,1816 Leonard Baysley van Long Island mit Elizabeth Snidon van Tappan.”  *

* Record of Marriages, RDC, Tappan, NY

In the post-Revolutionary period, ? Basiley and Samuel Sneaden had built houses on  portions of adjacent estates close by the East River in Green Point section of Bushwick.

"On the river bank (between India and Java streets) was the old [pre-Revolutionary] Abraham Meserole house. Upon this estate was erected, in later times, a building known as the Baisley house, which was used for many years as a tenant house for the farm. It [was located] on H, near Franklin street." —Stiles: , "History of Brooklyn",Vol II, p 407.

Leonard Beasley & Elizabeth Sneden had the following children:

    i. Elizabeth Beasley (1818 -1900), poss. adopted; 
   ii. Sarah Ann Beasley (1820-1902*); 
  iii. Leonard Beasley, Jr  (1823-1887);
  iv. Jacob S. Beasley (3 Jan 1826, Brooklyn - int.11 Nov 1868*, Lot 17867 Green-Wood Cem, Brooklyn) m. Sarah -?- and lived in Brooklyn, NY; and
Samuel Beasley (1830-1911).

* Headstone, The Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY 

Summer View of Brooklyn
An 1820 painting by Francis Guy from the window at 11 Front Street,
the same location as the 1853 Coleman painting, below.
Brooklyn Historical Society Museum

Winter Scene in Brooklyn
n 1853 painting by Louisa Ann Coleman,
 depicts "Old Brooklyn" just east of the Fulton Ferry as it was in 1817-1820.
Front Street to the left and Fulton Street to the right.
Museum of the City of New York

The 1820 U.S. Census [NY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, page 26] lists a Leond Baseley, age 16-26, residing in Brooklyn with one female, age 16-26. [No dau. Elizabeth, <10.] The adjacent head of household is a Mrs Baseley (over 45, widow) with 3 girls (all 10-16) and a young woman (16-26).

The 1830 U.S. Census [NY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, page 365] lists Leonard Beasley (30-40) residing on District Street (near Smith) in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn with two boys under five [Jacob 4 & Samuel, <1], one boy 5-10 [Leonard, Jr], one girl 5-10 [Sarah Ann, 10], and a woman 30-40 [Elizabeth, 32]. [No dau. Elizabeth, 11-20.]

The 1840 US census [NY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Ward 6] lists Leonard Baysley with 1 male 5-10 [Samuel, 9], 1 male 10-15 [Jacob, 14], 1 male 15-20 [Leonard Jr, 17], 1 male 40-50 [Leonard, ~45], 1 female <5 (?), 1 female 15-20 [Sara, 20], 1 female 40-50 [Elizabeth, 42].

There is a notable absence in the census records of a daughter in the Leonard Beasley household of an age expected for Elizabeth. It is plausible that Elizabeth was the daughter of Leonard's brother, Abraham, who died between 1820 and 1830. A daughter of appropriate age is listed with her widow mother in the 1830 census. It would be appropriate to conclude that Leonard & Elizabeth adopted Abraham's daughter, Elizabeth.

Excerpts from Last Will and Testament of Leonard Beasley, probated 17 Nov 1843.

“To wife Elizabeth $500 and lands. Balance of estate to children [not named]. Executors: said wife and son Leonard. Witnesses: Nathan B. Morse, counselor at law and John Stoothoff, both of Brooklyn.

Petition by said widow, of Rockland Co., NY shows testator died at Brooklyn 3 June 1843leaving said widow and said son, and daughters Elizabeth, wife of Abner Conklin; Sarah, wife of Cornelius Stoothoff; and sons Jacob, and Samuel, said Leonard, Jacob and Samuel being minors."

PRO: 17 Nov 1843, pp 389-395.

  • Record of Leonard Beasley land purchases: [show / hide]

    • Recorded at the Municipal Building in Brooklyn. [show / hide]

      • From Isaac Cornell, Jr. to Nelson L. Hurd on 8 April 1826 (recorded 19 April 1826, involving Lots #61 and #62, Liber 19/p. 341).
      • From Isaac Jr., and Maria Cornell to Leonard Beasley on 8 April 1826 (recorded 2 May 1826, involving Lot #63, Liber 19/p. 341)
      • From Nelson L. Hurd to Samuel Sneden on 11 May 1827 (recorded 1 June 1827, involving Lot # 61 and 62)
      • From Samuel Sneden and wife, Elizabeth, to Jacob Sneden on May 7, 1830 for $200 (recorded December 8, 1830, involving Lot # 61)
      • From Samuel and Elizabeth Sneden to Leonard Beasley on June 5, 1832 (recorded 5 Jun 1832, involving Lot #62, Liber 33/p. 354)
      • From Jacob and Cornelia A. Sneden to Leonard Beasley on 24 July 1835 (recorded 27 July 1835, involving lot # 61, Liber 52/p. 200)


    • Recorded in the Town Clerk’s Office, in New City, Rockland County, NY. [show / hide]


      From John Willsey& Elizabeth Hendrix-Willsey of Orangetown  to Leonard Beasley on September 9, 1835 for $2000.
      [Note: John Willsey and Elizabeth Beasley were 2ndcousins: his mother, Phebe Gesner, was Elizabeth Beasley's g-aunt and Nicholas Gesner's sister. Also, John Willsey's granddaughter, Ada (through his son John Gesner Willsey), would marry John Beasley, grandson of Elizabeth through Leonard, Jr. The "Old" c. 1789 Willsey/Bolting House on the 19 acre tract (less the "New" (c.1740) Willsey House of Capt. John Willsey) was likely that which housed Elizabeth and her son, Samuel, after the death of Leonard Beasley.]


      From Elizabeth Beasley of Brooklyn, NY, and her children (Elizabeth & Abner Conklin of Harrington, Bergen Co., NJ; Sarah A. & Cornelius G.Stoothoff of Brooklyn, NY; Leonard & Elizabeth Beasley of Brooklyn; and Jacob & Sarah Beasley of Brooklyn) on 12 October 1858 to Samuel Beasley, her son, 19 acres in Palisades, Orangetown, NY.


      From Elizabeth Beasley of Brooklyn, NY, on 23 September 1862 for $800 to Samuel Beasley, her half of the Conklin-Sneden house and 23 acre share the "Sneden Fields".


      From Samuel S. Sneden on 28 October 1862 to Samuel Beasley his half of the Conklin-Sneden house and remaining 24 acre share of the "Sneden Fields".


      [Note: It is likely that Samuel Beasley sold his 19-acre Palisades, NY, farm by the mid 1860s, to Francis Bolting as listed in the 1870 census and shown on the 1874 Serviss map. The "Old" Willsey/Beasley house became the Bolting House in the 1860's and was razed in 1952 for the Palisades Interstate Parkway.]

In the fall of 1843, a few months after the death of Leonard, Elizabeth and her younger unmarried children (Leonard, Jacob, and Samuel) moved to Closter road, Palisades, NY, to reside in a dwelling on the John Willsey farm (her second cousin) which would subsequently become the Bolting House (no longer standing, but just north of her g-uncle, Nicholas Gesner). This was just across the state line from her daughter Elizabeth Conklin and her husband, Abner, who were living with or next to her parents, Samuel Sneden, Jr, & Elizabeth Conklin, in Harrington Twp, NJ.

In the 1850 census [NY, Rockland Co, Orangetown, page 202] lists Elizabeth Beasley (52) as head of household with Samuel Beasley (19).

Elizabeth married 2nd in Dec 1853 at Tappan RDC to Daniel Duryea (5 Nov 1804 - bef.1858) of Orangetown.  In 1858 Elizabeth was described as a widow residing in Brooklyn. Most of the Beasley family were interred in the Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.

2i.   Elizabeth Beasley (17 July 1818, Brooklyn - 15 Feb 1900, int. Rockland Cem, Sparkill, NY), likely orphaned daughter of Abraham Beasley & Mary -?- and "adopted" by Leonard Baysley & Elizabeth Sneden. Elizabeth wed c.1839 Abner Conklin (8 Aug 1815, in Tappan, NY - 25 Dec 1896, int. Rockland Cem, Sparkill, NY), a builder of "British-style" houses and son of Matthias Conklin & Marytje Wagel of Tappan, NY. Abner served in the Civil War. He applied for a pension on 19 Feb 1883. Elizabeth S. Conklin applied for a widow's pension for her mother on 10 Mar 1897.

Abner Conklin and Elizabeth Beasley had two children:

    i. Elizabeth Sneden Conklin (8 Aug 1843*-?),
   ii. Emeline Conklin
, (14 Mar 1844* -dy).

The 1840 Federal census lists Abner Conklin and his wife (likely Elizabeth Beasley, with no children) living adjacent to Samuel Sneden - Elizabeth's step grandfather.

About 1850, Abner bought a parcel of land in Palisades (78 Closer Road) from Maria Lawrence and built a hip-roofed, timber-framed, clapboard-sided house in the Greek Revival style. Conklin family heirs lived in the Conklin House in Palisades, NY, well into the 20th century. 

* Baptized 16 Sep 1844 by Rev F. Lummis at Palisades M.E. Methodist Church
Records of the Palisades M. E. Church,. m/s Palisades Free library, Palisades, NY

The 1850 Federal Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co, NJ, lists Abner Conklin (28, carpenter), Elizabeth (wife, 28), Emeline (9), Elizabeth (7). They are living between Joseph DuBous and Jacob Sneden on Snedens Landing Road, placing them with Elizabeth's parents and cousins in the Conklin-Sneden House.

In the 1860 Federal Census, Rockland County, Orangetown (Nyack P.O.) Abner Conklin is listed as age 48, house carpenter, with wife Elizabeth, 40; and daughter Elizabeth, 17.

In the 1880 Federal Census for Rockland County, N.Y., Orangetown (House 19, Family 20), Abner Conklin is listed as age 60, carpenter, with his wife Elizabeth (60); daughter Elizabeth, age  (36, dressmaker); son-in-law David Powles (37, carpenter); and Elizabeth's & David's son, Edwin Powles, age (9). Abner Conklin was the Census enumerator for Orangetown in 1880.***

* 1850 Federal Census, Harrington Township, Bergen Co, N page 285 [Image 17]
** 1860 Federal Census, New York, Rockland County, Orangetown,
*** 1880 Federal Census, New York, Rockland County, Orangetown, Dist. 53, page 2.

3ii.    Elizabeth Sneden Conklin (8 Aug 1843, NJ*-?), dau of Abner Conklin & Elizabeth Beasley wed 24 Nov 1864 David Powles (1842/43, NJ - ?) of Harrington Twp, NJ, who served as a Private "With Distinction" between 1862-1863 in the 22nd NJ Infantry. The family lived with Abner & Elizabeth Conklin on Closter Road in Palisades, NY.

A child, Edwin Powles (c.1871, NJ-?), Storage Manager,  m. Martha -?- (1881, NJ-?) and resided on Berkley Place, Brooklyn.  [Children: i. Harold Abner (26 Jun 1900, NJ - May 1968, FL), Garage Mechanic, m. Barbara -?- (1898, NY-?); ii. Edwin (c.1904-?)].***

* Baptized 16 Sep 1844 by Rev F. Lummis at Palisades M.E. Methodist Church.
** 1880 Federal Census, New York, Rockland County, Orangetown. Dist. 53, page 2.
*** 1920 Federal Census, New York, Kings, Brooklyn. ED 566, page 12A.

2ii.    Sarah Ann Beasley (28 Nov 1820, Brooklyn -  7 Sep 1902 [int.10 Sep 1902, Lot 17867, Green-Wood Cem., Brooklyn]), dau. of Leonard Baysley & Elizabeth Sneden, m. in 1843 Cornelius Garret Stoothoff (bp. 8 May 1821, Flatlands, NY - 20 Jun 1896, int. 23 Jun 1896, Lot 17867 Green-Wood Cem., Brooklyn), Ferry fare collector, son of Garret Cornelius Stoothoff (1797, Flatlands -1845) & Jane Duryea (1796-?), resided 1880* and 1896 at 234 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn.

Daughter: Eliza Jane Stoothoff (1850-1928).

3i.     Eliza Jane "Lydia" Stoothoff (c.1850* - int. 8 Nov 1928, Lot 17867 Green-Wood Cem., Brooklyn), daughter of Sarah Ann Beasley & Cornelius G. Stoothoff,  m. 29 Nov 1870 Edward W. Loder (1849-?), dry goods man, and resided with her parents in 1800 and 1896 at 234 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn.*

Children of Eliza Jane Stoothoff & Edward W. Loder:

    i. Cornelius S. Loder (c.1874*- int. 7 May1948, Lot 17867 Green-Wood Cem., Brooklyn), Financier, m. c.1908 Alice G. -?- (1876**-?) {?? 3 Nov 1915 Eliza J. -?- of Maplewood, NJ}, resided in 1920 at 7 Central Ave, Leonia, NJ, then on Oak Tree Place in 1930*** [Children: Allen G (1909**-1994, Sparta, NJ), Elizabeth "Eliza" J. (1915**-?1957, FL)]; and
   ii. Edith Loder (1877**-?).

* 1880 US Census, New York, Kings, Brooklyn, Dist 199 , Page 22 (Image 22)
** 1920 US Census, New Jersey, Bergen, Leonia, Dist 56, Sheet 1A (Central Ave)
*** 1930 US Census, New Jersey, Bergen, Leonia, Dist 135, Sheet 3A  (Image 5)

2iii.    Leonard Beasley, Jr  (25 Jun 1823, Brooklyn - 22 Feb 1887), son of Leonard Baysley & Elizabeth Sneden, NYC Policeman, m. on 24 May 1849 Ann Eliza Roe (20 Jul 1827 - 21 Aug 1909) dau. of Samuel Rider Roe & Sarah Messinger/Messenger and lived in Brooklyn, NY.

Children of Leonard Beasley, Jr. & Eliza Roe:

    i. Leonard 3rd (27 Feb 1850 -6 Feb 1917), store clerk & harness salesman, m. 6 Aug 1874 Rosellen Wright (Aug 1850, England - 17 May 1936) Children:

i. May (1876-1900) m. 1898 Rev. Francis L. Strickland of Manhattan;
ii. Grace (1878-1941) m. 1889 Charles F. Wright;
iii. Leonard 4th (Jun 1882-1930) insurance clerk, m. 1905 Edna F. Revere (1882-?) [Children: Revere (1908-?), twins Mary Elizabeth and Alfred Paul (1911)],
iv. Harry L. (Aug 1886-1940, int. Green-Wood, Brooklyn) m. 1910 Louise W. Cornelius

   ii. Mary Eliza  (8 Mar 1852-dy);
  iii. Cornelius (7 Mar 1854-dy);
  iv. Irvine (25 Apr 1856-dy);
   v. Cyrus (25 Nov 1858-1892),
  vi. Sarah Ann (2 Jun 1862 - 25 Jun 1901),
 vii. Frank (4 Oct 1864-?),
viii. John (18 Jun 1867-?),
Grace (1879-?) m. Charles Wright
[sons: i. Charles W Wright (1902-?), ii. Walter Leonard (1911-?)].

The 1870 Federal Census for NY, Kings Co, Brooklyn lists Leonard Beasley (47, late police), Ann E (43), Leonard (20, store clerk), Anne E (18), Cyrus (12), Sarah (8), Frank (6), John (3).*

The 1880 Federal Census lists on Van Buren Street: Leonard Beasley (57, Carpenter), Ann E. (53 , wife, keeping home), Cyrus (21, Clerk in ?? Fac.), Sarah R. (18), Frank (13, Help in Brokers Office), John (13, At school).**

* 1870 US Census, New York, Kings, Brooklyn...
** 1880 US Census, New York, Kings, Brooklyn, Dist 238, Page 16 (Image 12)

2v.    Samuel Beasley (13 Aug 1830* - 7 Jul 1911, int. Rockland Cem., Sparkill, NY), son of Leonard Baysley & Elizabeth Sneden, moved from Palisades to Brooklyn with his mother and remained there at least until 1862 when his uncle, Jacob Sneden, died.

On 23 September 1862, his mother, Elizabeth Beasley, sold to Samuel for $800 her share of the Conklin-Sneden house and farm of 23 acres. On 28 October 1862, his uncle Samuel S. Sneden sold the remaining half of the house and his 24 acres to Samuel. By 1867 Samuel had returned to the family home (Conklin-Sneden House) with his wife, Sarah A. Matthews (Feb 1839, Hempstead, LI, NY - 28 Apr 1923, of cerebral hemorrhage, int. Rockland Cem, Sparkill, NY).

Samuel and Sarah had five children*:

    i. Samuel Webster Beasley (1861-?),
   ii. Julia E. Beasley (16 Jan 1864*-17 Jan 1899 of pneumonia, Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, NY) of Palisades, NY;
  iii. George W. Beasley (1867-1932);
  iv. Lavinia Beasley (1868*- 4 Jan 1899 of "la grippe", Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, NY) m. Nelson Odell (1841-?) of Haverstraw, NY;
   v. Clinton Beasley (1871*-?)

*1880 Census, Harrington Township, NJ,  p30.
**Reginald McMahon: "A History of the Jacob Conklin House, Rockleigh, NJ" 1977
m/s Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ.

Samuel's presence in Rockland, NJ, is indicated by the census of 1870 and the Walker map of 1876. While listed as Farmer, Samuel appears to have established Beasley's General Store in Norwood on the south side of Central Avenue, just west of the Erie RR Line. Samuel established a cider mill (Samuel Beasley's Cider Mill) on the property. 

"Samuel Beasley...had a cider mill and stored the cider in a vault... Some of the cider was treated so it would not get to be hard cider, and some was allowed to turn to vinegar. A horse was used to run the tread mill to grind the apples."*

* From the Handwritten notes of Newt Sneden, 1973.
Courtesy of John A. Sneden, Jr.

Samuel Beasley also sold portions of the 47-acre farm, primarily north of Willow Road, so that by 1878 it had been reduced to 16 acres.*

*Reginald McMahon: "A History of the Jacob Conklin House, Rockleigh, NJ" 1977
m/s Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ.

The 1880 US census lists (House 265; Family 272, Harrington Township) Samuel Beasley (49, farmer), Sarah A. (wife, 40), Samuel (son, 18), Julia (dau., 16),George (son, 14), Lavina (dau., 11), Clinton (son, 8) *. The Beers map of 1891 indicates his continued residence.

On 7 July 1902, Samuel and Sarah sold the Conklin-Sneden house and moved to Nyack, NY.** Samuel was the last of the Conklin descendents to live in the old Conklin-Sneden homestead

The 1910 US census shows Samuel Beasley (80) and his wife, Sarah (71), residing at 15 North Franklin Street, Nyack, NY, next door to his son, Samuel W.***

*1880 Census, Harrington Township, NJ,  p30.
**Reginald McMahon: "A History of the Jacob Conklin House, Rockleigh, NJ" 1977
m/s Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ.
*** 1910 US Census: NY/Rockland Co/Orangetown/Nyack/Dist 114 (Image 10)

3i.     Samuel Webster Beasley (1862, Brooklyn, NY-?), son of Samuel Beasley & Sarah Matthews, married in 1877 Sarah Blauvelt, (1865-?), daughter of John Blauvelt (1836-?) & Wilhelmina -?-.

Children of Samuel W. Beasley and Sarah Blauvelt include:

 i. Howard W. Beasley (22 Dec 1892, Blauvelt - ?) never married;
Irving Blauvelt Beasley (18 Feb 1894, Blauvelt - ?) m. in 1918 Elizabeth Hovey (1893, Germany - ?), a school teacher. [ Child: Robert (1919 - 13 Jan 1972)].

The 1900 census** lists Samuel Beasley (head, b.1862, farmer), Sarah (wife, b.1864), Howard W. (son, b.1892), Irving B. (son, b. 1894), living in Blauvelt, Orangetown, NY, with in-laws John Blauvelt (head, b.1836) & Wilhelmina (wife, b.1837).

The 1910 census*** shows Samuel W. Beasley (49, merchant), Sarah B. (435, wife), Howard W. (17, Bank clerk), and Irving B. (16), residing at 17 North Franklin Street, Nyack, NY, next door to his parents, Samuel Beasley and Sarah Matthews-Beasley.

The 1930 census**** lists Samuel W. Beasley (68, head), Sarah (65, wife), Howard (37, Asst. Bank secretary), Wilhelmina (Blauvelt (92, mother-in-law), and Laura White (62, sister-in-law) at 144 High Street, Nyack, NY.

* 1880 US census: NJ/Bergen Co/Harringtron Twp/p. 30
** 1900 US Census: NY/Rockland Co/Orangetown/Dist 67 (Image 6)
*** 1900 US Census: NY/Rockland Co/Orangetown/Dist 114 (Image 10)
**** 1930 US Census: NY/Rockland Co/Orangetown/Dist 18 (Image 14)

3iii.   George W. Beasley (1867*, Rockleigh, NJ - 15 Jan 1932 of gall bladder & liver disease, int. Rockland Cem, Sparkill, NY), son of Samuel Beasley & Sarah Matthews, lived in 1911 at Bayonne, NJ, wed Amy J. -?- (25 Nov 1874 - 17 Dec 1941 of cerebral embolus, Rockland Cem., Sparkill, NY). 

Children of George W. Beasley & Amy:

  i. Elsie A. (c. 1914-?),
ii. Marian (1916-?).

The 1900 US census* list George Beasley (head, b.1866, painter) living at 39 West 47th Street, Bayonne, NJ, with Amy J. (wife, b.1874).

The 1920 census** lists George W. Beasley (head, age 53) as living at 210 High Ave, Nyack, NY, with Amy J., and proprietor of a bus line.**

The 1930 US census lists at 210 Hight Street, Nyack NY, George W. (age 62, automobile painter), Amy (wife, 55), and Marian (dau., 24).

* 1900 US Census: NJ/Hudson/Baryonne Ward 3/Dist 9 (Image 16) 
** 1920 US Census: NY/Rockland Co/Orangetown/Nyack/Dist 220 (Image 11)
While  Samuel W. is often listed as operator of a bus line in Nyack,
the 1920 census lists George W. as proprietor].
*** 1930 US census:
NY/Rockland Co/Orangetown/Nyack/Dist 18 (Image 14)

3v.    Clinton Beasley (1871, NJ*-?), house painter, son of Samuel Beasley & Sarah Matthews, m. in 1901 Mabel -?- (c.1975, NJ - bef.1920, Bronx, NY) and resided in the Tremont section of Bronx, NY.

Children of Clinton Beasley & Mabel include:

    i. Russell (17 Mar 1903, Bronx, NY - Aug 1977, Nyack, NY), electric meter reader, m. in 1922 Marion E. -?- (c.1908 -?) and resided on Sparkill Road, Orangetown, NY. [Children included: Ruth (c.1926 -?), Marjorie (c.1928-?)]
   ii. Grace (c.1907 - ?)
  iii. Lester (Mar 1910 -?), house painter, in 1930 was shown living with his brother, Russel, in Orangetown, NY.
[Daughter: Jean (1929)]***

The 1910 US census* lists Clinton Beasley (head, age 38, b. NJ, house painter), Mabel (wife, 36, b. NJ),  Russell (son, 7, b. NY), Grace (dau., 3, b. NY), Lester (son, 1/12, b. NY) living at 1852 Anthony Avenue, Tremont, Bronx, NY.

The 1920 US census** lists Clinton Beasley (head, age 46, widow, house painter) as living at 4441 Park Ave, Tremont, Bronx, NY.* Living in the household are Sarah A. (mother, 80, b. Hempstead, LI, NY), Russel (son, 16, repair man in garage, b. NY), Grace (dau., 13, b. NY, student), Lester (son, 10, b. NY, student).

*1910  US Census > New York > Bronx > Dist 1609 (Image 22)
** 1920 US Census > New York > Bronx > Dist 8 (Image 94) 

*** 1930 US Census > New York > Rockland > Orangetown  (Image 24-25) 



Written and compiled by E. W. April, 2002
Updated February 1007